Abusers in the Mother’s Movement Pt 2: Barry Goldstein &AMPP; Claudine Dombrowski


According to Claudine a change is needed in the Mother’s Movement, it should be torn down completely, and she will lead these efforts, along with her hand selected allies “DV orgs, awareness?? seriously?? They need to be dismantled and a new what is needed now– begun.”

AND, “Its out with the old in with the new and dammit what we are doing is not working. The moms know this they are the change and with strategy, political and legal. Now moving because of the strength of mothers coming out — then the movement must to change to support and foster that growth. eg. Barry strategy Representing the DV victim, BMCC learning to lobby… you see old is not good it is oppressive.”

Reply to Lundy Bancroft – Change is here, Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Human Rights. July 20, 2013. http:// claudinedombrowski.blog spot. com

As you read Claudine’s delusional letter, it strongly appears that she thought she was able to control Bancroft, and that she was somehow responsible for his success. Those feelings since have transferred to Barry.

Claudine attacks Lundy Bancroft in order to prop up Barry Goldstein – no one in the Mother’s Movement objects to this kind of abusive, and manipulative behavior

See for yourself…

This is how Claudine described Bancroft, at the beginning of the Mother’s Movement, when she supported him: “Then he published more books, does speaking, became our voice, the voice of the beaten, trembling, terrified battered mother..” (Note: There is NO indication that Bancroft wanted or asked for any recognition for his advocacy work for battered women, nor did he ever take credit for being “the voice” of battered women.)

What is Barry Goldstein doing? Publishing books, public speaking and promoting his own ideas on how on legal strategy and related issues in family court. Goldstein is also promoting his books at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC) — which what Claudine says is “profiting off the suffering of mothers”.

What is the difference – Goldstein has Claudine’s support, and he offers Claudine support in return. Goldstein is willing to look the other way when the law is broken by Claudine and the Attack Mothers (AMPP). Goldstein looks the other way when mothers and advocates are victimized, even when it is happening on his own Facebook wall.


Goldstein endorses Claudine’s vision for tearing down the Mother’s Movement because he has a starring role in it.

Claudine Dombrowski is one of Goldstein’s strongest supporters, and on several of Dombrowksi’s attacking blogs, Goldstein is openly promoted by linking his blog, reposting his article or posting his actual photograph. Claudine has created these attack blogs using the names of targeted victims, publishing their personal information (spouse, home address, e-mail, phone number etc) without their consent. On these blogs, Claudine writes vulgar and defamatory articles about the victim–all the while promoting Goldstein on those very sites! Once again, Goldstein shows he is willing to look the other way, and remain silent while an abuser terrorizes her victims.

Barry Goldstein praises Claudine Dombrowski and says it is wrong for Bill Windsor to defend himself against her attacks, even after Claudine threatened Bill’s life

The hate sites are mentioned in Bill Windsor’s affidavit against Claudine, “She stalks and defames a number of local attorneys, doctors, and social workers by setting up websites in their names. Note that she publishes all of their personal information – name, address, phone, email, and more. These websites were set up before she and her organization and associates began stalking me. It demonstrates a pattern and practice of wrongful behavior by DOMBROWSKI…” (see #7,

How can Barry Goldstein ignore what is happening –isn’t he a domestic violence advocate? This is abuse!

Bill Windsor states Claudine Dombrowski’s actions constitute stalking and harassment; Claudine responds by giving him the “middle finger”

ATW noticed a similar pattern of behavior on Goldstein’s Facebook wall—with the worst of attacks happening in the Summer of 2013. Several mothers contacted ATW to complain. Publicly, AMPP supporters were attacking moms and advocates, using obscenities and disgusting language. One AMPP supporter even outed a protective mom using an alias, and revealed her true identity. It seemed that AMPP supporters were hovering over Goldstein’s wall, provoking and looking for an opportunity to attack. Goldstein’s response included the following: Deleting comments of those attempting to defend themselves. Leaving comments up of those abusing or harassing others. Ignoring the actual abuse. Choosing to work with, and alongside the abusers. To this day, Claudine and AMPP Attack Mothers continue to post on Barry’s wall, and share his support.

