AMPP Members Believe Lies over Truth

AMPP Members Admit they don’t know if allegations against Protective Mothers Alliance are “true or not” so they will just believe the lies!

NOTE: A past talk by founder of PMA, Lundy Bancroft, and several comments by co-founder, Janice Levinson, strongly state that PMA does not share confidential information with anyone, and does not charge fees to join. AMPP is intentionally spreading disinformation to scare people away from PMA–what they are doing is no different than the tactics and abuser would use to control, and isolate a victim.

2.”Lisa” says:
_February 27, 2012 at 7:55 pm_
I am so glad I never gave any records to PMA– I have long heard that the information is later used against moms– no idea if this is true or not; but looking at how maria has been treated– not much doubt– I am also a proud supported of AMPP

A follow up comment by “Campus Cougars” shows that this person does not even know who or what PMA is and is choosing to believe the lies AMPP is spreading anyways.

Reply campuscougar says:
February 25, 2012 at 10:55 pm
Has the FBI been notified about the judge? Looking at the story and the comments it is appauling that the judge is still on the bench.

WTF is PMA and why would they post that they were new and then fell apart in such a short period of time?

“Campus Cougars” is wrong to think PMA has fallen apart, the organization is still going strong, and has not been deterred from its mission to support abused mothers dealing with injustice in family court.

This next attack gets even worse. Mia Tyler Kailin speculates that PMA is compromising the privacy of its members, and her “proof” is frequent use of the word “IF”. Meaning she is making all this up.

Reply mia tyler kailin says:
February 25, 2012 at 10:36 pm
If I had ever shared my court documents with PMA I would be scared to openly comment. If they had all my information I believe they could use it against me if I ever turned on them as they would have the names of all the parties, their attorneys, GAL, and other players.

I may carry the voice of some other mothers who can’t speak for the above reason. There is no alliance in the protective mothers alliance, as illustrated by Janice Levinson’s posts. The first one advertises their org instead of supporting the mother. On a page explaining a woman’s plight, Janice felt it was appropriate to spam for more business. Tacky at best. In regards to the second post. Who cares if Maria is still a part of PMA or not? The mothers whom she helps could care less what orgs she belongs to!

REALLY?!?! If the mothers who Melinn helps “could care less what org she belongs to” why then the need to attack PMA?

Kailin then lies and says PMA is part of the Father’s Rights Movement: “PMA is currently busy with Occupy Family Courts, they have teamed up. Occupy Family Courts has been supported by the fathers rights movement in Canada for a long time. Protective mothers beware, take care so that you too are not revictimized.”

More on this later.. Reading these online verbal attacks from AMPP just shows this group has no regard for the truth, and will just make stuff up rather than look for truth. AMPP cannot discern truth from lies, and seems to prefer telling lies when it suits their agenda…how then can this group ever advocate for abused women and children, where TRUTH MATTERS THE MOST?!?

Source: “Judge Cronin Jails Disabled Mother. March 26, 2010. Parenting News Network. Comments Section.

What does this tell you?

1) American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) is intentionally spreading rumors and disinformation about Protective Mothers Alliance International (PMA). You cannot believe a word they say.

2) The lies AMPP is spreading is scaring some of the mothers who hear it, and keeping abuse victims from getting additional support/resources.

3) AMPP will make false allegations without any proof or evidence. AMPP creates fear, and triggers past memories of abuse and/or trauma to create an emotional reaction, meant to cause abuse victims to flee or go on the defense…. people then are manipulated into joining AMPP and waging a war against its “enemies”.

3) How Maria Bauer Melinn is treated? From what I can see, Melinn was treated with RESPECT!! It is the reaction from AMPP, and it’s members that is abusive and out of line!

Read follow up comments by Janice Levinson:
Reply Janice Levinson says:
February 22, 2012 at 11:24 pm
I wish to update my above comment. Disclaimer; Maria Mellin is no longer a part of Protective Mothers’ Alliance International as a leader or member. We went our separate ways soon after my above posting. The parting was amicable. Any advocacy actions she may take at this point in time is totally separate from the actions of Protective Mothers’ Alliance International. Thank you.
Janice Levinson
Co -founder/ Executive Director
Protective Mothers Alliance International

Melinn parted ways with PMA, and on her resume lists PMA as a reference. Are these the actions of someone who has been wronged? Melinn went on to become president of AMPP. AMPP admits they “hand selected” Melinn because of her experience working with battered women–she garnered some of this experience by working with PMA. These allegations that PMA somehow hurt Melinn is ridiculous–obviously not true.

