Claudine Attacks Her Supporter; Whose Side is She On!???

ATW has been threatened on the hate blog created by Claudine Dombrowski and American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) that if we do not shut down this blog, and stop offering readers this valuable information and unbiased reporting that they will continue to attack. The writers of ATW did not create this blog so that innocent people would be attacked by bullies. The bullies are responsible for their own behavior and actions–the trademark of a bully is that they blame the victim, and others, for their abusive behavior.

ATW will continue to publish facts backed up with proof. Claudine and AMPP are so obsessed with Janice Levinson that 1) she attacks her own supporter thinking it is Janice and 2) she continues to believe that ATW is Janice. ATW will work hard to expose these, and other lies…as you will see…

Claudine is so obsessed with destroying Janice Levinson and PMA that she is willing to attack one of her own supporters.

The following are quotes from Claudine’s hate blog, the words in bold/parenthesis are her own attacks on ATW and against this supporter (whose name we will keep anonymous for her own protection).

Attack #1: “A popular (you wish)..”

This advocate author of the above post ( Not Janice Levinson) is also well known in the Mother’s Movement. The “you wish” implies jealousy ( remember Claudine believes this is Janice Levinson) Claudine once said the author advocate of the above post’s mother is like a sister to her.

Attack #2: “advocate (for abusers) in the Mother’s Movement (name withheld to protect her privacy)..”

This advocate is an abuse survivor. Ironically she has also been the target online attacks unrelated to AMPP.

Claudine’s Obsession with Janice Levinson Results in her Mistakenly Attacking her own Supporter


We have withheld the advocate’s name to protect her privacy, she is NOT Janice Levinson and NOT associated with PMA. Claudine’s attacks against this advocate are totally unprovoked and unwarranted--once again Claudine is proving she is an abuser and is out of control in her obsession with Janice Levinson

Attack #4: “(As your doggy blog just cant seem to stop posting daily the battered mothers names)..”

Once again, ATW is NOT Janice, Lundy or PMA–we are a group of concerned citizens working to expose abusers hiding in victim advocacy groups.

Claudine Dombrowski started her blogs and online postings many years ago, it was her choice and her decision to use her real name, to use the real name of her child and post sensitive details about her case all over the internet. Public court records show that Claudine was asked to stop posting her daughter’s personal information all over the internet–and she refused to the point that the Court refused to allow Claudine to have access to the information because it was endangering her own child.

An insider reveals disturbing information about Claudine. “Take a long look at the massive court record of CLAUDINE DOMBROWSKI of Shawnee County, Kansas…. is this a mother hero? She touts herself as “victim” but breaks the law whenever she wants to…”

All Claudine’s actions, (her blogs revealing her real name and internet postings about her court case and child’s private information) took place long before the creation of ATW. For Claudine to accuse ATW, other advocates and groups created AFTER Claudine blogs and online postings, of revealing her and her child’s identity online is simply a blatant lie.

Attack #5:” Even when the proof (the proof that moms are fight back at Windsor- and the proof that YOU JANICE LEVINSON are ASSITING BILL WINDSOR STALK humiliate and degrade COUNTLESS battered mothers) is pointed out to them, many advocates, professionals and organizations in the Mother’s Movement have chosen to defend/support/make excuses for the abuser and blame the victim for somehow deserving this brutality. (No, they just know the truth about you. Actually hurting, placing their very lives in danger, the battered mothers you purport to help)…”

This is yet another excuse for these bullies to abuse and torment, and instead of being held accountable for their criminal actions, they falsely pretend to be “victims”. Bill Windsor has only Legally defended himself against the criminal lies and vicious attacks on him, by certain mothers who just happen to also be in family court . This small group of mothers already revealed their court cases and personal info on the internet. AMPP has encouraged them to do so. Their family court issues are totally separate from the fact that they are cyber bullying, slandering and threatening Janice and Bill’s lives.

Claudine continues to mislead Protective Mothers with her lies and manipulations. She provides no proof for her numerous hateful allegations.

Attack #6: “(Claudine nor AMPP are connected BUT as MOTHERS – BATTERED MOTHERS we know we can and are safe behind the name AMPP- something that you are clueless to. Safety for Mothers)…”

This bizarre statement begins with a link to Claudine’s own blog, and an article she wrote called “Dreams Every Mother Has Them”. As you can clearly see from this screen shot, Claudine hides behind AMPP like a coward rather than taking responsibility for her criminal behavior.


This is another way Claudine abuses Protective Mothers–she gains their sympathy, wins their trust and then throws them under the bus by making her supporters take the fall for her abusive and criminal behavior.

But in a past post -you can see- Claudine says the exact opposite;

” let the record be clear I and I alone maintain the website Bill,you know this-and always have”

Clearly Claudine manipulates the truth depending on her agenda at that moment.

Let’s not get distracted by the offensive language and threatening tone of this AMPP hate blog…what you should really be asking is…

*** Why does AMPP and Claudine Dombrowski want to stop the progress of a few sincere advocates who are working to tear down, and expose the corruption within our government?

