Bill Windsor on A.T.W’s post : “Barry Goldstein on the Mother’s Movement & Abusers”

RE: ATW has recently been in contact with Barry Goldstein, when we sent him and other professionals, a link introducing the blog, and inviting comments.

Barry has been very candid in sharing his thoughts about the Mother’s Movement and how it should proceed. One of the things Barry mentioned was creating a Protective Mothers Manifesto, to offer guidelines on ethical behavior for those within the Mother’s Movement.

ATW has received Barry’s permission to post his e-mail in full, as long as we agree not to edit, take out of context, or change the content in any way. In the interest of truth and accuracy, we also ask our readers to respect Barry’s wishes. We welcome reader’s comments please keep in mind ATW’s policy keeping all comments respectful.

Thank-you for Barry for your valuable feedback, and contributions.

– Among the Wolves

Read A.T.W’s Post from Barry in it’s entirety;

Bill Windsor comments on Barry Goldstein’s Post:

“In my opinion, Barry Goldstein is incompetent and should be ignored by anyone with intelligence in the world of family courts, abuse, and domestic violence.

For starters, I have to question the intelligence, or lack thereof, of anyone who would defend or support the criminals with the so-called American Mothers Political Party.

Goldstein has made scurrilous comments about me, but he doesn’t know me, doesn’t know a thing about me, has never spoken with me (and never will), and should have been smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

Goldstein claims I don’t understand the gendered nature of “the problems we are dealing with.” How utterly ridiculous. I fully understand the two primary genders. I know that men lie and lie and lie and use handbooks in divorce to ensure they take advantage of the mother of their children. It makes me sick. But I also know that women lie and lie and lie, pretend to be abused when they weren’t, pretend their children were abused when they weren’t, and will say and do anything to hurt their ex. Meanwhile, in both cases, the children are terribly abused by the process, and those with true stories get obscured by all the serial liars and abusers.

Should we consider Barry Goldstein to be similar to Richard Gardner?

When I became a part of the Lawless America project, I spent years learning from the women and men who claim they are victims, and I am closing in on 365 days on the road, face-to-face with thousands. I believe I have interviewed far more people than Goldstein will ever hope to interview. I was devastated to hear stories from women all across America….and then to learn that a number of these women lied. If they will lie about me (as some have), then I can’t possibly believe that they are telling the truth about anything else.

I do everything humanly possible to assist and support genuine protective mothers. But I will also do everything in my power to expose the liars and the lies.

I am about to decide that nothing meaningful will ever be done to correct the problems with family courts, abuse, and domestic violence because virtually all of the groups are haters. There are the father haters and the mother haters. Many who pretend to be for honesty and the children are often little more than actors. People with what they claim are “non-profit associations” are often in it just for the money.

I will not work with anyone who supports Barry Goldstein, the so-called American Mothers Political Party, Clodine Dumbrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Kathleen Russell, the so-called Center for Judicial Excellence, Connie Valentine, the so-called California Protective Parents Association, or the so-called Battered Mothers Custody Conference. No one who has anything to do with these people or groups will be in our movies of videos because these people and groups support the twisted criminal activities of the AMPP folks. Many of these people and groups hate fathers and love liars.”

A.T.W’s intention and purpose; A response to a readers’ comment

We have recently received a comment by a reader, questioning A.T.W’s intention and motive for this blog. It was implied that we were “trashing” moms. In the interest of truth, transparency and clarity, we have decided to post our response to reinforce for all our readers A.T.W’s intention and purpose. The readers’ comment may be found on our home page.

A.T.W’s response:

We thank this reader for her comment.

We at A.T.W are very well aware of the problems faced by moms along with the dynamics of family court and D.V victims. We are also aware of abuse-by-proxy and the damage caused by this type of abuse. We understand many changes need to be made in family court in order to protect the children and their mothers. We take great pains to thoroughly research documented proof before we post information. We post proof in the form of official public court documents, public police records or screen shots that show a statement made in our subject’s own words.We also note sequence of events to further stay true to the truth as we do not want to take an event out of context,which might be confusing and deceiving. We present the truth with proof to back it up and let the reader decide. We are not gender bias. Just because a advocate/ mom says something, does not make it so. Occasionally, a self-proclaimed victim’s advocate and DV “expert” is really an abuser and bully in disguise. We are not blind to the truth, backed up with documented proof because of a person’s gender. We research and provide the proof. We are simply seeking the truth ,regardless of gender, and presenting the documented proof to the readers.
This is not cyber- bullying,or “trashing”- this is factual reporting. In fact some moms exposed on our site have been cyber- bullying innocent victims ( including other moms) in the most vicious ways, on various internet sites for many years.

