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Exposing abusers, liars and other mayhem in victim advocacy groups..

Sometimes the arms you fall into, are not the arms that will protect you.. And the hand offering help, is really a talon ready to rip you apart. Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

Sometimes advocates and professionals offering to help victims share the same controlling and abusive behavior as what you are trying to escape. Even worse, many of these groups and individuals hide among legitimate victims. They truly are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who exploit, intimidate and control the victims they claim to defend. These groups get away with their abusive behavior because people are too afraid to speak out, those who do are often bullied, harassed, stalked & threatened. So those really needing the help are treated with suspicion or contempt because the outrageous actions of these select individuals/groups casts a negative shadow on everyone.

Among the Wolves is created to expose these abusive groups and individuals by showing evidence of their actions, and publicly voicing complaints. We hope that with evidence, and public outcry, these acts of abuse will be investigated, and those behind these attacks will be held accountable. There is no room for abusers in victim advocacy groups.

Our research and posts are the truth backed up with documented facts. ( please read “ATW intention and purpose; a response to a readers comment.”)
A.T.W simply gathers facts backed up with documented proof and present it to our readers. All our readers are invited to submit any official documentation to dispute or support our research. We are not responsible for others’ actions or lack thereof.

You are welcome to post your thoughts, however any comment that is abusive, uses profanity or hate speech, or slanders another individual/group will be promptly deleted.

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  1. Here is the problem you face in all of this — Victims of domestic violence and abuse who lose custodial rights to their “abusers” (many times via a corrupted custody process) in most instances have also been victims of Abuse-By-Proxy (using 3rd parties to deliberately destabilize another person’s life). These actions are nothing short of “aiding and abetting in the commission of domestic violence and abuse”. The first goal of Abuse-By-Proxy is to get the “targeted individual” locked into a “legal definition” (via filing false reports with law enforcement, and perjury for the sole purpose of obtaining a restraining order, CPS, and vicious rumor spreading) and/or mental health definition (through same processes). Once this is successfully accomplished and “legally documented” (albeit totally on a deceitful/perjured basis), the “abuser” and supporters then build their case further upon this initial deceipt perpetrated upon all the state-empowered agents who become involved in the unfolding legal-fraud process. This is the initial goal of Abuse-By-Proxy game play. Once this initial coup d’tat is accomplished — and that is what it is in a literal sense because of the fraud the initial action was based on — three objectives are attained by the “abuser”: (1) Legal sanctification for their standing; (2) Complete obscuration of the fact that the targeted victims Constitutional and Civil Rights were initially violated by the “abuser” in coming to this “legal victory”, and (3) Complete burying of the fact that there was VIOLATIVE BEHAVIOR (rule-breaking) ON THE PART OF THE ABUSER. Consequently, they are never held accountable for their actions and they continue to abuse — if not the mom, then it will be the children.

    Mothers that you are “trashing” here most likely have been victimized in this fashion, and you victimize them further. I personally witnessed close to five hours of cyber bullying by someone last Friday night on a Court Watch Event on Facebook that was IN SUPPORT OF A MOTHER for whom the event was held. Obviously, you support these people (Sarah Tyrrell and Sarah Crocker and crew). That you are a party to their agenda to destroy another women’s life, by posting their amped up hate campaign rhetoric — at a time when this particular abusive judge in this case is being put under judicial scrutiny due to his actions in same — leaves many women wondering exactly what purpose Among The Wolves serves. Here is an example of the kind of terror Sarah Tyrrell (who lives in Ireland, by the way) and company trash the web with when anyone dares to speak in support of someone they have set their sites on to destroy. Please note the characteristic narcissistic communication pattern so aptly demonstrated here (person they were Twittering with finally gives up and states “Okay….I’m the bad guy”) Bet a lot of women reading this have been in the same situation numerous times (abusive personality types inject themselves into a situation, cause conflict for which there is no rational basis, then turn the whole thing around and blame it on the innocent bystander). http://hawkeyeallies.livejournal.com/1748.html.

    Due to all of the reasons stated above, a lot of women are left wondering, who really is the wolf hiding under a sheep skin?


    • Thank you for your comment.
      We at A.T.W are very well aware of the problems faced by moms along with the dynamics of family court and D.V victims. We are also aware of abuse-by-proxy and the damage caused by this type of abuse. We understand many changes need to be made in family court in order to protect the children and their mothers. We take great pains to thoroughly research documented proof before we post information. We post proof in the form of official public court documents,public police records or screen shots that show a statement made in our subject’s own words.We also note sequence of events to further stay true to the truth as we do not want to take an event out of context,which might be confusing and deceiving. We present the truth with proof to back it up and let the reader decide. We are not gender bias. Just because a advocate/ mom says something does not make it so. Occasionally, a self-proclaimed victim’s advocate and DV “expert” is really an abuser and bully in disguise. We are not blind to the truth, backed up with documented proof because of a person’s gender. We research and provide the proof. We are simply seeking the truth ,regardless of gender, and presenting the documented proof to the readers.
      This is not cyber- bullying,or “trashing”- this is factual reporting. In fact some moms exposed on our site have been cyber- bullying innocent victims ( including other moms) in the most vicious ways, on various internet sites for many years.

      We specifically stated we do not necessarily endorse other sites referenced,that post similar information on matters A.T.W has researched see below:

      “Examples of some collateral information that was made public before this blog was published, this is presented in the interest of truth; these are not endorsements of any kind.”

      Although our research did back up the raw facts posted on these sites.

      You stated:
      ..”leaves many women wondering exactly what purpose Among The Wolves serves.”

      Our purpose is to expose liars and abusers within victim advocacy organizations. Sadly some mothers’ are abusers, some mothers’ misrepresent themselves, some mothers suffer from personality disorders. Again we are not gender bias. Hopefully our blog will protect the honest ,sincere mother from seeking counsel from a fake advocate/ abuser mother, who may potentially hurt her , her case, and therefore her children . Our intention is to prevent the honest mother – truly being victimized by family court- from being re victimized, saving herself and her children from experiencing even more pain and heartache.


      • Hawkeye. I stick up for the REAL victims. And YOU are a fine one to talk about cyber bullying. I speak out against TWO women who I KNOW to be liars and that is Lori Handrahan and Maria Melinn. I am on their kids side.Where THEY should be. Why don’t you go and read what life was REALLY like for Marias kids growing up instead of swallowing whatever she feeds you? Or do the kids not matter to you?
        As for Lori Handrahan. Well she has left the most disgusting digital footprint about her own child that will follow that girl around for THE REST OF HER LIFE. .Schoolmates, , parents of schoolmates, it will follow her to high school, college & beyond and for what???
        ‘Cos her mother (who was diagnosed with SEVERE NPD) wanted to get revenge on a man for leaving her??? And you are ok with that??

        Corruption exists yes. .But you need to research THOROUGHLY all who claim corruption.

        If speaking out against Lori & Maria in defense of their children’s right not to be exploited and used as tools makes be a “bully” then , so be it.



      • http://www.slideshare.net/ForTheLoveOfMila/kabacoff-testimony-part-
        I also like to back up statements with fact and truth so above is Dr.Kabacoff testifying Lori is “the worst case of NPD I have ever seen)

        Note : Dr Kabacoff was CHOSEN by LORI.

        And below are the federal findings of fact


        As the author of this blog said “saying something doesn’t make it so” or words to that effect.

        Not everything is a conspiracy.