*** Why would Claudine Dombrowski and AMPP want to stop the progress of certain advocates who are working toward exposing and tearing down corruption in the court?

Is calling somebody a “c–” or a “b–” and scaring people away from the advocates and professionals asking these questions really making progress?

Claudine’s message to Lundy Bancroft: “F- You!!” Is this an advocate you would want to work with? Is this an advocate you would invite to speak at the BMCC? Is this an advocate you would promote, and proudly proclaim she is part of the Mother’s Movement?

****Whose side is Claudine on? Is she on the advocates side or is she on the side of corruption?

Viewing Claudine’s actions logically, methodically and calmly-peel away the layers of negativity, false accusations, hate and lies..what does Claudine and AMPP stand for?

They are spending all their time creating hate blogs, attacking advocates who expose corruption and tear it down.

This is creepy.. Claudine states she wants to “Get Rid of Janice”

***If Claudine were against corruption and wanted it exposed, why wouldn’t she join forces with these advocates? Instead she is creating distraction, halting progress and attacking the advocates trying to stop the corruption.

So whose side is Claudine REALLY on?

26 thoughts on “Claudine Attacks Her Supporter; Whose Side is She On!???

  1. In my opinion, these so called “mothers” need to take some meds , stay off the internet and away from others. Especially children. Their violent, hateful ways are dangerous. Sick!


  2. I saw that comment on Barry’s page. I know who the Anon advocate is. No it is not Janice. I used to like her. I am now very dissapointed in her. She cannot recognize abuse? She needs to stop advocating and heal more if she cannot even reconize the dynamics of abuse SMH.


  3. Where do these self proclaimed advocates come from? Most are a joke. Abusers themselves or ones who cannot recognize abuse right under their noses. Moms need to be very careful who they take advice from. research these “advocates “and groups, look at how they treat each other. Some just in it for their own agenda. Bill Windsor is doing good work. I am a Lundy follower too on FB. cannot go wrong with these two and anyone connected to them. They are genuine. Be careful moms . Don’t make the same mistakes you did with your exes. Don’t believe abusers and liars.


  4. This is what I see of the mothers movement. A small group of abusive bullies, others looking away from their abuse bc of their own agendas, and a bunch of opportunists with large egos, Only PMA Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson have my respect. I am begining to respect Bill now too.


  5. Saw it all on Barry’s Face book wall. Know who Anon advocate is. Shame on her for not standing up to abuse. Thank you ATW, and Lundy for speaking the truth, and doing the right thing. Lundy is my hero.


  6. Claudine wanted to be the star of Bill Windsor’s movie. When he said all mothers stories are important and did not want to highlight hers she threw a tantrum and started calling him a pedophile and Hitler.. The mothers movement( except for PMA) is a disgrace because they don’t speak out against these abusers.


  7. Claudine reminds me of my abuser every way.the other organizations are like my past friends who never helped me and ignored the abuse.


  8. The problem with my fellow moms is they have no discernment and need to heal more before joining any movement and trying to help advocates. Can’t be effective if we are just going to replace our abuser ex for an abuser ” leader” in a movement or a ” leader” who allows abuse around them. Learn discernment first and focus on healing before becoming an advocate. This is why some moms bounce from one abuser ex to another. Take the time to focus on healing so you don’t repeat past mistakes in any form.


  9. These people who I used to admire have shocked and disappointed me beyond belief. Barry and anon advocate ( yes I know who she is) included. How they can justify their actions of supporting abusive criminal AMPP behavior is indefensible and disgusting. They are not who I thought they were, fooled again!


  10. PMA, Lundy Janice and Bill are heroes. Not just for how they try to help us, but also for having to stand strong and put up with Claudine’s crap.


  11. Yes, anon advocate was attacked on an unrelated issue and PMA , Janice were one of the few spreading the word, giving her support and trying to rally other advocates in supporting her. i witnessed the whole thing. I am sure PMA appreciates how you thank them ( anon advocate) by NOT supporting them against Claudine’s vile abuse!.


  12. LOL AMPP blames Bill and this blog for naming battered mothers…. ( “countless”…LOL) Abusers always twist things around, making their victim out to be responsible for their abuse. Good call A.T.W about Claudine and a fewl others using their real names and spreading their cases details all over the internet, BEFORE A.T.W , PMA, and Lawless were created. Typical abuser ploy. Keep dumping the truth out there A.T.W for the world to see. Expose these abusers for who they are. Don’t be intimidated. You have my respect and the respect of many others.


  13. Lundy , Janice and PMA are authentic heroes swimming in a sea of sharks disguised as protective mother advocates. Protective mothers beware of the sharks!


  14. Call me a conspiracy person if u want. I think this is organized attacks by certain powerful people who are against citizens taking down corruption in family court. Claudine and AMPP are being used.


  15. AMPP and claudine, are a vicious group who have no intentions in helping mothers. All they do is bitch about other “Real” advocates taking away the brilliant work they have already done. My advice to anyone listening to Claudine and AMPP, is run in the opposite direction- don’t get mixed up with their insanity.


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