Maria Bauer Melinn Continues to Exploit her Kids: New Video

Maria Bauer Melinn has launched another exploitive publicity stunt, using her youngest child as bait in her relentless pursuit for attention. In this latest video, Damon Moelter is sending a personal message to Maria’s youngest son.

Damon has been through a very difficult life so far, it is understandable that when invited to advocate for a child in a similar circumstance, he would have a hard time refusing a request, and may even feel a responsibility to speak out. We would hope that adults that are around Damon would try to create, and encourage him, to have a fresh start with his life from this point forward. We would also hope those same adults would be sensitive to his triggers, and possible re-traumatization by exposing or placing Damon in situations where he may be held back from having that fresh start.

Children Exploited by Publicity Seeking Maria

Maria continues to exploit all her children in a public forum revealing their identities and showing a lack of concern about their safety or privacy. Even worse, knowing that this unwanted attention greatly traumatized one of her older children–why would Maria continue on the same course, and put her youngest at risk?

Maria claims to be a victim of abuse, and she will tell you that she is putting this information all over the internet and elsewhere to protect her children. But what is a protective mother, REALLY?? The instinct of a protective mother would be to protect her child from any potential harm, exposure or ridicule. Also, it is a standard cultural rule that minor children are protected by surrounding adults in any given situation, that especially their identity and the use of the minor’s image is shielded from any potentially damaging exposure or attention. Any advocacy group should do the sameand be trained to safeguard the privacy and safety of a child, and to take actions or report if a child is at risk.

Video Suggests Support from Safe Kids International

Obviously, Maria did not create this video on her ownshe is likely being supported by Safe Kids International. Damon Moelter is a survivor of family court, who went on the run to avoid living with his abusive biological father and then married at age 16 to become an emancipated adult. Damon’s mother, Cindy Dumas, is the founder of Safe Kids International. It is unreasonable to think this statement was given without the consent or help of Safe Kids International, not to mention the planning and organization need to produce and publish such a video.

Did Safe Kids International do any fact checking before asking Damon to do this video? It was not too long ago that Maria and sidekick Deanna Tarrow Kloostra created another YouTube video featuring this same child, pressuring him into making abuse allegations against his biological father. The video generated so many complaints that it was eventually taken off the web–but not before Maria passed it around, and to several other advocacy organizations. Though the video was removed, it lingers in the minds of those who saw it or heard of it–and this child’s safety and privacy was greatly compromised. Any organization needs to be extremely careful when endorsing anyone to be sure that who they are endorsing is credible.

And look at Maria’s YouTube profile picture next to this video, she strikes a seductive pose with her blouse unbuttoned low and sucking on one this the representative Safe Kids wants for their organization? To portray a protective mom?

Maria: Protege of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP)

Maria has learned well the art of exploitation, and making a public spectacle of herself. Maria is a protege and former president of the disgraced American Mothers Political Party (AMPP). AMPP is abuse advocacy group who claims to be helping protective mothers but whose tactics have shown them to be abusers in disguise. In the name of “advocacy” AMPP has stalked, threatened, harassed and started a campaign of online bullying against court officials as well as fellow advocates and professionals, and other protective moms. AMPP is known for publicizing the stories of protective moms who come to them for help–not only do they encourage moms to go public with very sensitive details of their case but also encourage moms to attack the court officials involved in it. Or anyone they view as an “enemy”. Claudine Dombrowski, co-founder of AMPP, incited a lot of publicity surrounding her own case, often to the detriment of her minor child whose identity and privacy has been completely taken over by her publicity seeking mother. Claudine is now facing criminal charges and has a protective order issued against her due to her criminal behavior–done in the name of advocacy.

Maria is also the motorcycle gal pal of Deanna Tarrow Kloostra, also an AMPP member, and founder of advocacy group Abused Swan. Deanna helped Maria post a video of her youngest son, in which the child was coerced and pressured into making abuse allegations against his biological father. As a result of this video, AMPP supposedly broke ties with Maria but many of its members–as well as other organizations in the Mother’s Movement–continue to work with Maria as well as Deanna Tarrow Kloostra and show support to Abused Swan and her Family Court Workbook.


