Crackdown: Facebook Suspends Lawless America Supporters

August 1st 2013: Bill Windsor of Lawless America makes an announcement that he will issue court-ordered subpoenas for Facebook for the Windsor v. Overstreet (Lexington, Missouri). Judge Dennis Rolf granted Bill’s motion so the Clerk of Courts is issuing subpoenas to take depositions and get documents from “non parties”.

Bill announces, Now the cyberstalkers have really got something to look forward to. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, CraigsList, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and many others will have subpoenas winging their way to them. And a whole host of individuals are being subpoenaed. American Mothers Political Party members, Joeys, would-be killers, and others. I am beyond excited! For more information and the latest updates, be sure to always check and”

Immediately following this announcement from Bill, Facebook began to suspend the accounts of several Lawless America supporters for infractions such as: liking Bill Windsor’s posts, posting links from Lawless America and sending Facebook messages. It is no secret that Facebook has been targeting Bill Windsor lately, and even threatened to permanently ban him (while the abusers run free).


Is this just a coincidence or is Facebook sending a message?? What has Facebook got to hide, and why??

Lorraine Tipton’s Facebook wall does not violate includes a link that is spreading horrible lies about Bill calling him a “terrorist” and “cult” leader, and posted a video titled “Unforgiven Little Bill Death Scene”. Facebook is suspending accounts of Lawless supporters who post links saying they violate TOS — is Facebook endorsing violent threats & libel?

In the meanwhile Facebook is allowing these harassing pages, many include disgusting and defamatory remarks, to still remain up–all are attacking Bill Windsor. This is just a sample–there are many, many more:

William M. Windsor is a Fraud and lies out the Ass | Facebook‎ This page was Created because William M. Windsor is a scammer and Fraud, he currently is leading his Lemmings down a bad path, William or (Bill) or Pie Man …

William M. Windsor is a Fraud and lies out the Ass | Facebook‎ The man known as Bill Windsor from Lawless America has chosen the dark road to self-destruction. Hate drives his every move, every decision. It consumes his ..

Powerpuff Girls – Bill Windsor is having another meltdown – Facebook…‎ Bill Windsor is having another meltdown, is attacking new women, and is now hunting them. Read more –

Lawless America is a Fraud | Facebook…/Lawless-America…Fraud/4672683366727…‎ Lawless America is a Fraud. 60 likes · 0 talking about this.

Lawless America is a Fraud | FacebookThis page is designed to fight back against Bill Windsor in which he frauds, and
also scams many people, We also have … Recent Posts by Others on Lawless
America is a FraudSee All …. Abusers Rights = Fathers Rights: Hail Hitler Billy

Lawless America Movie the scam | Facebook…/Lawless-America…scam/38660960143340…‎ Lawless America Movie the scam. 56 likes · 1 talking about this.

How Bill Windsor of Lawless America Scammed Us – Facebook‎ Bill Windsor is the director/producer of this film. Clips of Bill’s …. … Just look at the net the pedophiles are even pro you now.

Domestic Terrorist Bill Windsor and Cult Group known as Lawless …Complaints Mount Re Bill Windsor Lawless America Movie Scam … Tagged.
American Mothers Political Party; Petunia Snodgrass. Get Notes via RSS ……
(AMPP Admins work on the Power Puff Girls Page, Claudine said it’s “fun to play” on the page..only an abuser would enjoy tormenting others)

Facebook Page Stealing Identity of Bill Windsor’s Deceased Father:

Facebook Page Stealing Identity of Bill Windsor’s Deceased Mother:

How horrific to create a false Facebook account (apparently that is not violating the TOS!) using the name and image of your own deceased parents with the intent to stalk, harass and terrorize you.. how would you feel if that happened to you? Bill Windsor is living this nightmare, and Facebook is giving a free pass to these bullies while suspending the accounts of anyone trying to defend him, or share information about Lawless.

3 thoughts on “Crackdown: Facebook Suspends Lawless America Supporters

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of people being booted from Facebook for supporting Lawless America. If what you say in this blog post is the reason these people are being booted, and I am not arguing with you, then it probably has more to do with the number of complaints that HAS been made against Lawless America from multiple sources rather than the validity of those complaints. And people who have turned against Bill Windsor will complain, mark his posts and links as offensive, etc.

    When complaints about one person, page or group are made, people are blocked, etc flags are triggered automatically and warnings are issued automatically. If such complaints keep pouring in after these warnings are issued then accounts are blocked, banned or shut down automatically. One does not necessarily need to violate Facebook’s terms of service in order to get banned or booted. One can easily be targeted for this by another group by blocking, flagging their posts or lodging complaints about the person with Facebook. I have seen this tactic used before with the John Aster and AXJ vs. John Anderson flame war on Facebook.

    I highly doubt that as one of the busiest websites on the internet, that Facebook employs enough babysitters to review every one of these decisions, but each person who was banned could probably request a review and get their account reinstated within 2 weeks or something when a human finally gets the chance to review it. It’s probably people just getting caught up in the algorithms, by posting links to materials that other Facebook users have marked or flagged as offensive, or objectionable whether they be or not.


  2. I e-mailed this blog because Facebook suspended by account for 12 hours after I posted a link from Lawless America to my wall… it has been over 2 weeks and I still cannot get into my account.

    I am a Protective Mom who uses social media to connect to other Moms, there is really no place for support and sharing similar experiences where I live. I also send messages to my kids with my online account. The abuser dad gets mad and often will not let me talk to or even see my this is really important.

    I didn’t do anything wrong. People post links to their wall all the time. I think its horrible that I can’t get into my account but there are people online posting nasty stuff and they get away with it.


  3. Facebook will suspend accounts when they recieve a number of complaints. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that this is probably down to the AMPP, and its nasty members. Instead of doing and helping moms in court and other legal areas, they spend all their time pouring over the internet and looking for any reason to complain. While they are sabotaging the real mothers movement. Pity really.


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