Michael’s Wish Blog, Exposing Truth about Maria Bauer Melinn

We want to thank our Readers for submitting their tips. A.T.W. has received several comments regarding the Maria Bauer Melinn story.

A link sent to us: Michael’s Wish- The story of Michael Melinn’s life, and truth about the claims made by his mother Maria Melinn http://michaelswish.com/


It should be noted that much of the information presented in this link was made publicly available long before this blog was created. There will be more to come as we continue to investigate this case.

Examples of some collateral information that was made public before this blog was published, this is presented in the interest of truth; these are not endorsements of any kind.

June 24, 2010 Able2UK (News & Interviews Relating to Disabilities) This site does a story on Maria Melinn and later discovers information that leads them to doubt Maria’s story. Here is an update that includes a letter from Maria’s daughter: http://www.able2uk.com/News/Disabilities/EXCLUSIVE-Hannah-Melinn-replies-to-ABLE2UK.html

Robin Smith -http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?threaded=1&v=2HLQ0raLa60 (video now private)
“I know Maria personally, she claims her husband broke her back in 1998, th incident happened at my home, Maria did not break her back we were out in the club the very next night. If you look at her documentation EVERY Dr statement is from 2008 or later, Maria was in a car accident. All she had was a rug burn from the incident at my house”

Robin Smith 1 month ago (March 2013)

Robin Smith 1 month ago

“In regards to Maria Melinn in Michigan This particuar “protective mother” is not so innocent please do your homework. Her back injury according to her records happened 7/6/98 and there is not one single medical record until a disability report from SSI on 10/16/2003 then nothing until 2005 then nothing again until 2009 the police report clearly states she refused medical treatment and her only injuries were carpet abraisions”
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Jan 5, 2013 YouTube Video of “Maria Melinn Abuse Charge”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mei6JT0KMOk

7 thoughts on “Michael’s Wish Blog, Exposing Truth about Maria Bauer Melinn

  1. Thank you for giving these kids a voice. .They have tried to tell the truth on her numerous Facebook pages but she deletes them. I am grateful & hoping that they can now move on knowing that their truth has been told.


  2. This woman maria bauer melinn, has some nerve I’ll give her credit for that, but as for her mothering skills she fails at even the basic principles of being a mother. Maria bauer, and lori handrahan should get together and have a competition to see who’s the most narcissistic or the biggest b.s’er regarding their skills at being a mother. We proper mothers appreciate sites like this, outing the pathetic excuses of mothers these women claim to be. If only they realised the damage that they are doing to their children, just to seek attention for themselves. Maria bauer melinn, should hide under a rock after what poor michael had to endure, she is the reason that young man is not here today, shame on you maria bauer melinn, selfish false accuser.


  3. Maria Melinn has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for her continuous lies.Once again proven through court records and testimonial from cps and police reports. Effective Monday July 8th for Monday through Thursdays until the 60 days has been completed.


  4. Sometimes battered moms get so messed up in teh head from all they been through that they make choices someone else won’t do. I feel sorry for Maria. Maybe she can hook up with AMPP again and get the help she really needs!!


  5. I think your sympathy for Maria, is wasted she does enjoy being a victim at all times, will post anything to make you see it her way and if not her followers will attack you. Such as Hawkyey, Jane, Deanna Kloostra they are good at berating any one that dares get in the way. The site they have up is just abusive and evil at best.


    • Andrea you are so right. Maria has had a hate site up since 2009.This has done nothing but put her own children in harms way, names address, and even pictures. They have received death threats do to her evil site. Maria is no advocate, she is the abuser. Her children have asked her to stop to avail. So a site was created to refute the lies and harassment, she has been asked numerous times and always refused. The site was created for the children to be left alone and tell their story period. See the link below to read the truth about this advocate http://michaelswish.com/michaels-wish


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