AMPP Aligned with Hate Group

The Powerpuff Girls is a face book page dripping with evil and hate. The Joe-PPers (Joeys + AMPP) bullies anyone that stands up to their abuse, in the most vulgar ways using sexual innuendos, profanity and attacks on family members (current & deceased). This page should be removed from Facebook for its abuse, slander and character defammation.

Exactly who is AMPP? There are many questions that we at ATW have about this hateful, hypocritical bullying organization that has clearly crossed the line from victim to abuser.

Here is the proof that the Powerpuff Girls are connected to AMPP.

AMPP Aligned with Hate Group

TEXT: Powerpuff Girls
One of those AMPP gals told me once that if I chose to align with fathers or family rights groups to get my child, or mothers rights for that matter, in a public forum it would be permanent. Anything on the internet can be used in court, that is common knowledge. One cannot side with fathers rights against general corruption and then change their tune when the fathers want custody because they are better able to provide. Thank you Allie for illustrating that point for us!
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Powerpuff Girls BUT NO THANK you for aligning me with a group that I was not aligned with! You made that choice for me! (Thank heaven it was AMPP and not Lawless!)
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Anything on the internet can be used in court, huh? The police would have their hands full with your hateful Facebook page, Powerpuff. This is why we refer to AMPP as Attack Mothers Punishing Protectivemoms.

Joeys + AMPP: Tell Children Mom is Racist, We Hope You are Placed in a Good Home

Sheri Westover, a protective mom was recently attacked on Facebook…this is truly horrific, the Joe-PPers (Joeys + AMPP) actually write a letter to the children she has not seen in years, bashing their mother, calling Sheri a racist and openly supporting her alleged abuser and telling the children “we hope you are placed in a good home“.

powerpuff girls hate page targets children of a protective mom

Sheri Westover appeared on Lawless America, telling her story of losing her two children to an abuser, who are literally being held for ransom by the Court. Sheri was also jailed for trying to protect her children from abuse. In Dec 2012, after her video tape testimony went public, Sherri received the public support of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP).

On Feb 23, 2013, Sheri visited the “Slanderfella” page, another video project by Bill Windsor to expose men who lie in court to harm their ex, as well as men who slander, libel and stalk victims.

We at ATW can only speculate what Sheri felt as she witnessed Bill Windsor being publicly called names, taunted and made the subject of vulgar videos by a gang of bullies from the Joey blog & from AMPP that includes: Justin Thompson/Ginger Snap/Gingersnapoftruth, Allie Overstreet, Nome Travels, Petunia Snodgrass, Laura Pfister, Jay Roland, Candl Tipton/Lorraine Tipton, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Kimberly Harrington and LordBrannon Bridge. Many of the people involved in this attack are included in Windsor’s criminal complaint.

Sheri responded to the attacks on Feb 23rd with, “Sheri Westover: Come on ladies, is this fighting necessary? We all have 1 goal here n that is to protect our children n expose corruption in family court.”

Sheri then went into great detail about the horrific abuse her children suffered, and the unjust family court ruling that awarded sole custody to the abuser who also has a criminal record. Sheri is forced to pay a $4,000 before she can see her children, it has been two years without any contact.

Sheri concludes with, “I hope n pray “SlanderFella” is a success bc my ex had several ppl incl’ himself lie in court about me n as I said above, the allowed hear say at our hearing. My children n I deserve justice, as well as many others n I pray all the hard work LA has done makes a difference n brings our children home n out of the hands of our abusers. God bless u Bill for all u have done to try n make this happen.” February 23 at 12:53am”

The natural reaction for anyone hearing this story would be compassion for Sheri and her children…The gang of bullies, however, is so bent on destroying Windsor that they target Sheri Westover in their next hateful attack. Anyone who would attack a protective mom who poured her heart out about losing her children, and being unable to have any contact with them, clearly is an abuser themselves.

Sheri became the subject of name-calling and nasty teasing on the Slanderfella page, but seemed to hold her own, throwing back witty comments. Even as this is happening, LordBrannonBridge of the Joeyblog claims he is “helping people”: “Lord Brannon Bridge .. I have done lots to help people, however I don’t run around claiming to want to help people and then don’t respond, and what I have done is neither here nor there..March 3 at 12:08pm”
Really Brannon, what have you done to stop your friends from bullying Sheri and her children??

Petunia posts a link to another hate Bill attack page, called Powerpuff Girls, on which is also a link to the Australian AMPP page.

It is on this page that this letter to Sherri’s children is written:

“Powerpuff Girls
Hey L and T, we hope you are placed in a good home! Did you know that your mother is trying to come between other mothers and their children just like she says what was done with you? This is Sheri Westover’s page, the one with the rebel flag as a profile, the racist mother who thinks she is better than the baby daddy as well as all of us.
Page: 113 like this”
Next to this letter is a link to Sheri Westover’s page, and includes an adorable picture of her two children. How can you look at the picture of these children while destroying the memory of their mother.. it is all these children have left of her after being forcibly separated due to the court order. Sheri Westover has gone public with her case to bring her family back together, and now these bullies are trying to sabotage her efforts–that is horrendous.

AMPP has said that it does not tolerate abusers in its group. AMPP says that it supports Sherri Westover. AMPP, is this how you stand by a protective mom – in silence while she is being called names, and her tormentors are trying to turn her children against her. AMPP, whose side are you on, anyways?

AMPP Supports SW