CPPA Supports Hate Group

Among the Wolves

Why is CPPA supporting American Mothers Political Party, a known hate group?

California Protective Parents Association (CPPA) is an advocacy organization for abused women and children, and their battles for justice in family court. CPPA is based in California, their leader is Connie Valentine.

When you go to the CPPA website and click on “ACTION”
One of the recommended steps CPPA suggests to (direct quote) ,”Please join us in taking action to improve and reform family court..”
below that is a suggestion (direct quote), “to Join the American Mother’s Political Party”. It includes a link that connects directly to AMPP.

CPPA is pointing these vulnerable, protective moms to the potential threat of being re-victimized once again by Claudine Dombrowski, and AMPP.

SO what makes AMPP a hate group?

1) Our research has revealed that CPPA along with other organizations and professionals behind the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference (BMCC) have been…

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2 thoughts on “CPPA Supports Hate Group

  1. I just want my kids to come home. I wish there wasn’t so much drama. That AMPP sounds like bad news. I saw the judge on the stripper pole and the Nazi pics…that’s NOT going to get people to listen to you.


  2. I met Lorraine once. She seemed really nice at first. Now I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t have told her everything I did if I knew she’d be gossipping about everyone.


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