  2. Hawkeye –

    Since you have chosen to bring my group directly into this blog posting, I feel that I have well earned the right to respond to some of your contrived commentaries.

    You said: “I personally witnessed close to five hours of cyber bullying by someone last Friday night on a Court Watch Event on Facebook that was IN SUPPORT OF A MOTHER for whom the event was held. Obviously, you support these people (Sarah Tyrrell and Sarah Crocker and crew). That you are a party to their agenda to destroy another women’s life, by posting their amped up hate campaign rhetoric — at a time when this particular abusive judge in this case is being put under judicial scrutiny due to his actions in same — leaves many women wondering exactly what purpose Among The Wolves serves.

    Actually, you did not witness nearly 5 hours of “cyber bullying [sic]” by members of my group of amazing child abuse advocates and mothers. Sarah Crocker is not now, nor ever has been, part of our group. Many comments, if you recall, made by Crocker I personally disputed as they were as extreme and obtuse as your own. The bulk of this conversation, which I excused myself from due to the extremely childish “na-na-na-na-boo-boo” tone it had taken on – between yourself and Crocker – were posts by you commenting on how much trouble Crocker was going to get into by FB, and then her responding the same to you. There was no intellectual discourse to be had, as it requires two reasonable minds to interact in order for this exchange to occur. You, Hawkeye, are so full of hatred for men and the courts, that your mind as well as your arguments lack the ability to reason.

    The fact is, that my group takes on numerous advocacy cases. Some are involving just a child, and the prosecution of their abuser. Some involve abusive fathers to whom the courts have blindly handed off custody of the children to. And yes, some involve mothers that so pervert the truth that they appear to be the victim, when in fact, they are the abuser. Such is the case of both Lori Handrahan and Maria Melinn.

    My group long ago established very stringent standards upon which we will advocate for a father or mother embroiled in a custody dispute. First, we do not take on a case on the “word” of the person asking for our assistance. They must provide us very specific, verifiable documentation: police reports, court transcripts, CPS reports, counseling reports, medical records. We require carte blanche access to nearly every corner of the requesting parent’s lives and make it very clear from the get go: Lie to us about anything, no matter how minor, and we will not assist. Period. After we receive the material, we then go through everything with a fine tooth comb, and discuss at length the needs of this particular family and whether or not this is a project we are willing… or should…take on.

    We, contrary to what you allege, do not take on these cases because we derive some kind of freakish pleasure from doing so. We take them on for two reasons: 1) The danger the offending parent represents to a child emotionally, sexually, or physically; and, 2) The impact that false accusers have on mothers and fathers trying desperately to save their child that are met with suspicion of judges that have witnessed or heard of one too many false accuser.

    The suicide of Michael Melinn certainly meets the first criteria, as does the current emotional toll Maria’s false allegations and actual emotional abuse & neglect. Her two oldest living children are humiliated daily by her false claims about them, their family, their brother. She has made them her unwilling victims in her quest for attention. Isaiah, certainly, is a huge concern, as she has coached him into making false statements about his father, and tries to convince him whenever he visits that he and his siblings have been abused, but he simply does not recall. Michael had only one wish the day that he died: that he, his siblings and his family be free from Maria’s unrelenting abuse and false allegations. We chose to honor that wish.

    By the same token, yes, we continue to stand up and be a voice against Lori Handrahan, who has placed her now 6 year old daughter at great risk by posting her pictures, address, etc on the internet while falsely claiming she is sexually groomed, ripe for the picking of any pedophile. Additionally, Lori has been substantiated for abusing Mila, and has forced the little girl to face unending, invasive medical tests in her personal quest for attention. Yet, we also stand up against and have exposed Crocker in CA for what he is: a pedophile who is molesting his twin daughters on a regular basis, with the blessing of the court and CPS as he has deep family ties in both and a big bank account to line the pockets of the rest.

    Secondly, and the importance of this cannot be minimized, parents and most importantly CHILDREN are paying every day for the actions of false accusers such as Melinn and Handrahan. The Green children’s judge actually proclaimed, in court transcript, that the emotional damage of molestation is not as bad as the emotional toll of parents fighting. Really? Professionals world wide will dispute that, given the mother is fighting for her children’s emotional and physical health. Judges that proclaim PAS is real and alive, because of people like Melinn and Handrahan, place children directly into the hands of their abuser each and every day. And some of these children have and WILL die. The price of the lies told by these false accusers that see their claims as their right to “fame,” “attention,” “admiration”, and if Maria Melinn Bauer had her way, a paycheck, is far, far too high.

    So, Hawkeye, while you continue to shove your head in the sand and believe in your narrow minded, gender biased, man hating sole that men are the epitome of evil simply for having a Y chromosome, we will continue to recognize the truth and fight for the children. Abusers and false accusers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and genders. And we will continue to fight against them – vehemently, passionately – because that is what these children deserve.


  3. Weird that SarahTyrell apparently thinks she is THE voice of all children worldwide (even children who have died). I wouldn’t consider speaking against any Mom or Dad in Ireland who have lost a child. It is quite presumptive and violently boundary-crossing. Sweep around your own front porch before you sweep around anothers. If we are not directly involved (a family member, family pastor, trusted lawyer, concerned competent psychologist, etc) of Maria or Lori then we have no business criticizing or speaking against them at all. We are on the earth to help people. None is perfect, so forgive those around you before it is too late. I have tussled on facebook with Sarah Tyrell and found her to be quite engaging at first, fairly logical, but eventually violent and hateful. I forgive her for that but hope she learns to love, to look after her own children firstly and only without looking a bit at anyone elses. I hope she will ask for forgiveness from Lori and Maria. I ask for any forgiveness for hurt feelings by Sarah as sometimes my joking gets out of hand… May peace and love encompass all who read this, especially Sarah Tyrell.


    • Hateful and violent? LOL..Did I cyber slap you or something? I imagine I just got tired of your (whoever you are) ignorance is the face of hard evidence.I doubt I got nasty,
      unless you did. Please post my hateful messages to you….We are ALL the voices for children, should be anyway… I advocate for justice for children who have been murdered too..Should I stop? Is that none of my business? As for forgiveness from child abusers like Lori & Maria. …No thanks. “No business criticising or speaking against them’ Actually, their public posting of their “stories” all over the public domain that is the web, means that yes, I do have a right to speak out against them. And will continue to do so.


  4. It’s unfortunate that none of you understand the dynamics of Abuse-By-Proxy and the myriad of forms this takes place in, as demonstrated in your own comments, and the FACT that many of the ORDERS OF THE COURT you so flagrantly tout bashing other mothers, were accomplished through a process of legal fraud via Abuse-By-Proxy. Let me state for the record, I too recognize that women can and do use Abuse-By-Proxy against men in the same fashion (particularly when significant assets are at stake in custody/divorce), so I’m confused by the gender-biased comment(s) made against myself (as above from StopAbuse@05/05/13@2:34am). “So, Hawkeye, while you continue to shove your head in the sand and believe in your narrow minded, gender biased, man hating sole that men are the epitome of evil simply for having a Y chromosome…” That’s quite a huge presumption on the writer’s part. I personally have advocated on social media for men, abused similarly, just within the past year. So, check your facts and check my TwitFeed dating back to Jan-Feb 2012 (as well as YouTube.Com). Sure raises some serious concerns on this end regarding the extent to which StopAbuse really does do “fact checking” in these cases, not to mention the complete misunderstanding/misrepresentation of the nature, form and resultant outcomes of Abuse-By-Proxy over long periods of time. Furthermore, you should all be aware, as I critiqued in this blog posting, regarding an invalid diagnosis of NPD and why it was invalid in the setting of DVA/custody issues (see this —> http://hawkeyeallies.livejournal.com/1087.html), the National Institute of Mental Health is dumping the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual-IV(V) as “bible of defined diagnostic criteria” bases in all future funded psychiatric research for EXACTLY THE REASON MY CRITIQUE IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE IS BASED ON. See this —>

    Once again, as aptly demonstrated in StopAbuse’s comments directly solely at me — they bash another woman simply because she happens to have a “different take” on what it is they are REALLY DOING in terms of “?-advocacy-?” — which lacks a complete understanding of the nature of legal fraud you are dealing with (and how this gets accomplished) in your own stated “cause”. It is due to this fundamental problem that your effectiveness in addressing the issue of “corrupted family courts” is woefully inadequate for accomplishing your goals.

