Claudine Dombrowski EXPOSEd

A new blog exposes the criminal behavior of Claudine Dombrowski, “domestic violence advocate” and founder of American Mothers Political Party (AMPP)…

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(direct quote) Claudine Dombrowski Expose: is an expose of Claudine Dombrowski of Topeka Kansas.

Claudine Dombrowski pretends to be an important person advocating for abused mothers. In fact, she is an abuser of the worst type.

This website is NOT one of the seemingly hundreds that Claudine Dombrowski uses to attack people. This is an expose of Claudine Dombrowski by Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Hate blog created by AMPP

Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Claudine with the Topeka police department and also applied for a protective order against her due to the horrendous threats, intimidation, stalking, defamation and harassment he has endured from Claudine, AMPP, and supporters.

Some of the allegations include:

–Extensive cyberstalking (direct quote), ” The PLAINTIFF (Bill) believes as many as 1,000 people could be involved, and he has identified the names of over 500 who he knows or strongly believes to be involved in cyber-stalking him in some manner..As the president of the American Mothers Political Party, an organization with over 1,300 followers, DOMBROWSKI has mobilized and leads a perhaps unprecedented cyber-stalking campaign against the PLAINTIFF”

–Threats of harm so severe that Bill fears for his safety, as do his family members

–Violating the privacy of Bill, stealing his photos to use in disgusting personal attacks against Bill and family members

–Libel and slander of the worst kind, and making sure those lies reach the top of the Google search engine to cause the most damage

and more.. this case is heavily documented, and is very extensive, and deserves a careful look

ATW has wonder why are so many remaining silent to Claudine’s abusive behavior, cyber stalking and harassment not only of Bill Windsor but also attacking countless other Protective Moms?

Claudine Dombrowski posting lies all over the internet

Why is the Mother’s Movement refusing to take action when they claim to be a leader against abuse?

Is this how an advocate speaks? Claudine attacks Bill with character defamation that he has “erectile dysfunction” and “gets his rocks off as the sexual deviant”, and accuses him of being a cult leader. Hmm wonder if the BMCC will invite Claudine to speak next year??

ATW encourages those in the Mother’s Movement to carefully read Bill’s complaint, and the complaints of the brave Moms now speaking out.

So long as abuse is tolerated in the Mother’s Movement, and its leaders blame the victims or look the other way rather than hold the abusers accountable, justice will be obstructed. Real justice begins when the abusers are removed from the Movement so it can focus on the needs of Moms & Kids, and lead by example.

Truth on Trial in Missouri – Bill Windsor has his day in Court

AMPP & the Joeys Attempt to Predict the Outcome of this Hearing…


Lawless America is a documentary that set out to expose government abuse, and systematic corruption in the court system, as told by everyday Americans…in it’s mission, Lawless, has encountered some challenges and surprisingly, also revealed a triumph of the truth in the Courts, today has justice has prevailed.

Bill Windsor, creator of Lawless America, had his day in court on April 8, 2013; appearing in a hearing for a protective order filed by Ms. Allie Overstreet. Overstreet claimed Windsor bought a gun to terrorize a group of people, among other outlandish allegations. Previous posts on A.T.W. have cast suspicion on the gun allegation, and exposed the abusers filing this claim do not seem afraid of Windsor, as evidenced by their online posting they seem to enjoy taunting & harassing Windsor.

Petunia Fantasizes that Bill Windsor is Jailed.. Admits AMPP is part of the Joeys “Clubhouse”

Some of these bullies even joked that they can make money by filing a civil action against Windsor (for damages).

Windsor had previously filed criminal charges against Overstreet, as well as a civil action for libel, slander, and defamation. Windsor had amassed a great deal of evidence to support he was being stalked and harassed by Overstreet, in addition many supporters came forward with affidavits in Windsor’s defense, or appeared in court to offer support.

Allie must have been gazing into a bowling ball, not a crystal ball..Her prediction proved to be just as plausible as the lies she presented to the judge!


Overstreet generated support on the “Joeys” blog, a “clubhouse” for Flying Monkeys (bullies). The Joeys prefer to be called the “gangsters”, they live the “thug life” spending enormous amounts of time bullying and harassing other people online (aka chillin in the clubhouse-word!).