Check out Melinn’s profile on Linked In, see how she proudly lists her work with PMA:

Maria Melinn’s Experience

Warrior Abused Swan 2011– Present (2 years) Global

Victims Right/Domestic Violence Advocate Nikao Ministries:
January 2005– Present (8 years 2 months)

Administrative Assistant Protective Mothers Alliance International: August 2008– July 2010 (2 years)

Before you judge Janice, read her response to this vicious attack.. through all of this, she still remains a compassionate voice for abused women and their children, and works to raise awareness about the issues of court abuse than engage in a distraction

Janice Levinson says:
May 21, 2010 at 12:59 am
I am executive director of an organization called Protective Mothers Alliance International. Maria is one of our State Chapter Leaders.
PMA has been in existence for only one year. Lundy Bancroft and I co founded PMA because of the desperate need to bring to light what is happening in family courts.

The point that I wish to make is that Maria’s situation is NOT an isolated occurrence.

PMA at present has approximately 70 state chapter leaders nationwide, and we are quickly growing in numbers everyday. Our leaders are all fit mothers who have their own nightmare story to tell. Sadly, this is an epidemic in this country.

Family court judges have placed gag orders on moms, taken children away from protective moms by ex parte orders when children were CLEARLY not in danger and have taken children away from loving, fit moms while they were kicking and screaming all the way. In some leaders situations, children were handed over to dads who were CONVICTED sex offenders.

The volume of human rights violations and the stories that PMA has heard in just one year, is profound. Double standards are the norm since it seems that dads can violate court orders with no consequences, yet if mom does EXACTLY the same thing , she gets thrown in jail. The time for this nonsense is quickly coming to an end however.

Pma has band together not only protective mothers but the CHILDREN who have aged out of the system and are now ready to speak out about how family court abuse has damaged their lives. When it comes “out of the mouth of babes” and we come together in solidarity by the hundreds( PMA and other advocacy groups) WITH our children all our voices will finally be heard and the light will shine on the truth.

On behalf of our family of advocates at Protective Mothers Alliance I extend my deepest appreciation to Parenting News Network for helping to expose the truth about Maria’s tragic situation.

Janice Levinson
Executive Director/ co-founder
Protective Mothers Alliance International

There will be more on this commentary, AMPP attacks and false allegations later.. please stay tuned.. the volume of the attacks, does require some time to sort through them all, and here on Among the Wolves WE DO WORK TOWARDS UNCOVERING LIES AND REVEALING TRUTH.

6 thoughts on “AMPP Members Believe Lies over Truth

  1. TO EVERYONE: Thanks to our readers for leaving their comments and thoughts, we appreciate hearing from you! Just a note, please do not include any identifiable information about yourself or you legal situation, as this may pose a risk to you. For your protection, we will remove those comments.

    RESPONSE TO J.D. of FLORIDA, AMPP MEMBER: To specifically address the comments made by J.D. , who has identified herself as a member of AMPP; we removed your comment because sensitive information about your case is included. To respond, we will use portions of your comments but personal details, like your name, omitted.
    Further, your comments were directed at Janice Levinson of PMA, and Among the Wolves has a strict policy not to relay messages or spread gossip. The information we do post is validated by credible evidence or firsthand testimony.

    We do understand the plight of abuse victims seeking justice in an unjust system, and it seems you have been through alot, JD–but many of your comments seem to be the typical unfounded allegations that American Mothers Political Party has waged against Protective Mothers Alliance.

    1) JD, you criticize Janice Levinson and Lundy Bancroft because (direct quote) “they did not help you” and specifically mentioned (direct quote) “You do not care for the victims. I had handed you an easy to win case on a silver patter (because my ex and his lawyer would have had no clue how to respond to lundy) “. What you are asking for is legal help.

    Looking for answers, I went to the PMA site at:
    I saw right away a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that clearly states, “PMA International is an advocacy organization. We do not get involved in personal cases and cannot give out legal advice, as we are not attorneys.”