    CC: Bill Windsor
    Lawless America Ohio


    • Blah Blah Blah Laura. You are so obsessed with the corrupt court crap, that you are IGNORING the kids voices …How dare you denigrate their experiences at the hands of Maria and make this about court issues.? You have your own agenda. ..And wanting what is best for the children isn’t part of it.

      As for your invalid diagnosis BS re Lori…She was assesed by a psych of hrr own choosing. Can’t say fairer then that. ..And that psych wasn’t the first or last to address Loris mental health “problems” see http://www.savingmila.com


      • Can’t fix ignorance Sarah — How do you think the kids ended up in the position they are in. It’s not to denigrate the children’s experiences — it is to identify the root cause of a situation that evolves over time.


    • Laura aka Hawkeye –

      Once more, borrowing from the age old saying, you have stuck your foot in your mouth. In your commentary you make many assumptions about me, my research, or even my knowledge. You assume that my understanding of abuse-by-proxy, NPD and the current debate surrounding the DSM is either absent or limited. Such assumptions highlight why so little weight it given to you and your opinions, as they are quite easily negated.

      Let’s address abuse-by-proxy in terms of one of your favored false accusers: Lori Handrahan. What are some of the earmarks of abuse by proxy? As the victim becomes stronger, the abuser begins utilizing other people and authority figures in an advantageous manner in order to gain more control over the victim. Within the context of marriage and divorce this often includes threats to have the victim diagnosed with a mental disorder, committed to a mental hospital and/or utilizing the police & the courts in a manner that exhorts your control over the victim. Let’s assess how Handrahan fares under this scheme: When Igor begins to stand up to her and demand a more equal voice in how they live, where they live, how they raise their child, Handrahan attempts to have him diagnosed as being mentally ill, numerous times (see http://www.savingmila.com/milas-story-9), while also trying to have him committed, both against his will and also through an ill-fated attempt at emotional extortion (see still http://www.savingmila.com/milas-story-9). This, btw, is contrary to what happened to Handrahan – who was diagnosed as mentally ill – as she insisted that they be assessed and SHE CHOSE Kabacoff. Then, after Igor has filed for divorce and called a halt to his abuse at Handrahan’s claims, she begins utilizing the courts, DHHS and the police in yet another attempt to exert her authority over her victim filing false complaints against him, each time he dares to, in her eyes, defy him, by asking for more time with Mila (see http://www.savingmila.com/milas-story-12, http://www.savingmila.com/milas-story-21, among many others). Yet again, this runs contrary to Handrahan’s experience as Igor has never utilized DHHS, the police or the courts to victimize her – she actually got caught in the web SHE spun. Utilizing the first three criteria of abuse by proxy? Done, done and done, by Handrahan against her victim, Igor). Utilizing others to create a cruel campaign against the victim, meant to victimize them even more. Hello, internet campaign by Handrahan. Igor has not spoken a word about Handrahan outside of the courtroom, where he is under oath. Done. Then of course there is the manipulation of family against the victim. Given Mila is the only family within close physical proximity, Handrahan certainly did her best to manipulate Mila to make false claims against Igor — until Mila, a child wise and intelligent beyond her years – began to speak up and say “my daddy doesn’t do these things, my mommy only tells me to say he does.” Igor does not speak negatively about Handrahan to Mila, but DOES listen to HER feelings about Handrahan, which are, BTW, FEAR. Done. Certainly, each and every one of the 5 criterion for abuse by proxy have been utilized by Handrahan against Igor. Are we clear, then, that I have a demonstrable knowledge of abuse by proxy, how the abuser utilizes it against the victim? Good, now let’s move on to your next improper assumption.

      The reduction of 10 personality disorders into 5 diagnostic “buckets” with the publication of the DSM V, due for release this month, has been debated and argued about in the psychological community for more than two years now. Although NPD will no longer be considered a disorder of its own, it will be enveloped into the broader Antisocial/Psychopathic type although it will also be echoed in the Borderline type as well. Personally, when one takes the time to analyze the behavior patterns and psycho-social history of both Handrahan and Melinn, this decision is favorable, in my eyes, as we have long considered both of these women, their behaviors, their histories, to fall within these diagnostic ranges anyway.

      While you try to oversimplify the issue of NPD in the custody setting by simply brushing over it with that sweeping statement, let me point out that the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association are both very highly political organizations that are often controlled by lobbyists, much like our congress. In fact, the APA has been continually criticized for its male-bashing and blatant sexism of its Division 35, the Society for the Psychology of Women. Yet, while people such as yourself currently cheer that NPD will be eliminated, mark my words, you will shortly begin yammering and hammering about how women are unfairly being diagnosed with Antisocial and Borderline types of personality even though they only meet x of y criterion. But that is the new reality, one created by pressure groups that women are unfairly represented in certain diagnoses.

      Finally, there is also a current debate going on about how to truly diagnose a psychiatric illness. The current prototype model, which utilizes symptoms/test findings that are matched up the guidelines, is the focus of a demand for change, with many professionals seeking a more multi-systemic system of diagnosis that includes the individuals family histories, biology, culture, and current symptomology. Unfortunately for you, “Hawkeye”, neither of the women that you so vehemently and obtusely support would fair well under this form of diagnoses. Maria has a long history of failed relationships in which ex-mates describe her as “crazy,” her demonstrated history of wanting handouts (refusal to work, reliance on welfare/alimony/child support, her history of sexual promiscuity (DNA test anyone?, dating sites, webcams she utilizes to disrobe for strangers in front of), her history of violating the law (running over ex with a car, larceny), distorting past events to serve her purposes, all play against her. Additionally, her long, documented history of abusive/neglectful behavior towards her children (which existed PRIOR TO finalization of divorce), use of authority figures (police) to control her victims (Michael), and the dynamics of her own biological family (where she is considered the “best” of all her siblings, and let us tell you THAT is a prize biological pool there), also work against her.

      Thus, while you celebrate the elimination disorders such as NPD from the DSM V, remember this: We won’t tolerate your whining when these false accusers are found more and more to be what they actually are: borderline personalities or antisocial personalities. In the meantime, might I suggest that prior to attempting to assume that you know what your “opponent” does or does not know….do your research. Had you done your due diligence in research on Handrahan and Melinn, you would not continually present yourself as a blind follower incapable of reading police reports, custody assessments, and the children’s own words. Had you done your due diligence, you would not have attempted to engage in this most recent discourse, as you would be aware of the many degrees held by this group, among them concentrations in forensic psychology and psychology. Had you done your due diligence, as we have – which is how we know exactly who you are, Laura – then you would have known attempting to traverse this specific path would have resulted in us obliterating your attempt to seem knowledgeable.

