Profile of a Bully: Robert Hare PhD Exposes the Mind & Motivations of a Bully

 As you read this article, you will see common behaviors and bullying tactics used with the abusive advocates exposed on ATW.

Robert Hare, PhD. offers an in-depth look into the mind, and motivations of a bully. Hare is a world-leading authority on psychopathic behaviour. He comes to a startling conclusion that many bullies suffer from anti-social personality disorder (Antisocial Personality Disorder APD and the serial bully:

Hare comments, “I estimate that around 1 person in 30 (approximately 2 million) in the UK exhibits the profile of the serial bully whose behaviour is congruent with many of the diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. Some serial bullies meet sufficient clinical criteria to merit the label psychopath….

However, most of the research on Antisocial Personality Disorder has been undertaken with people who are physically violent, as these people have come to the attention of the authorities (police, welfare agencies, doctors, psychiatrists, etc) through their recognised (physically) antisocial behaviour. They have committed criminal, arrestable offences. I believe relatively little research has been undertaken with people who are psychologically violent but rarely physically violent; these people tend to commit non-criminal, non-arrestable offences.



According to Hare, the bully is fueled by jealousy and envy to target a competent and popular individual. The bully projects their own feelings of inadequacy and self doubt onto the victim, the harassment becomes a way for the bully to confront their own inner demons. By controlling the victim, the bully feels more in control, secure of their own underlying problems.

When the victim fights back, and points out the wrongful behavior of the bully, the bully is gripped by a paranoid fear of being exposed. The bully then views the victim as a threat that needs to be neutralized or eliminated; by any means possible. The bullying escalates, with the intent to silence the victim, control the victim or get them to retract. After that happens, the bully again feels secure. Then there is a period of 2 days to 2 weeks of rest then the bully begins the vicious cycle all over again.

Bullying is a temporary fix to an underlying problem, it is much like a high chased by a drug user than initially seems to satisfy then leads to disappointment, and a destructive downward spiral that affects all areas of the bully’s life.



Here is a short summary of Hare’s profile of a bully, for a more detailed explanation, please visit the link below.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people who bully as adults were once bullies in school; not only did they learn to bully in school but learned they could get away with it.

–Alternately, the bully may have been a victim to other abuse. Abusive and controlling behavior modeled to the bully at a young age was adopted as a way of asserting their needs, and became a way of dealing with relationships.

The serial bully is unable and unwilling to act by the rules of society, yet insists that everyone else does…The bully will often point out the mistakes or short comings of others.

–Most of the offences committed by the serial bully are non-criminal and therefore non-arrestable. For a list of these types of offenses visit:

-The serial bully is a convincing liar with a Jekyll and Hyde personality who gains gratification from bullying others. The serial bully will target and bully any person whom he believes is a threat (may expose the bully’s shortcomings, criminal behavior or abusive behavior). The bully will also target anyone who would threaten the bully’s job, promotion prospects and social status/position.

– The serial bully acts randomly and impulsively, and has selective memory, and will purposefully forget their own actions, words, choices etc (for their own benefit).

-The serial bully regularly shows impatience and irritability, especially when questioned or called to account, and then becomes aggressive; a psychological assault usually follows.

-When people begin to notice the bullying, and begin ask questions or speak up for the victim, the bully acts like they are the victim, or suddenly develops a health condition which excuses their actions, in an attempt to deny responsibility for their behavior.

-The serial bully rarely stays in one position long and there is no loyalty to anyone except their own self.

-The serial bully shows no remorse, he may appearance to have no conscience. In truth, the conscience is selectively switched off. The serial bully always blames others as a means of avoiding accepting responsibility for their behavior and the effect it has on others.

— The serial bully in the workplace is always over 18.

— The bully is usually in a position of responsibility, or seeks to place themselves in a position of authority over others

The common goal of the bully is power, control and domination

For more visit “Detailed Profile of a Bully”:

 “Those Who Can, Do, Those Who Don’t, Bully.”, Visit Bully online for more support, information and books :


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Sheep Among Wolves

Corrupt Judges Jail Kids for $$ Kickbacks $$

Gavel of Justice

Date of Charges, Length of Case: 2002-2008. Sentencing, Feb 2009. Case is infamously named “Kids for Cash”

Abuser/Perpetrator Name: Juvenile Court Judge Mark Ciavarella (on bench for 12 years) and Judge Michael Conahan aka “The Boss”. The two men are close friends and neighbors.

Abuser/Perpetrator Name: Co-conspirators operated two juvenile detention facilities. Robert Mericle, the developer of PA Child Care LLC gave payments when juveniles were sentenced to his facility. The center’s builder and owner were a part of thie scheme. Also involved was Robert Mericle.

Position: Served as Juvenile Court Judges in Luzerne County

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA (Luzerne County)

VictimsThousands of Juvenile offenders who appeared in court before the disgraced former judges Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Michael Conahan

CrimeBetween 2002-2008, Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan took $2.6 million dollars in kickbacks to send juveniles to two privately-run detention facilities, PA Child Care LLC and Western PA Child Care LLC. Many of the juveniles sentenced to the facilities were held on minor offenses, and were 1st time offenders. Others were jailed against the advice of their parole officers. 

It was common for the juveniles to appear in court without a lawyer; the Judges had to know that a 1967 ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteed children a constitutional right to legal counsel. The juveniles and their families, were not informed of their rights

Judge Ciavarella was known for rapid fire trials, within minutes offenders as young as 10 years old were publicly berated then sentenced to spend years behind bars.

In 2002, Judge Conahan shut down the county run juvenile detention facilities to award contracts exclusively to PA Child Care LLC and Western PA Child Care LLC, earning them tens of millions of dollars in illegal profits. 

Response: Both judges charged on Jan. 26, 2009 and removed from the bench by the PA Supreme Court (wonder if they still were eligible for a cushy pension?!?!).

Judge Ciavarella was found guilty on 12 of 39 charges including racketeering, money laundering and conspiracy. He was sentenced to 28 years in jail; he is planning an appeal.

Judge Conahan received 17.5 years in prison for racketeering conspiracy, he has since apologized for his criminal acts and will not appeal his sentence. Judge Conahan has underwent counseling and says that his domineering, and physically abusive father, were contributing factors to his own aggressive presence in the court, and his abusive sentencing of juvenile offenders.

PA Child Care LLC and Western PA Child Care LLC are still in operation.

“I’ve never encountered, and I don’t think that we will in our lifetimes, a case where literally thousands of kids’ lives were just tossed aside in order for a couple of judges to make some money,” said Marsha Levick, an attorney with the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center. (AP)

In October, 2009, the PA Supreme Court dismissed 4,000 juvenile cases from Judge Ciavarella’s court, between the Jan. 2003-May 2008, when corruption was at its peak.
Judge Conahan reflects on his crimes, and the lives he destroyed, ““The system was not corrupt, I was corrupt. I did not perform my duties as I should. I did not have integrity.” (Citizen’s Voice)

More Info:

“Boss Conagan Sentenced to 17 1/2 years” by MICHAEL R. SISAK AND PATRICK SWEET (STAFF WRITERS). Citizen’s Voice, 9/23/2011:

“Despite Red Flags About Judges, a Kickback Scheme Flourished.” by Ian Urbina, March 27, 2009. New York Times:

“Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash” by Associated Press, 2/11/2009.

“Pennsylvania Judge Convicted in Alleged ‘Kids for Cash’ Scheme” by LINDSEY DAVIS, FRANK MASTROPOLO and , 2/21/2011. ABC News:



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