Evidence of Maria’s Lack of Credibility

Custody in Crisis, When Desperation Rules by Clare O’Toole:

“Maria Melinn Wants People to Believe in Lies” by Sean Flemming:

Michael’s Wish:

Michael’s Wish Facebook:

9 thoughts on “Maria Bauer Melinn Continues to Exploit her Kids: New Video

  1. About When Desperation Rules….You forgot to mention the CREDIBILITY PROBLEM. Clare O’Toole was outed as fudging her MA credentials as an “investigative journalist” and it showed in the work she produced in this particular piece. She used one source and one source only to write it….a slander site MichaelsWish.


    • Clare O’Toole is a highly respected journalist. Clare’s expertise has been used by the mothers’ movement for many years. Any non – bias person reading her article can clearly see Clare remained neutral to the end and even intentionally kept the identities of all parties private. It seems your problem with Clare’s article has to do more with the facts and truth about Maria.


      • Exactly. Had Clare been pushing Marias propaganda, Jane there would have nothing to say about her “credentials”. Jane is currently STILL harassing Clare online. It’s insane.
        And if what she wrote wasn’t factual, wouldn’t Maria be the FIRST person to have her in court for libel? And to claim she used Michaels Wish as a “source” is inaccurate. Clare did her own digging, spoke to various police officers, friends of Michaels, there were others who were involved with Michael she spoke with also.but I would NEVER say who and unleash Jane on them.. All that,coupled with CPS reports,Police reports,childrens statements, court records ,letters from the school etc, PLUS reading the BS Maria has on her “evidence” site. Any reasonable, logical, unbiased person would come to the same conclusions..And actually, I think Maria got off lightly.


  2. OMG…She never ceases to amaze me with how low she is willing to stoop.

    This poor lil guy will cop on to her soon enough. Like the rest of his siblings.

    Until then, he is just a pawn in her neverending games and quest for attention and sympathy.

    She is gonna be one lonely old woman.


    • Yeah and it sure works to your favor when you screw with this kid’s head, like they did with her non-bio-grandson and all the rest of the brood. Couple of FACTS you neglect to mention: The journalist who wrote this piece, that was based on a slander site MichaelsWish, IS NO LONGER A HIGHLY RESPECTED JOURNALIST at the WashingtonTimes on-line communities because of what is professionally considered the egregious offense of deception in fudging the credentials that qualifies her to do the work she CLAIMS she is doing (investigative journalism). Just like all you folks here who put yourselves out there like you are doing “advocacy”; when in reality, all you are doing is making sure opposing views are silenced.

      In terms of the credibility factors for the one source slander site MichaelsWish, all one needs to do is read the outlandish things that have been published on line about my own custody case, all because I support a mother who has been robbed of custody via a corrupted custody process and I exercised a civil right to speak on behalf of her case, exposing it for what it is.

      How unfortunate for you rabid wolves that many REAL journalists are familiar with me, the details of my situation, it’s unique historical origins, and the public documentation that definitively proves my case.

      Don’t be surprised if you see the MichaelsWish slander site going down in the very near future.


  3. Its a shame to put this little guy through all this garbage, M seems to think that all this mind couching will not affect him. It does and he is getting old enough to know the truth from a lie now, so it wont do Maria any good to keep trying to insert her craziness into this poor child mind. Let him flourish as a child and grow up, Something Michael didn’t get to do they messed up his mind with drugs and booze and he couldn’t handle it Period. So please read Michaels story to see how the abuse killed him.