      Please, do continue supporting Melinn and Handrahan, as you only help the public see all the more quickly, exactly how disturbed these two abusers are, and why, they are, in fact, the abusers, NOT the victims.


      • @StopAbuse | May 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm — “Had you done your due diligence, as we have – which is how we know exactly who you are, Laura – then you would have known attempting to traverse this specific path would have resulted in us obliterating your attempt to seem knowledgeable”.

        StopAbuse throws the words “due diligence” around, but does not adhere to its own rules of establishment. Let’s put this FALSEHOOD being continually touted by StopAbuse to rest once and for all so we can TRULY STOP ABUSE FROM BLATANTLY LYING IN PUBLIC ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S SITUATIONS — this continual insistence that I am Lori Handrahan is an INTENTIONAL LIE.

        Not sure what you consider “due diligence” to encompass, but if you had done one simple step in this process — like check The HawkEye facebook page (see Twitter header TheScoopHere_NV@Twitter.com), it would be readily apparent to you — as it is to others, that I am not Lori Handrahan.

        So readers, please take this example to heart. Apparently, they don’t even know what “due diligence” is, yet they keep backing up their claims in destroying other women, by insisting they have done “due diligence” in these cases.

        By the way, just to let you know, I also work a part-time job as Santa Clause.


  5. Would someone please explain to your readers, where this blog actually is being administered from for the sake of TRANSPARENCY. Right now by EST it is 10:31 am. My posting (above) was just done 5 minutes prior and it shows a posted time of 2:28 pm — It leads me (as well as others) to question where this blog is originating from, as by the time stamps for posting, it is NOT WITHIN THE UNITED STATES BORDERS.


    • HawkEye thank you for your inquiry, it seems you have put a lot of thought into the articles and research presented on A.T.W.

      We appreciate your curiosity and hope you focus it in a more productive direction. The importance of where this blog is administered from cannot compare to the critical issues domestic violence victims, and their children, are facing in family court every day. Their life and death struggles are compounded by the fake, self centered and publicity seeking abusers pretending to be “protective moms”. These fake, publicity seeking mothers (who often have personality traits of abusers) are aggressively shoving their way to the front of the Mother’s Movement for their own selfish purposes, and are stifling the voices that really need to be heard. And these voices, along with their childrens’ voices, continued to be denied justice.

      A.T.W. thinks that is more important than where this blog is being administered from, don’t you?


      • It is not “curiosity” that brings me here — once again, another huge presumption on your part. I stand by my comments, specifically directed at StopAbuse. What you are doing here is not productive, nor effective, in addressing the nature of issues within family court justice and what needs to take place in order to change it. Furthermore, there is a whole army of others behind me who take the same position. If you truly had full understanding of the nature of the phenomena you are dealing with (and it is NOT being a “protective mother”) , you would readily see and be forthcoming in terms of transparency in where this Among The Wolves Blog is being administered from. The fact that you dance around this issue serves to provide additional credence to not only my position (as previously stated), but the position of many others who see what you are doing in the same light — doing more damage than good to those who have already been victimized, consequently not addressing the real problem that is sitting right in front of you and only exacerbating it.

        Just for the record, would you mind explaining to me exactly what your understanding of Abuse-By-Proxy processes is and how this can manifest in domestic violence and abuse situations that are embedded in divorce/custody issues — I believe this is where the road forks and we take different paths. Looking forward to your response.


    • Hawkeye, as Mr. Watchman likes to stick with facts, it is apparent that the most likely place he emanates from is ICELAND, as they are in the Z-1 time zone. So we have an Irish woman and an Icelandic man trying to down a couple of our fellow Americans… And I thought the Icelanders were the happiest people on the planet, according to the latest factual statistics.


      • Unless of course, he is playing a shuffle game with the IP addresses, falsely using the Z-1 time zone….. If so, how can anyone trust that what he says is truthful if he is lying about his location? Seems he is hiding something – hard to trust someone that lives in Iceland concerning DV in America.


      • LOL…Now at least we see how these people arrive at their (misguided) conclusions.
        Q : “How can we believe what this blog has to say” A : This blog didn’t author police records, CPS reports, children’s statements.

        Also, on FB I’ve been accused by Melinn and Hawkeye of running this blog.Despite it existing before I’d even heard of Maria Melinn.

        Supersleuths they ain’t.


      • Correct. We did not and do not author the public proof. This is why we keep saying we present the truth with proof to back it up. We also do not author the vicious cyber bullying and libel against certain advocates, professionals and groups. We simply present the public proof showing the bullies’ handiwork.


  6. Amen, Watchman!

    It seems that those vehemently defending the false accusers are always focused on where an opponent is located, who they are, what their pedigree is, and of trying to find some connection between advocates and those they advocate for when there is none.

    My group, specifically, are very vocal in our opposition to false accusers muting the voices of those that are truly being victimized by a broken system. A system that was once far too prone on yanking children from their homes is now prone to leaving them there to languish, suffer and die. A system that once awarded PRIMARILY mothers custody by virtue of them being the primary parent, is now so barraged with the antics of false accusers, that women who should have custody of their children are on their knees begging for their return. There are cases, such as the one taking place in Del Norte County right at this moment, where children remain with their abusive, molesting father, while the mother’s screams for help go unheard by a truly corrupt system.

    People need to start doing their research before supporting and individual simply because they scream the loudest, because in doing so they are not hearing the whispers of thousands of parents that are being victimized by the system because their voices are not being heard!


      • What a hippocrite you are C. Watchman … that’s all you have done throughout this blog is violate other’s privacy … of course, being the wolf in sheep’s clothing … you lure these women in promising “?-advocacy-?” and you destroy them and their relationships with their children, as well as their perceived “public persona”. Everything you post here is a violation of privacy. Now, C. Watchman will respond: “These women came to us for help.”


      • 1) “all you have done throughout this blog is violate other’s privacy ..”

        A.T.W. RESPONSE: The information presented on A.T.W. can be found in the public domain, or is a result of reader tips (which are then researched and verified).

        Some of research we have stumbled upon includes information from our subjects’ own words, which they have decided publicly post. When a subject decides to publicly post personal information about themselves or their families, they are assuming all responsibility and risk for what they reveal. When the subject puts their information in the public domain, or online, they are consciously making the decision to draw attention to their lives, and thereby giving up their privacy.

        A.T.W. diligently works to preserve the privacy and safety of children involved in these situations–even if their parent chooses not to.

        2) “..you lure these women in promising “?-advocacy-?”

        A.T.W. RESPONSE: A.T.W. does not offer advocacy or support services, nor do we represent victims or personal cases.
        We are investigative journalists.

        3) “..you destroy them and their relationships with their children, as well as their perceived “public persona”

        A.T.W. RESPONSE: Once again, we gather information that is in the public domain; including information the subject has decided to reveal publicly.

        When a subject decides to publicly post personal information about themselves or their families, they are assuming all responsibility and risk for what they reveal. When the subject puts their information in the public domain, or online, they are consciously making the decision to draw attention to their lives, and thereby giving up their privacy.

        Respectfully, Among the Wolves


    • As is Stop Abuse waiting on yours.