In response to Lundy Bancroft’s letter to denounce abuse in the Mother’s Movement, and stop working with abusers, it appears that Barry Goldstein’s response is to rally support for Claudine—his statement is then reposted on a hate blog she created to viciously attack and slander PMA International co-founder, Janice Levinson.

http://janicelevinson .blogspot.com/2 013/07/wh eres-evid ence-you-asked. html

Barry Goldstein’s support of Claudine Dombrowksi appears on a hate blog that is filled with profanity, disgusting sexual material, defamation and vicious attacks

Barry refers to Claudine as a “legitimate protective mom”. What is that? Under whose standard is a “legitimate protective mom”… or “legitimate rape”?

Barry goes on to say that “good work and sincere people are doing to reform the broken system..”

If we are to believe Barry then “good work” would include this hate site, created using Levinson’s name in the blog address without her consent. The “sincere people” who created this blog “to reform the broken system” use profanity, verbal abuse, disgusting sexual jokes and pictures, defamation, identity theft and steal artwork from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in their campaign of harassment. This disgusting blog became the platform where Barry’s support of Claudine was showcased. Again, a similar pattern as Barry being promoted on Claudine’s other hate blogs—this has been going on for years.

Barry Goldstein’s support for Claudine Dombrowski appeared on this disgusting hate site where his “friend” Janice Levinson of PMA is being openly attacked and slandered

Barry then uses “victim blaming” – a common tactic of abusers where they denigrate and blame the victim, often stating they are deserving of abuse, in order to avoid responsibility for their actions. Barry uses victim blaming by stating that both Bill Windsor (Lawless America) and Janice Levinson are just misunderstanding Claudine. Barry moves on to attack Windsor by stating the abuse is just a “personal issue” on his part. And even though stating Levinson is a “friend”, Barry similarly attacks her by reaffirming Claudine’s comments Levinson is “undermining” the Mother’s Movement. No Barry—abuse “undermines” the Mother’s Movement, and efforts to protect mothers and children.

Almost a year has passed since this post was created, and published all over the internet, and Barry has done nothing to dispute its content. Clearly, Barry supports Claudine and the AMPP Attack Mothers, and supports abuse by allowing his words to justify their criminal behavior and also by allowing his name and professional work to be used on blogs that are clearly created for stalking and harassment—to intimidate and cause fear not only to its victims, but to other protective moms and domestic violence organizations as well.

In the months that have passed, Windsor presented evidence before a court of law, and petitioned for a protective order against Claudine—which was granted. That is to say, a reasonable person looking at Claudine’s actions—including screenshots of her various hate sites, online attacks, death threats, instances of identity theft and worse views these actions as criminal and threatening. Those who support Claudine, support criminal stalking, defamation and harassment.

Claudine Dombrowski threatens to shoot Bill Windsor – WHY is she supported by Barry Goldstein and the Mother’s Movement?

According to Claudine, the “old” Mother’s Movement “is not good, it is oppressive” and “the movement must change..” Barry Goldstein has followed this need for change, and show strong support of Claudine.

Are these the advocates we are to trust?

And what is the Mother’s Movement changing into??


17 thoughts on “Abusers in the Mother’s Movement Pt 2: Barry Goldstein &AMPP; Claudine Dombrowski

  1. Excellent article. Factual and deeply researched. I have observed this and was confused as to why no one was standing up to Claudine’s abuse except Lundy, PMA and Bill. U opened my eyes to the truth. TY Wolves.


  2. Thank u . Very helpful for old and new protective mothers in the movement. Won’t be following these “advocates” bc they support abusers.


  3. WTF!!!!???? This is bad news for protective mothers! Guess the only groups to join is Lawless and PMA. Lundy has always been my hero anyway.


  4. I love it how the word stalking and cyberstalking gets used so loosely. Seems like anyone who dislikes opposition to their viewpoint calls the other person a stalking, etc. what happened to good old fashion debates? Grow up and take some criticism.


