So You Think You Can Dance Brannon!??

Once again A.T.W would like to take this opportunity to thank our many readers and supporters for their feedback and tips.

Recently we received another fascinating video created by Brannon . We were impressed once again by his creativity and style. Sadly we could not figure out the purpose of the video as the artist and creator ( Brannon) was crafty enough to leave it up to our imagination. Having no clues to go by A.T.W has decided to give it our best guess.

In light of this, A.T.W would like to introduce you to our new segment:: drumroll:: So You Think You Can Dance, Brannon??

Our judges have already carefully reviewed the videos sent in. Since the talent is exceptional, we have decided to let our readers choose the winner.

So here we go! Let the games begin!!

A.T.W will start with my personal favorite; Brannon (shhh) !!!

Now that would be hard to beat! Don’t you agree? Yet let’s try….

Whoa! Competition is getting tough! Here’s some more.

hummmmm Gotta love those taps and fancy footwork

Now let’s see someone who can really work the sticks!

This next one is really amazing!

A new twist on Gangnam Style

Well That’s our competition readers. Tough decision, we know. Props to the dancers. May the best dancer win!

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