Maria Bauer Melinn Broke Back on Motorcycle


Starring Maria Bauer Melinn (as herself) & Deanna Tarrow Kloostra (as the politician who wet her pants)

Besties Deanna & Maria havin' fun on motorcycles - Where is the wheelchair??

Plot: Celebrity Victim Maria Bauer Melinn weaves a sad tale of having her back broken by her abusive ex, and demands special treatment…including a hot rod wheelchair.

Maria is embraced by the Mother’s Movement, who ignores the glaring evidence that her story doesn’t add up. Maria is paraded around Mothers of Lost Children, as a symbol of what is wrong with the courts. …Or has Maria become a symbol of the dysfunction within the Mother’s Movement, that abusive advocates are hiding in their ranks, claiming to be victims to gain attention and serve their own selfish agenda?

NEW photos deepen the controversy…is Maria a victim or a fraud? See for yourself…

SCENE 1: Mothers of Lost Children Vigil, Washington D.C.

On a shady street, a motorcycle zooms past, a group of women wearing white t-shirts lettered in black with “Mothers of Lost Children” form a small protest, waving an “Abused Swan” banner.

From a wheelchair, Maria holds one end of the sign, struggling beneath its weight; she poses for a picture, then another and another… groaning “My abuser broke my back”

SCENE 2: Secrets in the Closet

A closet door creaks open, an empty wheelchair is folded inside… Maria is out dancing, without it.

What about her broken back?
Maria’s story is meant to manipulate sympathy, the evidence tells a very different story…

Maria’s statement, taken by the police, states she has fair recollection of the events leading up to the alleged assault but “doesn’t remember much” after her ex allegedly “pushed her back into the apartment and knocked her down”. There is no evidence that Maria suffered an injury which would explain her conveinant memory loss, and inability to recall important details of an “assault” that she would use to catapault herself to fame. Witness statements from the night of the alleged incident refute Maria’s elaborate story—and she is said to have gone out dancing the night after the incident (with pictures to prove it). There is no evidence or medical reports from the night of the incident showing Maria suffered a broken back.

Also, the alleged incident took place in 1998 — Maria was not given a “prescription” for a wheelchair until 2012. That’s 14 years later! Is it a “coincidence” that her back injury resulted after a car accident?

Read the full story Michael’s Wish:

SCENE 3: Shadowy Kitchen

A Bundt cake molds on a Formica countertop, a lone dust ball rolls across the stove… Mothers of Lost Children and Supporters are on a hunger strike “out of solidarity” with Maria. They have not eaten for days!!! Will she know if one of her “Supporters” sneaks just a tiny bite… stomach growls as a skeletal hand reaches for a cold leg of chicken…three days old and still finger lickin’ good, wowza!

MOLC stands in solidarity with Maria Bauer Melinn

SCENE 4: Sunny Day Allegan County Jail, Birds are Singing…

Maria is jailed for violating a court order, and puts on her best dramatic performance yet… she bats her eyes, pouts her lip, and states that Allegan County is racist against “Hebrews” and the jail is like a “concentration camp” in which “Hebrews” are discriminated against and even killed. It is not explained how these “neo Nazis” detected that Maria is a “Hebrew”, nor has any proof been offered of their alleged racism, and no proof there is some kind of genocidal conspiracy happening in Allegan County.

In her bizarre claim of racism, Maria states that the jail denied her of her wheelchair, and other medical treatment, because she is Hebrew. See here the prescription for Maria’s wheelchair, and her claims of being “tortured”.

The authors of this blog claim it is not written by Maria but the story clearly is hers, she clearly relayed this information, and elicited her perspective. No respectable journalist or blogger would publish this trash that lacks proof, lacks independent evidence and is clearly based on a need for retaliation. Not to mention this article is completely disrespectful to the memory of the Holocaust, and is exploitive to it’s victims—offensive on so many levels.

So how did poor Maria fare without her wheelchair? Is she withering away? Crawling on the floor in agony? Banging her food bowl on the steel cold bars, crying out for help??

SCENE 5: Motorcycle Repair Shop Somewhere in Michigan

Deanna supports Maria, struggling with a broken back

By the end of August 2013, Maria has made a speedy recovery from her broken back, and has transformed into a Motorcycle Mama!

See how Maria moves with a broken back
See how Maria bends, contorts, stoops and hugs bestie Deanna Kloostra without any apparent pain or sign that her “broken back” is bothering her…

Wonder if Maria will show up for the next MOLC Vigil on her Harley??

Or will the Mother’s Movement finally denounce Maria Bauer Melinn for her lies, and put the focus back where it should be—on our children?

7 thoughts on “Maria Bauer Melinn Broke Back on Motorcycle

  1. That is an amazing recovery on a broken back. I have had back surgery and I can tell you there is no way I could put my and my hands in the air at the same time as someone is holding me. The legs being up on the handlebars and the other under her, That doesn’t happen when you need a wheelchair as you claim in court and all photo ops for the “cause” What a scam artist at best. I don’t think you are fooling anyone any more about your broken back, We as mothers with real issues! are not as stupid as you seem to take us for.


  2. I’m so glad her antics aren’t going unnoticed! I’ve been accused of authoring this blog. Again.
    All I have to say to that is “If only my observations were as witty”. LMAO. She is an embarrassment.


  3. Let’s also keep in mind as those few (very few) foolish devotees vowed to go on a hunger strike, Maria did not, in the least do the same. Posts after her first jail stint rambled on and on about how they would not provide her kosher meals. While we will not, one again, meander into the fact that she is NOT Jewish and wouldn’t know kosher if it hit her upside her head, we will let you chew on this thought: If she were on a hunger strike why would you be upset because the jail was not providing her kosher meals? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Of course on the day she was released from the jail, the she posts about how her mom stopped and bought her a pepperoni pizza. Ummmmmmmmm, I lied, we will hit that little Kosher detail again. There is not a pizza shop around that serves fast food pizza that cooks Kosher, which requires “little” things like separate cook areas to keep foods such as milk and meat separate. Which of course makes the whole pizza thing a Kosher issue anyway: Pepperoni is a meat, cheese is a milk product, therefore it not permissible in the Kosher diet. Pepperoni is also pork – which is STRICTLY forbidden under Jewish law as it pertains to eating Kosher.

    Fast forward a few weeks and Maria is now posting about her wonderful jailers providing her her Kosher meals. What happened to that fasting? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Fast forward a couple more weeks and she is now once again posting about the unending abuse she suffers in jail and lack of Kosher meals.

    Really, someone should tell her to remember her lies from week to week.

    As for the back that was broken by her abusive ex? Look over the web. The woman is contorting, bending, stooping, crouching, dancing, marching, etc in pictures everywhere. It is no wonder that we are now hearing whispers that perhaps her SSI has been cancelled as those checks were garnished for the measly 129 bucks a month she pays in child support and a payment has not been received in 2 months.

    I never thought I would say this, but maybe the government IS smarter than some people out there.



    Read Hawkeyes comments where she accuses me of running thos blog.

    Note : While I agree with many of these blog postings I do NOT support Bill Windsor.

    I do NOT know what is really going on between AMPP and PMA but what I will say is, from personal experience..I’ve never been attacked by PMA for having a different opinion to them. AMPP have attacked and insulted me so obviously my personal opinions are based on my personal experiences. And so, for me, AMPP have zero credibility.

    So keep trying Jane!


  5. I was wondering if Maria Melinn is still going to do that famous video she has all over the www about her Judge Cronin? She is still his favorite girl. 🙂


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