Mothers of Lost Children: Hang the Judge!

Mothers of Lost Children (MOLC), an advocacy group for abused women, has apparently decided the best approach to reforming the legal system is to take the law into their own hands!

Part of the MOLC quote states, “The judge must go…Hang the Judge!”

In Response To: The case of Judge Todd G. Baugh (Billings, Montana, Yellowstone County) who sentenced teacher Stacy Rambold to 30 days in jail for raping a 14 year old student, who later committed suicide. Judge Baugh said the victim was partly responsible for her rape.

A national outcry ensued, in response Judge Baugh offered a lame apology. Thousands signed a petition demanding Judge Baugh resign, others protested outside the courthouse. Judge Baugh then tried to “do over” the case by holding a hearing to determine if the sentence was legal, and possibly change it. However, the Montana Supreme Court blocked the do-over hearing, state it was “unlawful” and “We take no position on the legality of the imposed sentence and will address the parties’ arguments in that regard on appeal.”

Although ATW disagrees with the decision of Judge Baugh, we also disagree with imposing “justice” through force or violence (both verbal or physical).

Since MOLC promote themselves as an organization that is fighting abuse, they should be elevated to a higher standard of behavior because they are supposed to set an example for the rest of us, and demonstrate reform through peaceful action/advocacy. If violence is to become acceptable in the Mother’s Movement, that opens the door for more abusers to work in it–creating a risk for mothers and their children to be re-victimized. In light of that, we find this post appalling.

Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of the victim, Cherise Moralez.

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“Court Denies Judge a Do-Over on 30 Day Rape Sentence” by Josh Voorhees. 9/6/2013. The

Judge Sympathizes with Teacher who Raped 14 Yr Old Student- 30 Days in Jail

Date of Charges, Length of Case: 2008-2013
Abuser/Perpetrator Name: Stacy Rambold
Position: High School Teacher, Billing Senior High
Location: Billings, Montana (Yellowstone County)

Victim: Cherise, Moralez, 14 year old student, who later commits suicide

Also of Concern District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh

Billings, Montana: A 54 year old school teacher, Stacy Rambold, is convicted of 3 counts of raping a 14 year old student and sentenced to only 30 days in jail!

Raping Rambold was charged in 2008 with 3 counts of “sexual intercourse without consent”. The victim, Cherise Moralez, committed suicide in 2010, her mother states Rambold was a “major factor” in why her daughter took her life.

District Judge Todd G. Baugh heard the case and decided that Raping Rambold was only partly responsible for the rape.. and that the victim was also partly at fault! In a decision that has sparked outrage across the country, many are now demanding that Judge Baugh resign after he sentenced Raping Rambold to 15 years in prison then suspended all but 31 days, and gave him 1 day served. That means Raping Rambold will only spend 30 days in jail for raping a minor child, and causing such anguish that his poor girl took her own life.

Baugh defended his ruling stating that the victim a troubled youth who “acted much older than her chronological age” and had as much control of the situation as the teacher who raped her. It is a well known fact that sexual predators target vulnerable victims and may even “groom” the victim to act in ways they would not ordinarily behave. This does not make the victim responsible for the violence inflicted on them–if anything, it shows what a danger the predator truly is.

On August 27th, Baugh defended his ruling to the Billings Gazette that: “Obviously, a 14-year-old can’t consent. I think that people have in mind that this was some violent, forcible, horrible rape. It was horrible enough as it is just given her age, but it wasn’t this forcible beat-up rape.”

The next day, Baugh apologized for his remarks but not the sentence telling the Billings Gazette: “I don’t know what I was thinking or trying to say. It was just stupid and wrong.”

Baugh said in a letter to the editor of the Gazette, “What I said is demeaning of all women, not what I believe and irrelevant to the sentencing. My apologies to all my fellow citizens.”

Baugh told the Gazette that he would better explain his reasons for the sentence then add it to the court file this week. So let’s get this straight, after Judge Baugh sentenced a convicted rapist, with 3 charges against him, to 30 days in jail, he now has to take a few more days to explain why this is a just sentence, and why this slap on the wrist fits this horrendous crime because we “fellow citizens” just don’t get it ?!?

Baugh’s decision came after Raping Rambold was terminated from a sex offender treatment program that was part of a deal to have his sentence deferred. He was terminated after having unsupervised visits with female minors that are relatives (what is wrong with these parents?!?!) and for not telling counselors that he was having sexual relations with a woman. Judge Baugh said these circumstances are not enough to warrant the 10 year prison term recommended by prosecutors.
Raping Rambold is said to have entered a new program and supposedly is at a low risk to re-offend. But who seriously wants to take the chance, with their own child, that Raping Rambold may strike again? He is a danger to society–rape is not a consensual act, and Rambold abused his power over this child to take advantage of her, and inflicted so much psychological damage that she took her own life. He deserves the full 15 year sentence, not a day less.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said he did not agree with the ruling but would not appeal.

The victim’s mother Auleia Hanlon, says she no longer believes in justice and that: “She wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s license. But Judge Baugh, who never met our daughter, justified the paltry sentence saying she was older than her chronological age. “I guess somehow it makes a rape more acceptable if you blame the victim, even if she was only 14.”

Let us not forget that this child will never attend Prom. She will not graduate and throw her cap to towards the stars, dreaming of the future. She will not be able to drive, go to college or have a family of her own one day.. this despicable act of rape has stolen her innocence, and lead to her taking her life. And now the grieving family has to suffer the greatest injustice of all–that the rapist will not only go free but that Judge Baugh has excused his reprehensible behavior, and somehow made the victim at fault.

A petition has been created to force Baugh to resign:

If the petition is not enough to get Baugh to step down, supporters are vowing to defeat Baugh in the 2014 polls, when he comes up for re-election.

For More Information:
“Judge Apologizes for Teen Rape Remark, Not Sentence” by John Bacon, USA Today. 8/29/2013.

“Montana Judge Defends 30-Day Sentence for Teacher in Teen Girl’s Rape”, Associated Press (Published by Fox News). 8/29/2013.

“Todd Baugh, Mont Judge, Defends Handing Down 30-Day Sentence to Teacher in Rape of a Student” by CBS/AP. 8/28/2013.