    • Sean; there are so many points we could make to dispute your comment. We will make just a few. But first please re – read all our proof about what Claudine has done to Bill, Janice PMA Lundy and other Professionals and Mothers . This is hard evidence that we did not author. Threatening someone’s life is not an old fashion debate. Neither is stealing someone’s identity. The court charged Claudine with criminal cyberstalking after the judge viewed the plethora amount of evidence Bill had against her. We agree in some situations you might be correct. But this is not one of them, as the evidence shows. See more proof below;

      Criminal Impersonation (Excerpt, Varies by State): Impersonates another using internet, website, social media or electronic means with the intent to obtain a benefit, injure or defraud another…

      Criminal Impersonation can also involve pretending (or misleading others to believe) to be a representative of some person or organization and does an act in such pretended capacity with the intent to obtain a benefit, injure or defraud another…

      A person commits criminal impersonation if he knowingly assumes a false or fictitious identity or capacity and in such identity or capacity he: Commits an act which if done by the person falsely impersonated, might subject the person to an action or special proceeding, civil or criminal, or to liability, charge, forfeiture, or penalty; or
      Commits any other act with the intent to unlawfully gain a benefit, to injure or defraud another.

      State Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment Laws (Excerpt)

      Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, Social Media, Email or other Electronic Communications to stalk, and refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors/actions. Cyberstalking is often considered the most dangerous kind of Internet harassment, because it poses a credible threat of harm. Penalties range from misdemeanor to felony.

      Cyberharassment is harassment but does not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment involves threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or blog entries or websites meant to torment an individual.

      State Statutes on Cyberstalking are included in this link: http://www.ncsl.org/research/telecommunications-and-information-technology/cyberstalking-and-cyberharassment-laws.aspx

      Examples: Claudine Dombrowski going online and impersonating “William M Windsor” on several blogs, many that include articles that falsely accuse Bill Windsor of criminal acts and perverse sexual behavior. These posts are made with the intent to
      damage Windsor’s reputation, credibility and documentary film. On other sites Windsor is threatened with physical harm including threats to shoot Bill, and another posting on Joeyisalittlekid expressing a desire to see Bill raped in prison.

      It should be noted that Barry Goldstein’s articles and web links were often seen next to or within blogs created by Claudine, that engage in impersonation, defamation and vicious false allegations. To date, Goldstein has not made any attempt to separate himself from these blogs or condemn their content. These numerous blogs have been on the internet for many years, and are easy to find.

      Claudine Dombrowski has also gone online, created a blog that represented itself as the supervised visitation facility she used to have visits with her child. The content of this blog included statements that supervised visitation facility is a “child trafficking ring” and is “the murder of motherhood”. Real content, contact information, photos and company logos used from the real supervised visitation facility were used on this fake site. Information about Claudine’s case is also included on this site, and attacking links and articles about those working on her case.

      This is not about having a debate or heated argument between those who disagree, this is about exposing abusers hiding in the Mother’s Movement, pretending to be advocates, while engaging in abusive and criminal behavior.


  5. What’s with ex lawyer Barry Goldstein and those dumb goat comments!? How offensive. Is he saying goats take better care of their kids than us moms do? Is is comparing us mothers to goats? Is is worshiping the devil? Exactly what IS this about. smh, makes no sense. What is it about his JFK dream? Is he saying I am so important JFK talks to me? Is he confusing dreams with reality? Does he think he is JFK?? …….scary


  6. This makes me sick. Mothers deserve better than these fake advocates and fake groups. Barry, Claudine, MOLC,CJE,CPPA are fake, self serving deceivers.


    • Thank u for this website. I’m in michigan. I’m a new “right less” parent trying to speak up in a system where money talks and the poor have no voice. I just found abused swan and parentalrights.org I was ALMOST naive and really didn’t stop to investigate any of the “facts” or background of some of these advocacy groups. I added them/her on my personal Facebook page. It’s good to have the whole story. So thank u again.


    • On behalf of myself I didn’t know what is true and what isn’t. It’s a bit like monkey in the middle. I’m thankful for this site that gives the information and let’s me make my own choice. I’m so very thankful. I just met Maria. I don’t know who or what to believe. I have lots of research to do I guess..


      • jlmulli2692 If your going to have a custodial battle over your children do your research. Follow women that have won their cases not lost and in process belittled and alienated their own children. These children have spoken there truth, and that makes them third party abusers?, No it makes them living witnesses’ to abuse. Be careful of what you do when it comes to your children’s future and make the sure its the right decision’s, hope all works out for you in your endeavor.


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