So You Think You Can Dance Brannon!??

Once again A.T.W would like to take this opportunity to thank our many readers and supporters for their feedback and tips.

Recently we received another fascinating video created by Brannon . We were impressed once again by his creativity and style. Sadly we could not figure out the purpose of the video as the artist and creator ( Brannon) was crafty enough to leave it up to our imagination. Having no clues to go by A.T.W has decided to give it our best guess.

In light of this, A.T.W would like to introduce you to our new segment:: drumroll:: So You Think You Can Dance, Brannon??

Our judges have already carefully reviewed the videos sent in. Since the talent is exceptional, we have decided to let our readers choose the winner.

So here we go! Let the games begin!!

A.T.W will start with my personal favorite; Brannon (shhh) !!!

Now that would be hard to beat! Don’t you agree? Yet let’s try….

Whoa! Competition is getting tough! Here’s some more.

hummmmm Gotta love those taps and fancy footwork

Now let’s see someone who can really work the sticks!

This next one is really amazing!

A new twist on Gangnam Style

Well That’s our competition readers. Tough decision, we know. Props to the dancers. May the best dancer win!

AMPP, Joeys and Dragons… Oh My!

Claudine must have worked her black magic to put Brannon Bridge up to this bizarre video titled, “I have a message for Bill Windsor + DragonGuards”.

In “Dragon Guards” you will see Brannon hovering in a dark basement, rambling about dragons while he is desperately searching for his cigarettes and lighters, and mumbling about Bill Windsor. Included in this video is treasured “dragon porn” from Dungeons & Dragons. Sources say Brannon is a 29 year old that lives in his parent’s basement (this has not been confirmed but it does appear to be a “dragon’s lair” rather than a basement!)


According Brannon, “I have protection in case Bill tries to stalk my house.”

Brannon says, the dragons, “They fly over my house.”

And, “You don’t see them in the daytime,they are good at blending..They’re up there, they’re just chillin’.”


This must be Brannon’s message for Bill Windsor, “This is an f- warning, don’t come near me like you did Allie..Bill, make sure we have an understanding, I have six f- dragons.”


You gotta be careful ‘cuz  Brannon says,”Sometimes he burns me (the dragon)” And “They spit fire.”


In case you don’t know what a dragon is Brannon conducts a brief educational demonstration, taught no doubt by Professor Tiny. With a “whoosh!” Brannon flaps his arms like a dragon. In the corner of one screen shot, is an evil looking woman in a medieval bustier bra who must be the wicked witch Claudine Dombrowski…or ??


Former domestic violence “advocate”, and CEO/co-founder of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP), Claudine Dombrowski has offered her support to the Joeys and posted their links all over her website, as well as posted on the Joeys bullying blog/FB pages whose only purpose is to make fun of people. For someone who claims to be fighting against abuse, Claudine’s involvement with the Joeys is hypocritical—considering she is promoting and participating in various forms of abuse!


Not only that but Claudine claims on her various promotions that she is a domestic violence advocate but now denies she is an “advocate” because according to Claudine “Advocates are the same slough of people who have personal agendas – usually none care at all about the victims.That Claudine identifies with the abuser and attacks those who try to help victims should be concerning to anyone involved with or supporting AMPP .. or maybe they don’t see the “dragons” because “they blend in”?