      But you only like to engage those you feel you can browbeat and bully ..Come up against someone like stop abuse and your limited intelligence and inability to debate effectively shows.


  7. 7)If Lori H. and Maria B. Melinn are lying then the truth would bear out and you would not have to try to convince others of “your” perceived truth. You obviously see both of them as threats to your manhood (my opinion and insight).

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:34 am
    FACTS (see above).

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:33 am
    81% of all physical violence witnessed by children in the American home today are perpetrated by MEN.

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:32 am
    99% of all sexual offenders in jail are MEN.

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:31 am
    The fact that sarah tyrell is illegitimately using lori h.’s profile pic and name shows that she is acting like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:29 am
    If someone is going to create a blog, I would hope that he is an expert in the subject matter at hand, or at least has experience in said topic… Try letting a monkey be your pilot the next time you fly on an aircraft (ps. Evolution is a fallacy).

    Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 5:26 am
    C. Watchman, Where are the MEN that have falsely accused mothers on your blog? I am questioning your intents and motives, not your “proof”.

    (A compilation of recent comments from Papsutter)


    • Thank you Mr. Waterman for giving me my own sandbox of comments. Only the creative above average seekers shall surely see the seamless synchronicity of supercoherance.


    • In response to papsutter aka Jay Sutter’s erroneous information (as usual) as posted above.

      7) The FACTS and documentation do bear out that both Melinn and Handrahan are narcissistic, malicious false accusers, who also both happy to be guilty of child neglect and/or child abuse. We do not aim to “convince” people, as you and your minions do. That would imply that what we present is dishonest; you and your minions attempt to CONVINCE people that your stories are factual – not to mention that we have some futuristic devices on sites on that capture people’s information by sheer virtue of signing on to a website (hardly). We present the FACTS to the public, and in the end, the public makes certain the TRUTH is seen. To wit: http://cyberwarzone.com/lori-handrahan-updated-creating-fake-anonymous-accounts

      6) FACTS (Jay, I have spoken to you about nonsense posts before. Please be certain that when you state “refer to above” that there is actually something WITHIN your post to refer to).

      5) Your statistics, which I have very patiently explained to you in the past, are not only not factual but skewed, mean nothing in terms of individual experiences. FACT: The Melinn children never witnessed their father being abusive towards their mother. FACT: The Melinn children watched their mother hit their father with her car, intentionally. To wit, http://www.michaelswish.com/michaels-story-page-5 which includes a copy of the police report.

      4) Once again, presenting skewed facts, Jay, Tsk. 7% of all people arrested for sexual offenses each year are women; 27% of all juveniles arrested for sexual offenses each year are female. To wit, http://dioceseofbmt.org/safeenvironment/content/parenttraining/ParentTraining55.pdf. Once again, let me remind you, to present full facts rather than the skewed ones you favor. While men are, quite obviously overrepresented in sexual offenses, this does not mean — as your brain always skitters to — that any male accused of a sexual offense has committed one.

      3) Tsk. She utilizes the child abusing, false accuser’s pictures, because it is tied to a blog about false accusers. Just kind of happens that when you have a wordpress bog and post on wordpress that is the picture it uses. Sarah is anything but a wolf in sheep’s clothing – she is all out there, 24 hours a day, 365 (or 366) days a year.

      2) Yet another imbecilic remark by you, Jay and quite ironic, as you are trying to present EVERYWHERE on the web that you are an expert when it comes to “facts” pertaining to abuse and sexual assaults. The FACTS are that Sarah has had substantial training in domestic violence and volunteers a goodly portion of her time in Ireland fighting for the rights of children. We, of course, publicly present who WE are, which is found here http://www.savingmila.com/letter-to-lori

      1) So far, my group – making sure to point out that ATW is NOT our group – have yet to run into a false accuser on the web. If you find one, please let us know. And if documentation supports that the male in question is a false accuser who is utilizing the www as a tool to further victimize his ex-partner and CHILDREN,we will be more than happy to go after HIM as well.


    • The truth HAS come out.
      We are TRYING to stop them exploiting their children. What part of that don’t you get?
      And YOU Mr. Sutter are creepy the way you ingratiate yourself amongst these women who claim to be vulnerable victims.
      After your behaviour at last years BMCC now I understand your motives. Tsk.


    • @papsutter 05/15/13@5:58am — Some things to note here: (1) How is that
      StopAbuse | May 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm Laura aka Hawkeye – appears PRIOR TO the post I made HawkEye (@TheScoopHere_NV) | May 14, 2013 at 3:04 pm — when it NEVER EVEN EXISTED AT THE TIME I MADE MY POSTING (as above). They are editing the flow of the thread for their own purposes. So much for INTEGRITY OF INTENT and you hit the nail right on the head here. (2) Sarah Tyrrell seems to paint anyone with a different position than her own with “And YOU Mr. Sutter are creepy the way you ingratiate yourself amongst these women who claim to be vulnerable victims”…somehow there is something wrong with us when we support a different position — in her vileness she has lodged the exact same statement at myself. Hallmark of Abuse-By-Proxy, the targeted victim does not even have the civil right to have supporters (1st grounding step of Abuse-By-Proxy-violates civil rights in an egregious manner and then obfuscates this violation — just like DVA — as it unfolds and builds upon it’s own manufactured events). When supporters of the women you are literally “trashing publicly” take a stand against you —- YOU START ATTACKING THAT INDIVIDUAL — NOT THE ISSUES —- THE INDIVIDUAL. All of this completely discredits your work.

      I particularly find it humerous that all the wolves covering themselves in sheepskin here continue to falsely believe (for their own POLITICAL PURPOSES) that I am Lori Handrahan — which is NOT THE CASE. So, let’s put another publicly stated [FACT] to the trash can …. actually what needs to be done with this blog. In terms of StopAbuse | May 14, 2013 at 4:21 pm — aptly demonstrates that you do not have an understanding of Abuse-By-Proxy, it’s nature and processes. In fact, you mis-state for your own purposes actual chronological events in the Handrahan case and toss in a whole lot of irrelevant information that is not germane to the issues at hand.

      Just to let you know and be right up front about it, in my own social media campaign I will continue to advise women who are victims of DVA and embedded in custody/divorce issues within the courts to avoid your “?-advocacy-?” group like a sexually transmitted disease — that’s what you are — toxic as “Typhoid Mary”.


      • A.T.W. NOTE:

        1) From this point forward, due to A.T.W’s sharp increase in readership and followers along with the overwhelming number of comments on our posts, A.T.W regrets to inform our readers, that we cannot always give personal replies to each comment submitted. We will do our best to respond but it is not always possible. Thank you for your feedback.

        2) Respectful discussion and debate of ideas and philosophies are encouraged on the blog.

        However, if we feel a comment has reached a level of attack, insult, libel, vulgarity, name calling or other abusive behaviors, the comment will not be posted.

        If you want to be heard, keep your comment respectful and professional. A.T.W. does encourage reader tips, and will accept additional information you wish to provide that would either support our posts, or refute our posts.