  4. How is michaels wish a slander site? I’ve read everything there is to read about maria “mom of the year” bauer and not once has she proven that her back was broken on the night of the door pushing incident. Also michaels wish produces documentation to prove what has been written, is the truth, where is maria’s documentation to prove blake broke her back? Exactly because her back wasn’t broken. And to video the youngest son, spouting bad things about his dad, obviously told what to say, was despicable, what sort of mother does that? People like Maria Bauer and Lori Handrahan. Out of all the sites and groups that advocate for children and mothers, only one site sticks out like the sore thumb that it is and that is the AMPP, they don’t advocate, they just bitch about other advocates while going out of their way to falsely slander other sites, and advocates to serve their own warped ideals. Judge kevin cronin deserves a medal after all the bullshit you have spewed about him, maria probably hates him because he had seen right through her. Maria stop using and manipulating your youngest child, otherwise you risk screwing him up like you did poor michael. Put your kids 1st instead of your own selfish ass for once.


  5. Oh and hawkeye, i would believe Claire O.toole over your insanity any day. Why don’t you just accept that you are defending two child abuser’s who have emotionally abused their children for years. It doesn’t matter who speaks the truth about Handrahan and bauer, because you will always pop up, spewing your lies to defend these vile creatures, who claim to be protective mothers, riiiight.


  6. This kind of thing happens all of the time. I don’t trust advocacy groups for that reason. The realization that child molesters will seek employment in areas with lots of children where they are in charge of them in a capacity that the general public reveres and would never think to question the motives and behaviors of these authority figures. It’s the only way to get away with abuse without having to constantly hide from the police in a ditch or under a bridge. It’s perfect and of course self-protective. If any group should be under constant monitoring and subjection to regular investigation, it is the “untouchables” such as advocacy leaders who shed crocodile tears publicly, and persons of the cloth, and child care facilities, and youth group leaders. The honest ones will always be proud to be in line of sight. The wolves will always be blinded and annoyed by the light. While we are at it, we can aim our annihilation weapon at the groups who propose that it is evil to question these people. They are frauds too, or else they are very stupid people. If you want to find an abuser, look where abused people are. If anyone tries to protect the abused from your investigations, investigate them immediately. It’s a simple solution that should be more difficult because then it might be utilized. If a person is honest, they act like honest people. Any slight doubt they cause while seeming to be oblivious to the reasoning behind your doubt, and lash out at you or any other person of good will, Bingo. You found a fraud. Ann P. Meridith formally of Swordfish Productions is one such fraud. She has a stellar online reputation, unchecked, obviously, by anyone who hosts her accolades and Is unquestioned by her victims who believe her when she dumps blame on her current volunteer crew members for any misgivings they may suffer from her “involvement” in healing them from their demons. Both subjects and volunteers are tight-lipped because of her practice of binding them to contracts. These contracts require that they not speak of the topics of her interactions with them, using the reasoning that it is a film industry legal thing. She brilliantly convinces them that any talk of her methods and practices, as well as the topics that are discussed, will harm her success and theirs by putting all of them including her at risk of being robbed, exploited and otherwise re-abused by so-called “evil” people and organizations. She convinces them that those people and organizations will steal the ideas and collected-stories, which have now become her intellectual property, and make a profit exploiting them. This scares everyone into compliance and renders her free to abuse the hell out of all of them at the expense of one another. She herself signs no contract that would otherwise insure fair and honest treatment towards the subjects and her crew. In fact, asking her to do so will elicit her wrath towards you where she will then accuse any such person of being insensitive and abusive to her. This successfully brings her support from the others and compounds the rejection and banishment of the “evil” person who suggested such a reasonable protective request. I’m not trying to be a hero, but it is a dangerous quest to “out“ this woman, because she is a professional liar, but I am banking on there being people like me out there who can stand behind me in a quest very similar to yours. My windows are wide open. If anyone were to investigate my motives, I would welcome it, non-stop, with open arms as well. “Hate“ is a feeling I have become familiar with thanks to these people with whom the wolf is far too sophisticated a creature to be associated. Kudos and accolades to you for exposing this booming industry of frauds and criminals.


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