Maria Bauer Melinn Receives a Special Award: Breaking News!

Feeling bad that Maria Bauer Melinn did not get the attention she was so desperately seeking, and was dumped from the Fox 17 segment, somehow we wish to make it up to her.

So ATW has created this contest just for Maria, it is called The Most Outrageous Self-Proclaimed Domestic Violence Expert in the Whole Mothers Movement Starring in the Role of the Most Obnoxious Blatant Self Promoting Self Proclaimed DV Advocate/Expert… and NOW Facebook Sexpot!

:: drumroll :: PRESENTING…. ::roll out red carpet :: Maria Bauer Melinn!!!!!

Because ATW is all about truth backed up with proof, see the screenshots of Maria’s *glamorous* FB profile photo shoot. The comments alone prove she deserves this esteemed award. These pictures span a number of years, this is not an isolated incident.

Babuhai Patel: The best girl in entire face book a her hjghness Maria
(FYI- Wearing a purple ribbon is a way to show your support to end domestic violence. What a disgrace, Maria!)

Younes Moumen: hot and r u?
Nagi Mihakel: omg baby every time u get cutie then before just fine as hell I really dont know what to say but u got me on fire hun beautiful
Babuhai Patel: Would like to close to u

Younes Moumen: hot..hehehe
Tom Duggan: REALLY like

Sahin Kara: in one word, magnificent .. ❤

Babubhai Patel: The best beauty.. eyes & lips r extra ordinary, worthy to see & enjoy for hours and hours and hours

Abdul Raoof Mughal: You belong in Bollywood films 😛

Maria, here is your crown, you wear it well. We can’t help to notice your male admirers would think so too.

12 thoughts on “Maria Bauer Melinn Receives a Special Award: Breaking News!

  1. How do we know that you (C. Watchman/Among Wolves) are not the TRUE WOLF in sheep’s clothing? What qualifies you as the discerner and judge of DV advocates and especially of Mothers who have tried to protect their children from abusers? You do not reveal who you really are, so there is no proof of your “expert” knowledge or experiential knowledge. A wolf in sheep’s clothing hides, just as you are doing- Reveal yourself. A protective mother may appear self serving (ie. Maria Bauer Melinn) but she is concerned about her children, and the result sometimes is a desperation to help her kids, looking for anyone, especially the media to cover the travesty of justice. Some women even reach out to the Pie-Man, Bill Windsor of Lawless America, who also interviews pedophiles in jail. That is desperation- to be in a film alongside a pedophile in order to get your message out to save your child from an abuser or a pedophile. C. Watchman, you appear to be on the Fatherhood Rights slant of things, as you have not shown a balanced approach to your “facts”, and you seem to vilify women. After the Boston Terrorist Attack where men, women, and children were hurt and killed, would you only help the victims who were men? Protective Moms are similar to the blast victims, why would you hurt someone who is a casualty of abuse?


    • Papsutter; We feel as if we are on a verbal merry-go-round, since we have covered this ground before. Your comment includes many assumptions. For example; you assume we consider ourselves ” experts” yet we never stated as such. Once again we will re -post the shorten version of our intention for this blog;
      A.T.W simply gathers facts backed up with documented proof and present it to our readers. All our readers are invited to submit any official documentation to dispute or support our research. We fail to see how this short simple statement can be mis-interpreted. Proof -which is clearly provided- shows some moms as abusers due to their actions of intense, vulgar cyber- bullying, regardless of what has unfortunately happened to them in the past. In the case of Maria Melinn the proof provided speaks for itself.
      Once again, if you feel we are wrong in our documented proof you are invited to send your documented proof and dispute . Thank you for visiting Among the Wolves. We appreciate your support.


    • @ papsutter why are you on every story i’ve read since i found this site a couple weeks back, trying so hard to denigrate the extraordinary people who own and run the site? is one of the posted stories about you? are you one of the abusers who has been busted in your abuse? or is your life just that miserable and lonely that you troll these sites to get attention? oh and you can come after me all you want. but be ready because i dont scare easily. and my kids are grown and healthy. and like the awesome individuals who own this site. I SPEAK FOR THE CHILDREN who for reasons we are all well aware of can not speak for themselves. i’ve been known to tangle with strangers in the street when i see a child being abused and the mothers that i’ve read about so far are very lucky they have not been in my area but im sure there is someone in their immediate vicinity who would not mind tangling with them if and when they see abuse. as for Bill Windsor. very soon you’re going to wish there were 100’s of him. and talk about wolves in sheep clothing. i don’t see you posting under your full name!!!!


  2. I don’t know if this is connected but a few months ago there was a big story on Bob Patel, he went to jail for 17 yrs for medical fraud.