      • Gee Hawk – Intelligence would say it is likely based on when the comment, which always awaits the owner’s permission to post it, was approved for posting. See, your logic does not work, because I could not have hit “Reply” TO YOUR POST, as I did, if it did not, in fact, exist until after I posted. Are you following the undeniable logic in that argument. In fact, you are using this blatantly manipulative approach on TWO different blogs, meant to make people believe that remarks are being censored to keep YOUR truth from coming out. To wit:

        “HawkEye (@TheScoopHere_NV), on May 14, 2013 at 8:31 pm said:
        Gee, what happened to my post that preceeded Sarah Tyrrell’s (as above), you know … it reflected on StopAbuse stated as: ‘Awwww Hawk… I mean Laura….I mean Hawk…I mean whoever the hell you pretend to be on any given day.'” (http://freemenow.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/family-law-judge-sentences-disabled-mother-to-21-days-in-jail/#comments)

        Just like you try to sell this falsehood that people are manipulating your posts (you are not as important as you think you are, so I don’t think anyone can be bothered to waste their time), you also tried to sell another bill of goods recently, telling everyone and anyone, do not respond, stay quiet…. this is what will make the gang bangers and “inbred” go away. Do you recall this post?

        “HawkEye (@TheScoopHere_NV), on May 14, 2013 at 11:54 am said:
        This is what needs to happen here –> DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THE LIKES OF HANNY — SARAH TYRELL — AND GANG-BANGERS. Let them toss their trash all over the internet and see what happens. When it comes down to dialogue and exchanges, it will end up that they are the only ones engaging themselves — then it becomes like INBREEDING — what happens when you have INBREEDING? You get DEFECTIVE OUTCOMES. Let’s just sit back and watch what shape the deformed product becomes. What will hang the likes of Sarah Tyrrell is all those presumptions she makes about people that are slanderous in nature (like towards me and what she thinks my custody situation is — so off the mark completely — Tyrell ends up trashing herself in the end). So folks, all you people supporting Maria Baeur Melinn — DON’T ENGAGE WITH THESE FOLKS ANY MORE. Time to sit back, grab some popcorn, watch and wait for the INBRED DEFORMED DIALOGUE TO SUFFOCATE ITSELF BY IT’S OWN HANDS. Should be anytime now.” (also found on http://freemenow.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/family-law-judge-sentences-disabled-mother-to-21-days-in-jail/#comments)

        Yet, even as you attempt to command people to be silent, be still, be silent, be still …. oops, so sorry, I accidentally slipped into a “She’s All That” moment…. I mean to, essentially, shut up, apparently you consider yourself exempt from it. You have been posting non-stop, absolutely, neurotically obsessed, running between ATW, freemenow, and the Cronin sites, yammering, yammering, yammering. Contradictorily, all the while.

        Then, still carrying on, 2 days after your command that all stop – here you go once more, this time on Maria Bauer Melinn’s Kevin Cronin site (on which SHE ironically lists herself as an attorney – HA!):

        “If you are a victim of domestic violence and abuse, who is concomitantly embedded in custody/divorce issues AVOID THIS ADVOCACY GROUP LIKE THE PLAGUE. The only “due diligence” and [TRUTH] they spew on this website is indicated by their own website address, which reads —> HTTP:// **ABUSIVE*** ADVOCATES.WORDPRESS.COM. Here is a documented measure of how they understand “DUE DILIGENCE” —> THEY KEEP INSISTING THEY HAVE DONE “DUE DILIGENCE” ON ME AND CONTINUE TO PUBLICLY STATE THAT I AM LORI HANDRAHAN. Well, folks we all know better. Take a look at the comment thread here. (1) Regarding posting times — this blog, while dealing with domestic violence and court issues within the United States, is not being administered within US borders. WHY? –> Makes it hard to go after them for things like LIBEL AND SLANDER. They refuse to be transparent about this. (2) Individuals that “advocate” for women they are “publicly trashing and further victimizing” have good reason to believe that this blog is actually being run by men (and some women) that are actively engaged in Abuse-By-Proxy processes to further solidfy their legal standing (fraudulently). It’s nothing but an extended arm of the abuser, to orchestrate continued publicly humilitating events upon DVA victims. (3) We are now actively doing our own real due diligence in exposing the people responsible. They go by handles such as: StopAbuse —–
        C. Watchman — Sarah Tyrrell (lives in Dublin Ireland BTW) — W.A.C.A. just to name a few. They claim they have “forensic psychologists” and other credentialed individuals who stand behind them. Just read the comments — No legitimate and ethical “credentialed” person would associate themselves with their tactics. (4) The content in comments made by the likes of people who go by the handles as named above makes it clear what they are really about. There are people who walk the earth who are incomplete in their own “beings”. Incomplete people always attempt to draw their personal power by sucking the life out of someone else — establishing themselves in a position of “power” that they themselves create — Like C. Watchman and StopAbuse and the likes of Sarah Tyrrell. About Among The Wolves — they are as toxic as TYPHOID MARY AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE. ”

        Let me help you out a bit on your grossly incorrect assumption – which apparently are what you thrive on. Administering of any blog “outside of the border of the United States” I seriously doubt has anything to do with an attempt to avoid slander or libel. First, let me point out this very important part of civil law: The best defense to a slander or libel suit is the truth. Well, ATW is in an excellent position on this matter, as they just have to pop on over to http://www.michaelswish.com to print all the documentation proving they are only speaking the truth. Since your buddy, Maria Bauer Melinn, is the one that is LYING, she has ever reason to fear a lawsuit for slander/libel — just as her bestie, Lori Handrahan found herself on the wrong side of and now owes Mila and Igor $750,000.

        Secondly, let me also correct your gross attempts to distort the reality of the advocates that are working on Michael’s case. First off, we do not “publicly trash and further victimize” women. As a matter of fact, we could provide you with a right proper resume of women that we have advocated for and continue to advocate for. The fact is, neither Lori Handrahan or Maria Bauer Melinn – your chums – is any manner whatsoever a victim. THEY are the abusers. Lori subjected her daughter to dozens of unneeded medical tests in an attempt to falsely accuse her ex-husband of drugging and sexually assaulting their child…over time taking her claims from molestation, to rape, to “violent rape that left the young toddlers vagina shredded.” Yet not a single physical exam ever found any indication of this and we hardly believe doctors would miss a “shredded vagina.” She also coached her two year old daughter into making statements that when Mila was 4 years old – and STILL IN HER MOTHER’S CUSTODY – recanted, clearly stating that “my father does not do these things, my mom only tells me to SAY he did.” And what did Mila get for this? A violent, traumatic assault on her at her daycare, for which Lori has been substantiated for “high severity abuse”. Lori Handrahan is NOT a victim. She is AN ABUSER that puts her child life and health at risk daily in order to get what she really cares about, the ONLY thing she cares about: ATTENTION. And as for Maria Melinn? Remind us again how many times she called the cops on a 11 year old child? Remind us again how she reminded him he is not “HER” child. Remind us again how hard she worked to put him away in juvie? Let him nearly die with a catastrophic head injury, then later HIT him in that same head? Or forgot to watch her 2 year old child who was found wandering a parking lot in only a diaper? Or made her children live without water, electricity, with toilets overflowing with feces? Withheld her child’s medication to try to get him put away? Doused her 11 year old with makeup, took her picture and put it on a dating site? Everything said here is found on http://www.savingmila.com and http://www.michaelswish.com.

        We do not abuse victims. WE STOP ABUSERS – which is what Melinn and Handrahan are. Their children will NOT continue to pay the price of having mothers that victimized them and now are re-victimizing them again by lying about them and their fathers. PERIOD.

        The only people that are going to listen to all the blathering you are doing is the very few people that are false accusers, like your buddies, or that have RIGHTLY had their kids taken by the courts as they cry otherwise. Certainly, a few real victims will be caught up by your spiel for a bit, their spiel for a bit, but not for long, because we are flooding the internet with the truth.

