Claudine Dombrowski: Holocaust Hypocrite

Lessons about “honor, dignity, and self respect” from Claudine Dombrowski, founder of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) also a daughter of Holocaust survivor: “Any cause, is good when always — in all that you do, you maintain your honor, dignity and self respect. Life’s guiding tool. I learned this from my Romanian grandmother and Father who survived the death camps in Auschwitz and then Dachau – when finally they were liberated by the US – my grandfather – 2nd wave of Normandy. The reason I exist is because of the way humanity works when the heart is in the right place.” (Jan 5, 2013: her blog and AMPP facebookl)

Honor, Dignity, & Self Respect?


Claudine begins a self-promoting rant with quotes from Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz survivor, and Anne Frank, who perished in Dachau, in a manipulative attempt to justify her recent acts of character defamation & harassment; somehow trying to portray herself as the hero in an epic—but totally imaginary— battle of good vs evil. All these allegations by Claudine and her clubhouse are never substantiated with credible proof. They are just like the abuser exes they pretend to advocate against; throwing unprovoked, baseless allegations at their target, waiting and hoping- with the beat of an evil heart- that some allegations might stick.

So Claudine what do you consider a good cause? Look at these videos supported or created by AMPP members and ask yourself do you see honor, dignity and self respect… It seems the work of AMPP has been more focused on attacking people, and disgracing the memory of the Holocaust, than actually advocating for protective mothers and their children.

Bitler’s Party:
The Pie Man Floateth:
Comment: Claudine Dombrowski 1 month ago lol seriously this is awesome!! although I don’t follow i had heard something about pie but this video sayz it all!! thx!!

“Hail Hitler Billy Boy!”
“Der Fuhrer (Windsor) is angry!”
“Hitler and his sympathizers. Bill Windsor and Janice Levinson”

Blogspot page titled “Hail Hitler Billy Boy! The Truth About Bill Windsor Lawless America”. ALL the comments on “Hail Hitler! Billy Boy” are from AMPP members
Pie Fucker:

Janice Levinson and Bill Windsor State of Deception: (Compares Windsor and Levinson to Nazi’s and says they will “mercilessly slaughter you and your children”. STEALS art from Holocaust Memorial Museum)


Claudine Dombrowski, brazenly states “I, Claudine Dombrowski or AMMPP (again only I am AMPP)” and “me/ AMPP” and “Come after me and leave everyone else alone.” With those words, Claudine Dombrowski has taken full responsibility for any and all actions of AMPP. This would include recent acts of libel, cyber bullying, impersonating Bill Windsor with online web blogs using his name and the Lawless logo, using Janice Levinson’s name and stealing her FB photo to create a hateful blog filled with lies and now..making fun of the Holocaust. Just like most personality disordered abusers; Claudine Dombrowski is a legend in her own mind.

14 thoughts on “Claudine Dombrowski: Holocaust Hypocrite

  1. Thanks I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there. Any sane person should stay far away from Claudine and AMPP. Especially DV victims and protective moms.


  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Known for years AMPP and Claudine are crazy! Kudos to PMA for standing up. Only organization to do so. Only organization I’d trust to stand up for me and my children.


  3. Thank you !!!! Great blog. I am a protective mom and ex AMPP member. You write the truth. Claudine and AMPP are very disturbed abusers. If you do not agree with Claudine on the smallest of issues, she will throw you under the bus. Moms stay away . You may be attacked next!


  4. AMPP and Claudine Dombrowski is a crazy monkey on the back of the BMCC. They need to find the guts to speak out against them and separate from AMPP before what little credibility they have left, is lost. Terrific blog. Keep it up!


  5. Fantastic blog! Book-marking it and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Personal experience with AMPP and Claudine. What nut jobs! She is a nightmare! Important info to get out.


  6. I strongly take offense to Claudine and AMPP’s actions and vulgar posts all over the internet. Especially with the Holocaust issue. She is disgusting!! Can’t someone press charges against all she has done? She needs to be held accountable.


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