    Nothing new has been posted on his FB profile but you can see Maria is his friend:

    Here is a link to the story (in case you don’t have it)

    Pharmacist/Pharmacy Owner Sentenced to 17 Years for Health Care Fraud, Drug Offenses

    U.S. Attorney’s OfficeFebruary 01, 2013

    Eastern District of Michigan(313) 226-9100

    A 50-year-old Canton pharmacist who owned and operated 26 pharmacies in the metro-Detroit area was sentenced today to 17 years in prison, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade announced today.

    McQuade was joined in the announcement by Robert D. Foley, III, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation; Robert Corso, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration; and Lamont Pugh, Special Agent in Charge of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services.

    U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Tarnow sentenced Babubhai “Bob” Patel on 26 convictions for a health care fraud conspiracy, a drug conspiracy, and related fraud and drug violations.

    Evidence presented at a six-week jury trial concluding in August 2012 showed between 2006 and 2011, the pharmacies billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $57 million. At least 25 percent of those billings were for drugs that were either medically unnecessary never dispensed. Additional amounts were fraudulently billed to private insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The pharmacies operated on a business model that paid kickbacks to physicians in exchange for writing prescriptions for expensive medications. The affiliated doctors would also write prescriptions for controlled substances, without regard to medical necessity, which would be filled at the pharmacies and distributed to paid “patients” and patient recruiters. The expensive, non-controlled medications would be billed but not dispensed.

    In sentencing the defendant, the court told the defendant that “what you have done is reprehensible.” The criminal conduct engaged in by other health care fraud violators sentenced by the court was “small scale compared to this.”

    “Taxpayers fund Medicare and Medicaid to provide health care to needy Americans,” McQuade said. “It is gratifying to see courts impose strong sentences on defendants who exploit these programs for personal gain.”

    FBI Special Agent in Charge Foley stated, “Those individuals who engaged in this health care fraud scheme stole millions of dollars over several years from a system designed to provide health care to those in need. The FBI is committed to stopping these illegal acts and prosecuting these criminals.”

    “The conduct that occurred in this case was deplorable, inexcusable, and dangerous,” said Lamont Pugh, III, Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Region of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. “The OIG will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to combat prescription drug fraud in the Medicare and Medicaid programs and seek to ensure the safety of program beneficiaries and taxpayer dollars.”

    Of the 26 defendants charged in the original indictment in this case, 20 defendants have either pleaded guilty or been convicted at trial. Six defendants are scheduled for trial in June. Out of 12 pharmacists charged, 11 have been convicted at trial or pleaded guilty, with one waiting to be tried. Out of four doctors charged, two have pleaded guilty, with two waiting to be tried.

    Earlier this week, Judge Tarnow sentenced several of the other pharmacists who were convicted at trial. Brijesh Rawal, 36, of Canton; Ashwini Sharma, 34, of Novi; and Lokesh Tayal, 36, of Northville, were each sentenced to terms of imprisonment of 68 months for their participation as pharmacists in these criminal offenses. These three pharmacists were non-U.S. citizens who entered the United States under a visa program for certain skilled workers, and each will be deported to the country of their citizenship upon the completion of their sentences. Defendant Rawal is a citizen of Canada, while defendants Sharma and Tayal are citizens of India.

    In addition to the prison sentence, defendant Babubhai Patel was ordered to pay restitution to the Medicaid and Medicare programs in the amount of $17.3 million and restitution to Blue Cross Blue Shield in the amount of $1.5 million. Defendant Patel, who has been held without bond since his arrest on August 2, 2011, will receive credit toward his sentence for the time he has served.

    U.S. Attorney McQuade thanked the Drug Enforcement Administration; the FBI; the Department of Human Services, Office of Inspector General; and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan for their tireless work in the investigation and prosecution of the case. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys John K. Neal and Wayne F. Pratt.

    Maybe someone should look into this and see if it is the same guy Maria is romancing online??


  3. Trying to post a photo here…Don’t know how. …Screenshot of Maria saying I author this blog. She knows damn well this has existed before I even came across her crazy carry on.


  4. How come you took down my comment? Look at these people.. It’s obvious that AMPP is —-. Isn’t this proof?

    Look at what “Queen” Maria “hours and hours” Melinn is doing..the “fine as hell” DV advocate using the purple ribbon as a sex symbol! How does Maria find all this time to chat online..isn’t she supposed to be a mom, and fighting against dv? She is a disgrace!

    Maria was PRESIDENT of AMPP, and handpicked at that!

    Do I need to go through all your posts to prove my point?!?!


  5. Women like this make me sick. I’ve just finished reading michaels wish, and i cried at the end. Those poor children, especially michael, what an evil cow maria bauer melinn is. She really did a number on poor michael making sure that he felt un-loved un-wanted, and has the cheek to say she,s a good mother, i treat my cat better than she,s ever treated her own children. narcissistic comes to mind, another lori handrahan.


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