        And that is what really pissed you, miss “I lost everything three times” and Melinn and Handrahan livid. Because lies can’t spread when the truth is there to stop it.


      • No one is stating you are Lori Handrahan. Let me clear that up for you. L-A-U-R-A has 5 letters, none of them which are an “o”. L-O-R-I has 4 letters, none of which are an “a” or “u”. Please be certain to read before you misspeak, Laura. You need to read your own blog, as well as past posts, as well as posts from your own profile. You have some favorite phrases that you like to repeat quite often, which quickly substantiates who you are. You can pretend to be a male – God knows your buddy L-o-r-i has a couple of male ID’s out there running around as well….or pretend to be Santa Claus. But just like L-o-r-i has given away her monikers designed to hide who she is, so have you.


    • @ papsutter | May 15, 2013 at 5:59 am As I note you and I are on the same page with the political intent of this blog — just want to remind you — CAN’T FIX IGNORANCE — Incomplete people always attempt to draw their personal power by sucking the life out of someone else — establishing themselves in a position of “power” that they themselves create — Like C. Watchman and StopAbuse and the likes of Sarah Tyrrell.


      • A.T.W. NOTE: Respectful discussion and debate of ideas and philosophies are encouraged on the blog.

        However, if we feel a comment has reached a level of attack, insult, libel, vulgarity, name calling or other abusive behaviors, the comment will not be posted.

        If you want to be heard, keep your comment respectful and professional. A.T.W. does encourage reader tips, and will accept additional information you wish to provide that would either support our posts, or refute our posts.


  8. Now you are the judge of what is obsessive… hmmm. We all think differently, and I happen to extrovertly and extravagantly make perfect apt comments… You Mr. Waterman firstly quoted Lech Walesa, so you are accusing yourself of being off-topic. Hmmm.


  9. Actually, if you were keener you might see that each comment is pertinent to and is all inclusive of the posts by others and you – someone asked for facts, I presented facts. It is that you seem to paint yourself in a box, unable to break through the cardboard you have created for yourself. I am outside the box, above the box, and am trying to help you to see outside, yet you unfortunately are trapped by your own mind…


  10. Some comedians are dry, others are physical, some are silly, others are noir. Abe Lincoln used to tell clever stories. Mark Twain had one liners. Now can you see outside the peepholes I made for you?


  11. They all thought that Faraday was crazy for thinking that electricity traveled at right angles from an electrical wire, until he proved it to them. Faraday thought outside the box. Einstein was thought to be nuts for thinking that mass contained energy. Lori H. and Maria Melinn are ill-thought of by you and others, yet in the end, very soon, you will be silenced.


      • OMG, this is likely the best laugh I have had all year. If either Melinn or Handrahan were within the same dimension of Einstein and Faraday, both would have had enough intelligence to keep their mouths shut, before the lies spewed out. Jay, several months ago when we engaged in pointless discourse filled with your inaccurate statistics, pointless quotes, and smarmy sexual innuendos you made a similar threat. Since then Handrahan has found herself owing 750K to Igor and Mila, has lost her home in Maine, has lost her job, lost her income, lost any modicum of respect anyone in academia every might have held for her, and most recently was doxed for the THIRD time by Anon. So tell me again…. how is her campaign of lies, slander and false claims working out for her? No job. No home. No income. No child. Seems to me, not that well.


  12. Great blog, Thank you for this information. As a mom fighting in family court this help me to know who to go to for support, who I can trust.


    • @StopAuse Exactly. ..I’d just ignore Sutter now..His behaviour AFTER the last BMCC explains why he tries be a hero to those he perceives as victims.
      I am saying “G’day mate” (insert Australian affection) ; )to him and leaving him & “Hawkeyes” crazy train.

      They will continue to reject reality.

      I will ignore them so hard, they’ll doubt their own existence : )


    • Einstein lost a country due to Nazi “control”. Faraday was a commoner who refused to help build a bomb. I did not infer a comparison of these two with the mothers. The two scientists thought outside the parameters of others. Think, pooh, think.


    • Huh? If you mean to infer that I am the owner or a writer for ATW, once again you are far off base — as is normal.

      If this is some attempt to infer that I hide who I am? Uh, read back. Once again, our full identities are freely offered up for anyone who asks including at http://savingmila.com/loris-lies. My wordpress ID is the same as it has been for next to forever, which also happens to be my Twitter ID. On FB my ID is of course, unlike many of your pals, my name.

      So, Jay, if the “Eureka!” is meant to imply that you have exhibited your vast intelligence by “figuring out who I am” apparently you are tripping down the same road of revisionist history as your pals…Because you have known PRECISELY who I am since the moment of my first post.

      If you really wish to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful and less fanciful manner, please answer the questions I have already posited to you: Is it good parenting to call the police on a 10 year old child, over and over and over and over, for such normal childhood behavior of breaking toys or fighting with a sibling, as Maria Melinn did to Michael? Is it good parenting to force your children to live in a trailer without running water or electricity with toilets overflowing with feces, as Maria Melinn did? Is it good parenting to intentionally hit your soon-to-be former spouse with a car in front of your children, as Maria Melinn did? How about is it good parent to leave your child wasting away with a massive head injury on the couch, until someone forces you to take him to the hospital where he immediately undergoes surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, as Maria Melinn did? How about hitting the boy, repeatedly, in that same part of his head after he has nearly died of a brain injury, as Maria Melinn did?

      Please, take a stab at answering everything the documentation presented on http://www.Michaelswish.com proves Melinn to be. You won’t, because you can’t, and will instead continue to post inaccurate statistics meant to mislead the unwitting, post quotes that you wrongly believe makes you appear intelligent, and engage in a lot of revisionist history couple with what can only be equivocated to “neener-neener-neener” behavior.

      I dare you, Pap, explain to the world what the actual documents show and Maria Melinn is, in ANY reality, a “good mother” or “victim.”


  13. @papsutter; Please read the statement below. Since your latest comment has violated A.T.W’s policy, your comment will not be published at this time. Please provide proof of your allegations against the individual in question, before we can proceed. Thank you.

    A.T.W. NOTE: Respectful discussion and debate of ideas and philosophies are encouraged on the blog.

    However, if we feel a comment has reached a level of attack, insult, libel, vulgarity, name calling or other abusive behaviors, the comment will not be posted.

    If you want to be heard, keep your comment respectful and professional. A.T.W. does
    encourage reader tips, and will accept additional information you wish to provide that would either support our posts, or refute our posts.


  14. Ms. Henderson and Ms. Tyrell, I wish you the best that you could ever receive in this life. May the floodgates of heaven open up and you are blessed with the best health, wealth, and love you have ever received. Afterwards, I sincerely wish you find a way love and help mothers and children to be closer to one another, especially Maria Melinn and Lori H. with their children. May you only have joy with your children and live long lives of sweetness.


    • This is Pap Sutter’s reply to A.T.W. when we asked for proof or evidence of the outlandish allegations he made in his last comments. We at A.T.W. are open to hearing the truth, and take these allegations very seriously; as such we cannot publish comments that are not backed up with proof. We do accept comments, opinions and general statements that are respectful.