Tiny and Ninja continue their disgusting attacks against Windsor on the Joeys blog, their comments suggest they hope Windsor goes to jail after Allie’s hearing, and is raped:

American Mothers Political Party (AMPP), a so-called advocacy group that claims to support victims of family court corruption, is “ridin’ dirty” with the Joeys, and has lead many of the attacks against Windsor–booya!

The Joe-PP gang fantasized about what it would be like for Overstreet to win in Court–now they have pie thrown in their face. The lack of recent comments seems to suggest they are in that “gangsta lean” pourin’ drinks for their sad, broke homies who won’t be filing million dollar lawsuits against Windsor anytime soon.

Congrats to Bill Windsor, Lawless America, and Victims everywhere.. today justice has prevailed!

No Evidence

Lawless America
6 hours ago
LAWLESS AMERICA UPDATE — APRIL 8, 2013 — 5:30 pm Central Time:

I won! Alley Overstreet had absolutely no evidence that she had sworn under penalty of perjury that she had. The judge, who was very good, granted my motion to dismiss after he gave her every opportunity to find some evidence.

At the end of the trial, the judge told me that I should see the Sheriff’s Deputy in the courtroom with the details of my criminal charges against Alley Overstreet. I did just that, and I spoke the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as well.

Stay tuned for the video because it has an ending that will probably shock you as it has me. I will post the video tonight.

*** AND ****

Lawless America
5 hours ago (April 8, 2013)

Unfortunately, the judge sustained my motion to dismiss before I ever had to put on a defense….so no one got to testify. Words cannot express my appreciation to Laura, Trish, Cynthia, and David.

**** AND ***

Lawless America
Yesterday (April 8, 2013)
Missouri – Lexington – Bill Windsor stands trial (28 photos)
Bill Windsor went to trial in Lexington, Missouri on charges that he was a would-be serial killer or mass murderer. The charges were a complete total, outrageous lie by ALL-LIES Overstreet. ALL-LIES swore under penalty of perjury that “William M. Windsor repeatedly published that he had bought a gun to use on a group of people. I am one of the people.” I asked again and again for her to produce proof of this, and she came up with nothing. Judge John Frerking finally gave her 5 minutes to find some proof from somewhere — anywhere. She had nothing after eight minutes. I moved to have the charges dismissed, and my motion was granted. I never had to call a witness, testify myself, or present any evidence. Mark Supanich was there to lie his a$$ off for ALL-LIES Overstreet. He’s a real scumbag. The people in the family court area and Washington state and Missouri need to distance themselves from these two. At the end of the hearing, the judge referred me to the Sheriff about my criminal charges against ALL-LIES Overstreet. I also have a civil action for libel, slander, defamation, and more against ALL-LIES Overstreet, Mark Supanich, and I may add Brenda Williamson. HUGE thanks to David, Trish, Laura, and Cynthia for driving many hours from Michigan and Arkansas to support me and testify. And special thanks to attorney Kelly Rose, the attorney for the biological father of ALL-LIES Overstreet’s daughter who sat right behind me in the courtroom. ALL-LIES asked the judge to exclude her from the courtroom, but he said no. She apparently didn’t like the idea of her adversary observing her lie repeatedly again under oath. It seemed like Kelly’s presence unnerved ALL-LIES and could have changed her game plan. If she falsified some documents to use, Kelly may have given her a change of “heart.” ALL-LIES looked to me like she was going to puke the whole time she was in the courtroom. I didn’t get a look at her face when the judge directed me to present my criminal charges to the Sheriff, but she sure vanished from the courtroom quickly. I assured the judge that ALL-LIES Overstreet will be the star of one of my films. If I said it once to the judge today, I bet I said ten times that “Ms. Overstreet is a pathological liar.” I fully expect the claims she made to me on camera about the father of her daughter were all false. HE has custody. HE passed a polygraph. SHE has proven herself to be a pathological liar. — in Lexington, MO.

Pop, popping bottles..

Kenneth R. Kratz, District Attorney- Predator? – Avoids Criminal Charges

This is an abuse of power of the worst kind..

