Claudine Dombrowski EXPOSEd

A new blog exposes the criminal behavior of Claudine Dombrowski, “domestic violence advocate” and founder of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP)…

Obscene Blog-Click on Face of the Wolf & You are Lead to the AMPP Web Site


(direct quote) Claudine Dombrowski Expose: is an expose of Claudine Dombrowski of Topeka Kansas.

Claudine Dombrowski pretends to be an important person advocating for abused mothers. In fact, she is an abuser of the worst type.

This website is NOT one of the seemingly hundreds that Claudine Dombrowski uses to attack people. This is an expose of Claudine Dombrowski by Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Hate blog created by AMPP

Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Claudine with the Topeka police department and also applied for a protective order against her due to the horrendous threats, intimidation, stalking, defamation and harassment he has endured from Claudine, AMPP, and supporters.

Some of the allegations include:

–Extensive cyberstalking (direct quote), ” The PLAINTIFF (Bill) believes as many as 1,000 people could be involved, and he has identified the names of over 500 who he knows or strongly believes to be involved in cyber-stalking him in some manner..As the president of the American Mothers Political Party, an organization with over 1,300 followers, DOMBROWSKI has mobilized and leads a perhaps unprecedented cyber-stalking campaign against the PLAINTIFF”

–Threats of harm so severe that Bill fears for his safety, as do his family members

–Violating the privacy of Bill, stealing his photos to use in disgusting personal attacks against Bill and family members

–Libel and slander of the worst kind, and making sure those lies reach the top of the Google search engine to cause the most damage

and more.. this case is heavily documented, and is very extensive, and deserves a careful look

ATW has wonder why are so many remaining silent to Claudine’s abusive behavior, cyber stalking and harassment not only of Bill Windsor but also attacking countless other Protective Moms?

Claudine Dombrowski posting lies all over the internet

Why is the Mother’s Movement refusing to take action when they claim to be a leader against abuse?

Is this how an advocate speaks? Claudine attacks Bill with character defamation that he has “erectile dysfunction” and “gets his rocks off as the sexual deviant”, and accuses him of being a cult leader. Hmm wonder if the BMCC will invite Claudine to speak next year??

ATW encourages those in the Mother’s Movement to carefully read Bill’s complaint, and the complaints of the brave Moms now speaking out.

So long as abuse is tolerated in the Mother’s Movement, and its leaders blame the victims or look the other way rather than hold the abusers accountable, justice will be obstructed. Real justice begins when the abusers are removed from the Movement so it can focus on the needs of Moms & Kids, and lead by example.

8 thoughts on “Claudine Dombrowski EXPOSEd

  1. Claudine Dombrowski is a disturbed woman. I left the mothers movement and don’t go to the BMCC because they refuse to stand up to her abuse. I know many more mothers in family court crises that have done same. Had to leave crazy town bc I have enough crazy in my life,don’t need more. …. (I am a former member of AMPP).


  2. Creepy, creepy. She is creepy, AMPP is creepy the Mothers movement staying silent is creepy. Only honest ones are Lundy,Janice and PMA. Brave of them to stand up 4 us moms. Stay strong Bill.


    • R U kidding me?? Oh yeah , POOR Claudine !!! Have you READ her attack blogs???? She is an ABUSER attacking others who have been through a lot themselves. Learn to reconise an abuser when u see one, and this blog is not ATTACKING her they are reporting FACTS! PLEASE! SMH.


  3. Hannah, claudine brings all this shit on herself. Maybe if she stopped being a spiteful vindictive piece of work, then other blogs wouldn’t have to do articles, informing people what a nasty cow she is. Save your sympathy for bill windsor or pma, who’s only goal is too help mothers, not divert attention away by attacking other advocates. While ever she is on a mission to destroy other advocates, mothers and children will suffer. Save your pity for someone who deserves it, not a malicious scumbag


  4. Claudine and I have never met. I don’t have children or even ever been inside a court room. But that didn’t stop her from posting my picture of me on her site with my full name and called me a “baby raper.” She only saw my name associated with PAS and she defamed me online. She didn’t know what the background story was, nor did she care. She posts things that suggest that she hates men, but I’m a women who was helping a friend who hadn’t seen their kids in a number of years because of an abusive ex. You would have thought she would have been kind to me, but she defamed and humiliated me for no reason. I believe her to be a loose canon and her actions should be criminal. Her actions cause me to believe that she has mental health issues. I’m glad someone is taking legal action against her. I don’t live anywhere near Topeka, KS and if I did, I would have taken legal action myself. And I really didn’t want anymore attention on me than the damage she already has done.


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