A.T.W’s intention and purpose; A response to a readers’ comment

We have recently received a comment by a reader, questioning A.T.W’s intention and motive for this blog. It was implied that we were “trashing” moms. In the interest of truth, transparency and clarity, we have decided to post our response to reinforce for all our readers A.T.W’s intention and purpose. The readers’ comment may be found on our home page.

A.T.W’s response:

We thank this reader for her comment.

We at A.T.W are very well aware of the problems faced by moms along with the dynamics of family court and D.V victims. We are also aware of abuse-by-proxy and the damage caused by this type of abuse. We understand many changes need to be made in family court in order to protect the children and their mothers. We take great pains to thoroughly research documented proof before we post information. We post proof in the form of official public court documents, public police records or screen shots that show a statement made in our subject’s own words.We also note sequence of events to further stay true to the truth as we do not want to take an event out of context,which might be confusing and deceiving. We present the truth with proof to back it up and let the reader decide. We are not gender bias. Just because a advocate/ mom says something, does not make it so. Occasionally, a self-proclaimed victim’s advocate and DV “expert” is really an abuser and bully in disguise. We are not blind to the truth, backed up with documented proof because of a person’s gender. We research and provide the proof. We are simply seeking the truth ,regardless of gender, and presenting the documented proof to the readers.
This is not cyber- bullying,or “trashing”- this is factual reporting. In fact some moms exposed on our site have been cyber- bullying innocent victims ( including other moms) in the most vicious ways, on various internet sites for many years.

We specifically stated we do not necessarily endorse other sites referenced, that post similar information on matters A.T.W has researched see below:

“Examples of some collateral information that was made public before this blog was published, this is presented in the interest of truth; these are not endorsements of any kind.”

Although our research did back up the raw facts posted on these sites.

The reader stated:
..”leaves many women wondering exactly what purpose Among The Wolves serves.”

Our purpose is to expose liars and abusers within victim advocacy organizations. Sadly some mothers’ are abusers, some mothers’ misrepresent themselves, some mothers suffer from personality disorders. Again we are not gender bias. Hopefully our blog will protect the honest ,sincere mother from seeking counsel from a fake advocate/ abuser mother, who may potentially hurt her , her case, and therefore her children . Our intention is to prevent the honest mother – truly being victimized by family court- from being re- victimized, saving herself and her children from experiencing even more pain and heartache.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill

8 thoughts on “A.T.W’s intention and purpose; A response to a readers’ comment

  1. Thank you for looking out for us protective moms and our kids with your research. Hard to tell the real protective mom from the abuser mom in the mothers’ movement. We don’t need to get tangled up with the female versions of our exes. I for one have had enough of crazy.


  2. Thank you for this blog. Hard to know who to trust and who is an authentic advocate. Sociopaths are so good at lying. This is a big help.


  3. Thank you 4 this blog. I am a mother lost in the system and trying to protect my child. Some groups seem nice but are not. I dont have time to view all blogs and posts and FB posts on the internet from certain groups and may miss the nasty ones. I have seen some really nasty stuff from AMPP, things my abuser ex would do. You explain the truth so good and put it together with the proof right there 4 us. I have stayed away from the mothers movement b/c i am too afraid of being abused again. b/c of u now I know who to trust and who to stay away from. I was feeling so isolated now I don’t. i know what group to call.


  4. Thank you . I have been staying away from the BMCC and some groups b/c of not wanting to deal with AMPP, Claudine, and their abuse. Now I will not support those connected to them. Guess the only group w/backbone is PMA.


  5. Your blog is great. It is interesting how some cannot see the truth when right under their noses. Instead of just gossip you provide proof. Others prefer to keep their heads in the sand and blindly believe the gossip and assumptions. This type of closed mind I will never understand. Keep up the great work. All us protective moms deserve the truth. We have been through too much to be re victimized by female abusers now too.


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