Kenneth R. Kratz, District Attorney sworn to protect victims, and uphold the law is a sexual predator who stalks and harasses vulnerable women. Even when Kratz’s horrific acts are exposed, he avoids criminal charges, and is given a lenient sentence by the judge who suspends his law license for 4 months. Public outcry did force Kratz to step down as DA.

Date of Charges, Length of Case: 2010-2013

Abuser/Perpetrator Name: Kenneth R. Kratz

Position: Served as Calumet County District Attorney from 1992-2010, planned to run for office again in 2012. Also was the Chairman of the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board (forced to resign after this scandal).

Kenneth R. Kratz, WI

Location: Calumet County, WI

Victim 1: Stephanie van Groll, a Domestic Violence Victim, went to the court to prosecute her boyfriend for trying to strangle her. Kratz was supposed to be prosecuting the abuser but instead began to target the victim by sending 30 sexually explicit and threatening text messages.

After Stephanie filed her first complaint, detailing the abuse, Kratz sent her suggestive text messages. Sent sexually explicit text messages that included asking if she was “the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected D.A.” and referring to the victim as “tall, young, hot nymph“.

Kratz pressured Stephanie into a sexual relationship, and implied if she did not do what he wanted he would drop her case.

Stephanie filed a civil suit against Kratz for sexual harassment and reached an undisclosed settlement in Feb 2013.

Victim 2: Anon woman made complaints after this case hit the media. She stated that she met Kratz online, and during their date he revealed details about a murder investigation and invited her to attend the autopsy. The reports imply that Kratz was turned on by the autopsy, and thought it would be a hot date to bring a woman along.

Victim 3: Maria Ruskiewicz asked for Katz’s help with a drug pardon and was sent sexually explicit text messages, implying their would be a sexual cost for his help.

Victim 4: Anon Woman who needed help with a domestic violence impact statement, Katz texted that he would do it in exchange for sex.

Reports say at least a dozen women came forward with similar complaints, including two social workers

Response: Kratz initially went on “medical leave” due to a “non physical illness” and then went into psychotherapy (probably a publicity stunt!). Kratz is claiming he was addicted to sex, and got hooked onto drugs, and the drugs weakened his will so he could not resist abusing, stalking and harassing vulnerable women. He did go to treatment, which is why he got a lenient sentence from the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation , who decided Kratz had “suffered enough”. What about the victims? They have suffered horribly, shouldn’t the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation be more concerned with their well being?!

Kratz apologized in front of the media. Then hired a high powered attorney. Kratz fought stepping down as DA, stating that other people have done worse things.

*Officials with the Department of Justice found no evidence of criminal conduct but forced Kratz to resign as chairman of the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board and report himself to the state Office of Lawyer Regulation, who did an investigation.

*Due to public outcry, Katz was forced to resign as DA

*The WI Justice Dept. investigated but did not file criminal charges, largely because their investigation turned the tables on the victims, and refused to listen, claiming that the victims were mentally ill, on drugs and had past criminal convictions. Other legal technicalities invalidated the claims of the victims.

Is anyone paying attention to the pattern here? Katz obviously targets these women for those very reasons–he was right in assuming that even if guilty of these egregious acts, his reputation is much more powerful than the victims he is sworn to protect.

2012- Judge Robert Kinney’s Lenient Sentence on Katz is despicable: The Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation, which is charged with enforcing attorney ethics, investigated Katz and argued for a 6 month suspension (it could have gone up to 1 year). According to Supreme Court rules, the 6 month suspension would also require a reinstatement hearing. At the hearing, Kratz would be required to show by “clear, satisfactory and convincing evidence” that he “has the moral character to practice law in Wisconsin.” Isn’t this what we citizens deserve to know!

INSTEAD Judge Robert Kinney gave Katz a 4 month suspension of his law license–and this guy is clearly a danger to women, danger to the public and is totally out of control.

More Info:

ABC News, “Wisconsin Prosecutor Admits ‘Sexting’ Domestic Violence Victim, Goes on Leave”. Stevem Portnoy. Sept 20, 2010:

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