      This is a big issue, not only on A.T.W. but for protective mothers in family court who struggle against baseless allegations made by abusers. These allegations have a very real potential to cause personal harm, and often result in innocent mothers unfairly losing custody. Pap Sutter should be well aware of this, as he was a speaker at the BMCC–and is supposed to be a “defender” of children.

      Jay/Pap please explain a little bit more about your organization, H.eroes O.n L.ine DE.fense N.etwork, and what you do, so we can inform our readers.

      A.T.W. strives to expose abusers wherever they may hide. It is important to keep our comments free of abuse so abusers do not think they can hide here.

      — A.T.W.


      • Hi Watchman –

        We have been down this road previously with Sutter in re: to Melinn’s friend Handrahan. It would not be the first time, and I doubt it will be the last, that he attempts to malign us or even threaten us. The reality is, Sarah, myself and the numerous other advocates that work to out false accusers, while supporting true victims, are just who we say we are. We don’t hide behind monikers such as Jay and Hawk, so that they feel unaccountable for what they say. Given we have set the bar so hide for the documentation we require to help anyone, before we officially take a stance to defend the victims, we know we support the right party.

        Thank you for the work that you do!


  15. Dear A.T.W., your last question to me was: “So you are comparing Lori H and Maria Melinn to Einstein!!????”, which I answered succinctly. If you are in kibbitz with STOPABUSE & Sarah Tyrrell, you would piggyback on their assaultive demands of “proof”. I submit that a recent study in the UK nonetheless proved that only .0055% of all claims of domestic violence are false, thus the reverse simple math corroborates that 99.9945% of all claims of domestic violence are TRUE. Ironic that Ms. Tyrell’s own psych docs arrived at this figure after hundreds of thousands of cases. Yahoo or Google it for verification. I believe children when they say they were harmed, and so do 99.9945% of their moms. Who do you believe?


    • The proof we specifically asked for was proof of allegations you made in a previous comment.about an advocate.We did not publish your comment as it was baseless allegations not backed up with proof. We are giving you a chance to prove those allegations. We did not ask for DV stats. Again you are off topic and not providing proof of your previous allegations.


    • We believe the clear, convincing and incontrovertible evidence. Beyond that, once again, you are using the skewed statistics you favor, Jay. Given only 33% of all domestic violence arrests result in conviction and an analysis of restraining order requests revealed 80% were unnecessary or false, our continually evolving society is recognizing that false accusations of domestic violence are becoming a chronic problem. Here is an article to help you along: http://www.saveservices.org/downloads/perverse-incentives


  16. The fear you are experiencing is that you may be wrong about Lori Handrahan and Maria Melinn. Maybe in your mind, there is a 5% chance they are telling the truth about their children being abused by the fathers. As I reason with you, the percentage incrementally increases with each “truth” not “each “proof”. For you see, Mister Watchman, the gut sense, the truth of the core of who you are- whispers… then speaks… then screams… until we realize that you have been wrong all along… Bewa


  17. LOL…. (continued) Be Wary of what you see on paper, or in posts, or what lawyers especially have concocted. Run each statement through the truth filter and find the small gold specks of the voices of children resonating in their mother’s souls. Hopefully, your trust in will be in the 70% range by the summer. Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.


    • Mila Malenko has repeatedly stated her father has NEVER harmed her and that her mother told her to SAY he did, but it is not true. She has also clearly stated she is afraid of Lori Handrahan and does not want to be with her.

      Jonah and Hannah Melinn have clearly stated that their father does not abuse them and that they want nothing, whatsoever to do with their abusive mother – Maria Melinn. Michael, too made it clear that he wanted nothing more than Maria out of their lives forever.

      The children’s voices are resonating loud and clear. You simply don’t like what they have to say.


    • ATW NOTE, Pap/Jay’s Comment Has Been Edited Due to Continued Baseless Allegations

      RE Pap: “…I don’t consider this individual an advocate for children. Wow, you really have lost it.”


      You mentioned several individuals in your last post, and specifically made serious allegations that have not been verified or backed up with any proof. ATW has asked for proof, you have been unable to provide any. You followed up with another comment identifying one of the targeted individuals, with more derogatory remarks. Again-baseless accusations with nothing behind them.

      Pap, you also claim to be a “defender of children”. ATW asks you–what are your credentials, and what have you done to advocate for anyone? ATW questions how did someone like you who clearly has participated in various acts of online bullying and has made libel remarks and continues to attack without provocation–become a speaker at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference? Either you have the credentials to warrant it or only got in as a favor to AMPP.
      Pap, you also continue to confuse a stalker with those who are being stalked. A helpful tip; look to see who initiates abusive actions, also check the amount and content of the abuse posted. Wait a few weeks or months to see if target decides to defend themselves against abusive cyber bullying in a legal way as they see fit. This is how to distinguish between the abuser and the abused,online. Everyone has the basic human right to legally defend themselves against abuse. If this makes the abuser unhappy, so be it. They should not have abused anyone in the first place. In our world , all adults take responsibility for their actions regardless of gender and past history.


      • Watchman –

        Last year when Sutter and I “threw down” over his inconceivable defense of substantiated child abuser Lori Handrahan, his continually veiled threats convinced me that it was time to uncover who he and his “HEROES Network” were. What I found is that this network, which he calls Heroes On Line Defense Net, appears to be utilized by Sutter to worm his way into the lives of former victims of DV, especially those embroiled in custody disputes. As you can see here http://www.corporationwiki.com/Massachusetts/Montgomery/heroes-on-line-defense-network/96332477.aspx, Jay’s “Corporation” has no board members, listing only himself as “Owner”. The address of record for this “corporation” is 11 Old Maine Road in Montgomery Massachusetts. If you go here http://www.trulia.com/homes/Massachusetts/Montgomery/sold/1000206295-11-Old-Main-Rd-Montgomery-MA-01085 you can see that the “corporation offices” are, in fact, a house in rural Massachusetts, in need of upkeep, that at last viewing had a rusted,with older model vehicles in the driveway. If I remember correctly, a property search showed this home was in his mother’s name. When one of our members called the “office” the phone was answered with a simple “Hello” by a woman. When asked about Heroes Network she stated that the member had called the wrong number. The other phone number listed for the corporation is, in fact, Sutter’s cell phone number. The “corporation” employs 2 people: Sutter and Kathy Lee with an annual earnings of approximately $55,000.

        Most telling of all, however, is if you do a query on his “corporation” the only findings are reports on the “corporation” as reported by Sutter, or mentions of BMCC. Similar queries for Jay Sutter reveal only what you already know: He abuses people on many blogs. Nothing else related to education, background, significant work within the field of domestic violence, etc.

        Makes you wonder, why does BMCC have him as a guest speaker?


    • Despite my picture being plastered all over the web by Lori and Maria…Sutter is now claiming I’m an entirely different Sarah Tyrrell….So he clearly needs glasses…..Must suck that we know alllllll about him and he knows sweet FA about me. LOL


  18. If you push somebody hard enough they will snap. I dont think Claudine or any of those AMPP moms really means what they say. They are just blowing off steam.


  19. RE: None of your business, Really? That is such an uneducated thing to say. If you don’t mean it don’t say it, which falls under the same categories as lying. Blowing off a “little steam” is nothing more than bully’s at work under the guise of just letting off steam. Thank you for showing us how to accomplish anything of any value.


  20. I don’t agree with everything posted here but think it’s good to expose nasty people hiding in the Mother’s Movement and pretending to help people when they don’t. Just think you should be more understanding of the moms (& dads), they are victims too.


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