    I understand your frustration with your experiences, and the court, JD, but it is unfair to attack PMA the way you did because they could not offer legal help. It’s like being angry with a car mechanic because he could not treat your strep throat! JD, you admit that Janice Levinson spent extensive amounts of time talking with you on the phone: (dq) “I sat with you night after night after night during the early months of 2008..” and (dq) “Janice, you called my cell phone and I called you from my cell phone…”
    You indicate that you had an active role in PMA–that your voice was respected at one time. Your comments also seem to show that you needed more help that what PMA could offer, and that you were referred elsewhere…this obviously was done for your best interest. PMA, Janice Levinson, and Lundy Bancroft could not offer legal advise or act as your council. PMA is an education and advocacy group only. You needed specialized help, and we at Among the Wolves sincerely hope you get it.

    2) I am baffled by your words (dq)”easy to win case on a silver platter…” .
    No case taken to family court is “easy to win”, especially for abuse victims who endure trauma and continued mental/emotional battering in the legal system (which often becomes a new tool for an abuser to wage war with). Even worse, the victims fear for well-being of their children, and are often forced into agreements that jeopardize their safety or their childrens’ safety. Abuse victims frequently have their rights denied, are threatened that they better comply or they will lose custody, are forced into unnecessary psychiatric treatment, are issued gag orders for speaking out and some are thrown in jail on bogus charges. Worse, they have to watch their children suffer because the system fails to protect, and puts the children back into the hands of the abuser! No case is ever served on a “silver platter”–many Protective Moms feel they are the platter upon which the case is served.

    3) And finally, Among the Wolves is not intimidated by your threats JD, (dq) “Delete this post and i will send everywhere. I will post it daily on my fb page and send to AMPP for posting on all websites. Leave AMPP alone. You have made it clear where you stand. ”

    The only one who will truly suffer when you post your post everywhere is your child, who will one day see these remarks or find them online…your child has been through enough, why bring such a painful time in her life into a public forum? Your child will need you, JD, to be a support as she sifts through all the confusion and painful memories, you are risking the child’s trust, and sense of safety to post personal details about your case online, and then to include these outlandish attack statements that weaken your credibility. Is that what you want?



    • I wonder exactly how many JD’s there are in Florida? The owner of this blog by stating that I am affiliated with AMPP has exposed me if i am indeed affiliated with AMPP. I am not, not that it matters. I went to AMPP for help. Now I intend to address each and every one of your points.

      First, PMA site now states it does not give legal advice. That is completely different tune than was played back then. I was told that there was a possibility of Lundy testifying in my case at the very least and at the very most, using his skills as a evaluator for custody. Now if JL was not authorized to do this, she should never have stated this. I can and will get notarized statements from those who heard her in one of the many calls we exchanged.

      Second, I was not referred elsewhere, I was flat out ignored. Again this was witnessed by several. JL refused to answer my number, refused private calls, and the one time I spoke to her afterwards, was when I placed a call from another phone number.

      Third as far as my case being a silver platter case, it could be. I go in prepared as a pro se litigant, and i walk away with nearly everything I want as far as black/white issues go (ie: financial). It is the emotional issues that I could have used the help with. A simple call from lundy to the gal or from the gal to lundy for information about batterers seeking custody would have helped.

      As far as our opinion about my child suffering? I think the child has suffered enough at the hands of people like our abuser, like BW who thinks it is grand to say I stalk him when all I wanted was MY video removed. BW ship is sinking fast and I truly hope Lundy has enough sense to pull away from him when it drops to the bottom of the ocean.

      I will again reiteate, AMPP does not offer legal advice either. They re simply a group of moms who share experience, strength, and hope with one another in order to get through family court hell. I know another group that utilizes the same principles and that group has stood the test of time. In fact they are in existence all over the world and boast millions of members. I know because i am one.


  2. In regards to Maria Melinn in Michigan This particuar “protective mother” is not so innocent please do your homework. Her back injury according to her records happened 7/6/98 and there is not one single medical record until a disability report from SSI on 10/16/2003 then nothing until 2005 then nothing again until 2009 the police report clearly states she refused medical treatment and her only injuries were carpet abraisions


    • Hello Robin-

      We at Among the Wolves work very hard to research & validate every story or article posted on this site, to ensure accuracy. We have not posted any articles specifically about Maria (Bauer) Melinn but are familiar with aspects of her story. We welcome any tips from readers, and appreciate your feedback.


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