We specifically stated we do not necessarily endorse other sites referenced, that post similar information on matters A.T.W has researched see below:

“Examples of some collateral information that was made public before this blog was published, this is presented in the interest of truth; these are not endorsements of any kind.”

Although our research did back up the raw facts posted on these sites.

The reader stated:
..”leaves many women wondering exactly what purpose Among The Wolves serves.”

Our purpose is to expose liars and abusers within victim advocacy organizations. Sadly some mothers’ are abusers, some mothers’ misrepresent themselves, some mothers suffer from personality disorders. Again we are not gender bias. Hopefully our blog will protect the honest ,sincere mother from seeking counsel from a fake advocate/ abuser mother, who may potentially hurt her , her case, and therefore her children . Our intention is to prevent the honest mother – truly being victimized by family court- from being re- victimized, saving herself and her children from experiencing even more pain and heartache.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill

Judge Sxt on the Bench – Resigns After Scandal

A judge sxting while presiding over trials and conducting hearings certainly is disgusting–but even more concerning that Judge Eugenio S. Mathis disclosed confidential information, and his rulings were influenced by personal bias. How many lives were destroyed by Judge S. Mathis’ rulings? How many rulings will be overturned? Can justice prevail after it has been peverted? This case has to do with abuses of power, and a judge who felt he could use the law–and the court–anyway he wanted.

Date of Charges: 2013

Name: Judge Eugenio S. Mathis

Judge Eugenio S Mathis

Position: District Court Judge, 4th Judicial District, Guadalupe, Mora & San Miguel Counties. Served since 1992.

Name Michelle (Pino) Mathis: Michelle Pino was Judge S. Mathis’ assistant since 2001. They married in 2008.

Position: Court Clerk’s Office

Background: Judge S. Mathis served as chief district judge from 2005 until 2009, he stepped down because his wife Michelle (Pino) Mathis works for the court and the state Supreme Court said that Mathis being his wife’s supervisor appeared improper.

In order to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision, Michelle Mathis was transferred to a supervisory job in the court clerk’s office in 2009. The court clerk’s office is supervised by the chief judge, so Mathis had to give up his position as the 4th Judicial District’s chief judge. He continued to serve on the bench until this scandal.

Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico

*Judge S. Mathis sxt his wife Michelle numerous times while serving on the bench, during actual cases & hearings. Judge S. Mathis often implied he would have sex with his wife during the work day, and on the court property. A number of chat logs were filed into evidence, including a message that read “Don’t come knocking if the jury room is rockin’.”

*Judge S. Mathis also made statements that implied he did not like his job, including, “One more hearing. Are you ready to go home?? “i’VE BEEN READY SINCE 8:05″

*Let his wife Michelle read confidential reports

*Let his wife Michelle do personal business during work hours including online shopping, paying bills and undermined her supervision

*Not cooperating with other judges

*Making nasty comments about other cases

*Making nasty comments about other judges, personnel and attorneys

*Making comments showing bias or predjudice to jurors

Suspended without pay on Feb. 18, 2013 while investigation was pending

Judge S. Mathis agreed to resign in March 2013, and never hold a judicial position again

It is unclear if Michelle Mathis is receiving disciplinary action

When a judicial vacancy like this happens, the state Judicial Nominating Commission solicits applications, interviews candidates and forwards recommendations to the governor. The governor then appoints someone to fill position, from the pool of applicants recommended by the nominating commission. The person appointed by the governor will be placed on the ballot in the next general election, which will be in November of 2014, and have to win the vote to accept the position.


“Breaking: Judge Mathis resigns post” by Martin Salazar, 3/1/13. Las Vegas Optic:

“Judge Eugenio S. Mathis Resigns Amid Misconduct Allegations” by Evan Bleier, 3/7/13. Opposing Views:

“New Mexico Judge Resigns Amid Allegations of Sextexting and Misconduct” by Jonathan Turley, 3/7/13.


Hey readers! Grab yourself some popcorn, pop open your favorite drink,
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As we meander down this truth seeking path together, we will
periodically re- visit this segment of our blog. This is how it will

We will first quote the lie, with a link or screen shot to the proof of the lie . Lyin Eyes
This will be immediately be followed by a quote of the fact , with a
link or screenshot to the proof of the fact.

