Claudine Dombrowski & the BMCC – Abuser in the Spotlight

A.T.W. recognizes that there really are grave injustices occurring in family court, that women who escape abuse are being re-victimized by systematic failures, and childrens’ lives are at risk when placed in the care and custody of an abuser. Abused women and their children facing divorce, visitation and custody disputes are desperately in need of help and support. The creation of the BMCC was an important step to raise awareness about the issues, and bring people together to work for change…but then something went horribly wrong.
What is the Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC)?
The Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC) was created in 2003 by two mothers, Mo Hannah P.h.D. and Liliane Heller Miller to create a public forum to discuss the issues battered women, and their children, struggle against dealing with divorce, visitation and custody with an abusive ex. The BMCC also raises awareness about unjust family court, CPS & systematic failures that fail to protect women and children from abuse, and often wrongfully deprive them of their rights–and custody of their children.
Claudine Dombrowski & the BMCC – Abuser in the Spotlight
For years, Claudine Dombrowski has been a speaker at the BMCC (beginning in 2004, according to her Linked In profile). Claudine portrays herself as American Mothers Political Party or it’s co-founder (AMPP) she also credits herself as a “CEO at AMPP”, “Domestic Violence Expert” and “Advocate”. If Claudine is any of these, it makes her actions even more egregious.
What is the co-founder of a victim advocacy group doing abusing, stalking and harassing people?
How can a “domestic violence expert” go to “war” with fellow abuse advocates and organize vicious online attacks, and have any credibility at all?
What is Claudine “advocating“–stealing art from the US Holocaust Museum in order to portray her victims as “Nazis”, filing false FBI reports, joining with a known group of bullies to attack others, creating hate blogs with false and misleading information about her victims…her actions are clearly those of an abuser, NOT an “advocate” or “domestic violence expert”.
8th Annual BMCC – Claudine Demonstrates How to be an Online Stalker
What is the BMCC and its related organizations doing supporting Claudine, and allowing her to be an “honored presenter” at its conference?

At the 2011, 8th Annual BMCC, Claudine presented tips on how to be an online stalker, or the politically correct term, according to Claudine, is, “We will specifically outline how we have become united and how every mother can also be a part of the online revolution of networked bloggers– no matter where you are.”
Stalking tips include:
– “How internet groups allow us to form tribes of mothers over long distances and sparsely populated areas through the use of technology”. Which has been used by AMPP to connect with the Flying Monkeys aka the Joeys, Australian AMPP and other supporters who then go on to bully others, creating cyber gangs.
-“How to set up blogs, link and linking, news features to AMPP network”.
Which has been used by AMPP to connect with bullies over the internet and Facebook, often using aliases to avoid detection. To connect on webpages and those stealing the name/profile/identity of a victim..and otherwise using the internet to form a cyber gang with the intent to bully, intimidate and harass people.
” Unity does not require the physical body just the unity of our minds and spirits” meaning anyone who will oppose, question or speak contrary about AMPP will become its next target. Or, alternately, the connecting of individuals whose mission is to bully people by joining online websites, FB groups, creating vulgar & demeaning YouTube videos, leaving comments across the internet and jumping anyone with online attacks if they raise concerns..all of this has been committed by AMPP.
Reading this outline, as presented by Claudine, clearly shows that AMPP’s speech at the BMCC was a thinly veiled lesson on what tactics they use in their online attacks–and one has to wonder if Claudine manipulated the BMCC to further her own agenda.

BREAKING NEWS: Just came in on a tornado from Kansas!!!

Claudine is NO LONGER an “advocate”.

According to Claudine: So simply put. Advocates are the same slough of people who have personal agendas – usually none care at all about the victims…I am not an advocate.”
With this amount of animosity towards Domestic Violence Advocates, should Claudine even be at the BMCC?
Nevermind the numerous online sites, and her own blog and Twitter account, where Claudine claims to be an advocate! Wonder if she is giving up the broom stick too? If so, maybe she should just ride her bike..