AMPP on the Attack- Sending Letters to Congress

American Mothers Political Party is angry because one of it’s members, Deanna Kloostra (creator of the Abused Swan abuse advocacy website) was removed from Lawless after being accused of misappropriating confidential information. To retaliate, AMPP contacts several Congressmen and a reality show Bill Windsor was applying for and sends a video titled “I am a pedophile”. . The “I am a pedophile video” was created by Joeyisalittlekid Fake Movie Productions with the intent to attack Windsor, and villify his name.

AMPP has joined forced with the Joeyisalittlekid to attack Windsor; the whole blog is filled with hateful & vulgar commentary. Claudine Dombrowski highly recommends this blog, and supports everything it says, including calling Windsor a Nazi, and referring to him as “der Fuhrer” and using images of Nazi Storm Troopers to portray Lawless supporters. Dombrowski claims to be a child of Holocaust survivors. How, then, can Claudine–knowing the pain & horror her own family has suffered, stand by and watch the memory of the Holocaust be disrespected in this way?? Does she have a conscience at all?

AMPP Sending Letters to Congressmen

“Der Fuhrer Is Backed Into a Corner”. Feb 2, 2013.

TEXT: “Posted by Ginger Snap at 10:02 AM. Labels: anti-American, Bill Windsor, bully, cult, cyberstalking, failure, fake movie, fat, hitler, Lawless America, lemmings, Nazi, old white fat man, pedophile, pie, puppet, scams”
The AMPPs fire back by sending congressman copies of Bill’s only movies to this point like the “I am a pedophile” video and soundtrack, they also sent it to the reality series that is supposedly looking at doing a reality tv series out of lawless. Well, of course this means that Hitler Bill will fire back the only way a fat, lazy, stupid, egocentric, hate filled, fraudulent, lying monster can… outing more woman he wants to hate.

This attack could have caused some real damage to Windsor.. The reality show ultimately decided not to include Windsor, and Lawless America.

Comparing Windsor to a Nazi..referring to Windsor as “der Fuhrer”..waging false allegations that Windsor is a pedophile.. contacting Congress to slander..posting on a hateful website.. is this how the Mother’s Movement should be represented??

All the negative attention, effort & expense AMPP is putting into waging a war against Bill Windsor, and Lawless America, could be better spent fighting for abused children, and advocating for family court reform. The letters written to Congress to slander Bill Windsor, and Lawless, could have been written on behalf of abused women, who have lost their children & their voice, in a corrupt family court…

When Congress reads those letters and gets those crazed phone calls from AMPP, you have to wonder what they are thinking, and if a protective mother contacts Congress in the future, will she be taken seriously??

5 thoughts on “AMPP on the Attack- Sending Letters to Congress

  1. Thanks for the plug. But just a few corrections: we have not joined “forced” or forces with AMPP in any way. They do their thing, we do ours. None of my posts have anything vulgar in them. Hate is a strong term, but yes I despise liars and frauds and that certainly puts Billy right in my cross-hairs. If you want to freak out over the Hitler thing, I would say the better comparison is he is a wanna be. He bans everyone who doesn’t put 100% faith in him. He wants to void the Constitution and create a new country with his own people and his own rules.

    Fortunately he will never be a real Hitler as he isn’t effective at doing this. But if you compare his words, they are very similar. We have also compared him to many other things to, mainly he is just a bully who pretends he do whatever he wants.


    • Justin/GingerSnap/Whoever-you-are: Whether you agree with Windsor or not, no one deserves the vulgar and vicious attacks waged on the “Joeyisalittlekidblog”. These remarks are clearly meant to hurt & cause damage. And it’s not just this blog, but your videos & travelling to other sites to call names & harass people deemed your enemy.

      The Holocaust is not a joke. Not only were Jews murdered in the Holocaust but also political dissidents and those viewed as “anti-social”. If you were alive in Nazi occupied Europe, it is very possible you would have been targeted. 60% of the Jews in Europe were murdered. In all and estimated 11 million innocent men, women and children were slaughtered. The Holocaust has become a template for campaigns of modern genocide and hate groups. You so callously post pictures of Nazi cartoons and SS Storm Troopers. For you to make a joke of the Holocaust on your blog, and compare Bill Windsor to Hitler is not only vulgar–it is morally wrong and an insult to the memory of the Holocaust.

      For Claudine Dombrowski, whose own family members are Holocaust survivors, to join in and promote these vicious attacks is frankly, so horrible it is beyond words.

      For you to say none of your posts are vulgar.. well we can let people decide for themselves. We at ATW will be happy to post the vulgar & offensive remarks coming from your blog and the abusive comments of your readers in an objective manner.

      Clearly we are not the only one to thinks this way, because there are laws to protect people from these kinds of cyber attacks, and for defammation of character.

      — ATW


    • Justin/Ginger:

      One example of vulgar…You are make up stories, out right lies, about Bill Windsor at Meet Me in DC and implying sexual misconduct. This is just wrong. How do you excuse this?

      Powerpuff Girls, Sunday
      “A good time was had by all in DC. There was talk of hot tubs, new romances and a little game of grabby assy.”

      Ginger Snapped


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