We here at A.T.W are dedicated to the truth. Our intention is to bring
this truth to light in the most clear and credible way.

So, let’s get started!


Kenneth R. Kratz, District Attorney- Predator? – Avoids Criminal Charges

This is an abuse of power of the worst kind..

Kenneth R. Kratz, District Attorney sworn to protect victims, and uphold the law is a sexual predator who stalks and harasses vulnerable women. Even when Kratz’s horrific acts are exposed, he avoids criminal charges, and is given a lenient sentence by the judge who suspends his law license for 4 months. Public outcry did force Kratz to step down as DA.

Date of Charges, Length of Case: 2010-2013

Abuser/Perpetrator Name: Kenneth R. Kratz

Position: Served as Calumet County District Attorney from 1992-2010, planned to run for office again in 2012. Also was the Chairman of the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board (forced to resign after this scandal).

Kenneth R. Kratz, WI

Location: Calumet County, WI

Victim 1: Stephanie van Groll, a Domestic Violence Victim, went to the court to prosecute her boyfriend for trying to strangle her. Kratz was supposed to be prosecuting the abuser but instead began to target the victim by sending 30 sexually explicit and threatening text messages.

After Stephanie filed her first complaint, detailing the abuse, Kratz sent her suggestive text messages. Sent sexually explicit text messages that included asking if she was “the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected D.A.” and referring to the victim as “tall, young, hot nymph“.

Kratz pressured Stephanie into a sexual relationship, and implied if she did not do what he wanted he would drop her case.

Stephanie filed a civil suit against Kratz for sexual harassment and reached an undisclosed settlement in Feb 2013.

Victim 2: Anon woman made complaints after this case hit the media. She stated that she met Kratz online, and during their date he revealed details about a murder investigation and invited her to attend the autopsy. The reports imply that Kratz was turned on by the autopsy, and thought it would be a hot date to bring a woman along.

Victim 3: Maria Ruskiewicz asked for Katz’s help with a drug pardon and was sent sexually explicit text messages, implying their would be a sexual cost for his help.

Victim 4: Anon Woman who needed help with a domestic violence impact statement, Katz texted that he would do it in exchange for sex.

Reports say at least a dozen women came forward with similar complaints, including two social workers

Response: Kratz initially went on “medical leave” due to a “non physical illness” and then went into psychotherapy (probably a publicity stunt!). Kratz is claiming he was addicted to sex, and got hooked onto drugs, and the drugs weakened his will so he could not resist abusing, stalking and harassing vulnerable women. He did go to treatment, which is why he got a lenient sentence from the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation , who decided Kratz had “suffered enough”. What about the victims? They have suffered horribly, shouldn’t the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation be more concerned with their well being?!

Kratz apologized in front of the media. Then hired a high powered attorney. Kratz fought stepping down as DA, stating that other people have done worse things.

*Officials with the Department of Justice found no evidence of criminal conduct but forced Kratz to resign as chairman of the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board and report himself to the state Office of Lawyer Regulation, who did an investigation.

*Due to public outcry, Katz was forced to resign as DA

*The WI Justice Dept. investigated but did not file criminal charges, largely because their investigation turned the tables on the victims, and refused to listen, claiming that the victims were mentally ill, on drugs and had past criminal convictions. Other legal technicalities invalidated the claims of the victims.

Is anyone paying attention to the pattern here? Katz obviously targets these women for those very reasons–he was right in assuming that even if guilty of these egregious acts, his reputation is much more powerful than the victims he is sworn to protect.

2012- Judge Robert Kinney’s Lenient Sentence on Katz is despicable: The Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation, which is charged with enforcing attorney ethics, investigated Katz and argued for a 6 month suspension (it could have gone up to 1 year). According to Supreme Court rules, the 6 month suspension would also require a reinstatement hearing. At the hearing, Kratz would be required to show by “clear, satisfactory and convincing evidence” that he “has the moral character to practice law in Wisconsin.” Isn’t this what we citizens deserve to know!

INSTEAD Judge Robert Kinney gave Katz a 4 month suspension of his law license–and this guy is clearly a danger to women, danger to the public and is totally out of control.

More Info:

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CNN,”Wisconsin DA resigns, governor says.” CNN Wire Staff. Oct 4, 2010:

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