Breaking News from Mother’s Movement: When Abuse is Acceptable

When Abuse is Acceptable:
(As Long As it is Done By “Survivors” and to Professionals)

A popular advocate in the Mother’s Movement (name withheld to protect her privacy) lashes out after Lundy Bancroft issued a statement denouncing Claudine Dombrowski and American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) for their abuse. Anon Advocate was upset that other Protective Moms were voicing concerns about Claudine and AMPP, and the lack of response from the Mother’s Movement–which has become a very public debate which has fueled more vicious attacks, right in front of the eyes of the Mother’s Movement. Even when the proof is pointed out to them, many advocates, professionals and organizations in the Mother’s Movement have chosen to defend/support/make excuses for the abuser and blame the victim for somehow deserving this brutality.

According to Anon Advocate…We should be more understanding when “wounded survivors” attack, threaten and libel others. Claudine & AMPP are connected to this hate blog, and receiving sympathy from the Mother’s Movement even as they call Protective Mom & Advocate, Janice Levinson, a “c–” and a “b—” and post disgusting pictures that say “wild animal sex”. Is this becoming the norm in the Mother’s Movement?

Anon Advocate’s response…support the abusers hiding in the Mother’s Movement, the victims must be more tolerant of these deranged women because, after all, they did survive abuse!

This blog connects directly to the AMPP main site..see how they yell “F– You!” to Lundy Bancroft, call him a “cult leader” who “profits off moms” and states that “Lundy Bancroft is no different than many of our abusers”. The bottom of this Verizon shot reads “Comment As American Mothers..”

According to this Anon Advocate (direct quote) “we are dealing with wounded survivors and everyone deals with trauma in his own way” so basically we need to be more tolerant and understanding of the abusive behavior of attack mothers in the Mother’s Movement, and look the other way as they stalk, terrorize and harass others (many who are Protective Moms or Helping Professionals). In her opinion, the Professionals should not be protected because they are not survivors, and should be able to handle the abuse on their own or get help.

This screenshot (below) gives the new rules on how to deal with abusers, according to this advocate from the Mother’s Movement:

New Rules of Mother’s Movement from Anon Advocate.. Taking a stand against abuse, denouncing the actions of abusive advocates and supporting victims will no longer be “tolerated” because “we are not going to chose sides here”. “Those ‘Professionals” can take care of themselves or get the help they need’. Anon Advocate claims several professionals have reviewed the complaints, and support her in this.


Isn’t it concerning that an advocate Mother’s Movement is “warning” or threatening others to be silent about the abuse, and stating that their concerns will not be “tolerated”?

Anon Advocate even goes so far to say the victim does not have a right to defend themself because “this is about needs of the survivor”. This is an excuse for abuse. The above post by Anon Advocate prompts ATW to ask some logical and hard hitting questions; When does it become okay to frighten, intimidate and harm another person to suit the selfish needs of the abuser? Is this what the Mother’s Movement stands for? Is this the type of mind set and decision making skills “leaders” in the mothers’ movement possess? Are those in the movement unable to “walk their talk”? This person is considered an advocate and leader, really? Is this the best you can offer protective mothers in terms of support and safety? How can you ignore the abuse around you while advocating against abuse in family court?

Claudine Dombrowski threatens Bill Windsor with a .45, “Remember, Topeka has been known as the MENTAL HEALTH CAPITOL of the WORLD ha ha haha we got our rep honestly, we will put u in the funny farm ask questions later. ha ha ha ha
You will be better off just following me from the police station, It will be my pleasure to show you how to use a .45 up close and personal.
Put you out of your misery, mercy!” Claudine also refers to Bill Windsor as the “ball-less f– wonder” July 12, 2013 at 8:37 pm.

How can those in the Mother’s Movement justify Claudinine’s extreme behavior and a very obvious threat of harm against Bill Windsor and other protective mothers? And yet those who raise concerns, according to Anon Advocate, and expose the abusive advocate will not be “tolerated”! What will it take for the Mother’s Movement to take a stand against the abusive and threatening actions of some of their “leaders”..or are they changing the rules to excuse abuse, and blame the victims as they are being stalked and terrorized?

NOTE: In going through these screenshots and material of Claudine and AMPP’s abuse, some of our writers have reported nightmares and reacted in traumatic ways due to viewing this disturbing content. We cannot imagine how the victims are suffering, and especially the Protective Mother victims who have no support in the Mother’s Movement. Our heart goes out to them.

13 thoughts on “Breaking News from Mother’s Movement: When Abuse is Acceptable

  1. I was in a start up support group on face book dealing with family court. AMPP members came in too, AMPP. bashed and trash myself and other protective mothers in this group. Everyone left in fear and trauma. the group ended. It was sad because we were getting good support. Claudine and other AMPP cannot deal if you don’t agree with them. Very controlling. I know who wrote that screen shot, who the Anon advocate is. She was mean too. I dont care that she is a known advocate she is mean.What is wrong with these people and why do others put up with this? Protective mothers are fed up with being controlled and abused. Why is this allowed ?


  2. The mothers movement is not a safe place for protective mothers to be. This is just crazy. Threatening peoples lives? others lookin away? Sounds more dangerous than family court! At least my ex never threatened my life!


  3. Reading this horrible abuse is triggering my PTSD. Bless the hearts of the protective mothers that have to endure this nightmare again. The mothers movement is a joke to allow this.


  4. Thank you Lundy Janice and PMA for exposing this abuse and standing strong against attacks. the only credible people and group in the mothers movement. the rest are laughable hypocrites. Won’t be going to any BMCC afraid Claudine will attack me


  5. The problem is many this is how I see it. Most in the movement are in it for 15 min. of fame ( or so they think) Most do not really care about the movement or change they want to ride the fame train. There are several female narcs in the movement. Just listen to them talk, their ego comes through. Even that anon advocate you mention, ( I saw the post on facebook) thinks she is “all that” and makes an obnoxious statement as if she has the power to make everyone listen to her ( ego) she does not. Some are not even real protective mothers. Only PMA checks their mothers out. The other organizations just accept them at their word ( stupid thing to do). Part of the reason all mothers are taken for their word is the mind set that if she is a woman she is always right. Just read Barry Goldsteins thread on this blog. Laughable. Women are ALWAYS right and do nothing wrong. if he is pressed about examples of evil women in history he blames their actions on men. This extremist ignorant mindset is an will be the downfall of the mothers movement.Seems as if only PMA Janice and Lundy has sense and brains, are true advocates, and know how to run an advocacy organization with professionalism good character and honesty., ( and no ego)


  6. Abuse is NEVER acceptable from ANYONE . Survivor, not a survivor, man ,woman all races and all nationalities IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE IT COME FROM!! ABUSE IS ABUSE and NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE!!! If DV advocates don’t know this, they are no DV advocates at all


  7. Claudine wanted to be the star of Bill Windsor’s movie. When he said all mothers stories are important and did not want to highlight hers she threw a tantrum and started calling him a pedophile and Hitler almost overnight. The mothers movement( except for PMA) is a disgrace because they don’t speak out against these abusers. AMPP and Claudine are abusers and others in the movement are allowing the abuse on Bill PMA Lundy and Janice. I do not trust them, and would never take any advice from them on how to deal with my abuser ex. They’d probaly say just put up with it. They are a joke.


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