Angry Monkeys Throw Poop: Lawless Attack Video

You know what monkeys do when they get angry? They throw poop! And that is just what American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) has done.. really

Angry Monkeys Throw …

The Flying Monkeys created a video called “Lawless America Abuses Abuse Survivors

This YouTube profile was created on Jan 27, 2013, the same day this video was posted. That means this profile and video was created with the intent to harass and discredit Windsor.
The title is eerily similar to an article written to Claudine Dombrowski on Jan 5, 2013: “Bill Windsor-Endangering Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors.”

It includes immature jokes about poop including:
* Quote “Danger Bill Winsore is angry with AMPP, women not even associated with AMPP are getting hit with” A picture of a large pile of feces comes up next (<– ATW NOTE Duck! The Flying Monkeys are angry!!!)

* Quote "They call you delusional and I have to agree" , another pile of feces.. wonder who this belongs to? Claudine? Lorraine? Petunia? Maybe one of the Joeys..

* Quote "There is a shit head under that cowboy hat" which shows a man whose head is shaved to create the image of a man defecating on the back of his head

And that just lays the sewer line of credibility to consider when AMPP begins its next round of outrageous allegations.

The next shots are calling Windsor names like "delusional" and "paranoid" and "mad". Note: Claudine claims to be a psych nurse and often labels her victims as being a "narcissist" . This kind of name calling falls in line with Claudine's power and control fantasy, as a Nurse Ratchet lording over a needy–and desperate-patient. Or, as a witch lording over the BMCC and Oz.

There is nothing funny about the pictures posted of women and children who have been beaten up, depicted with black eyes and bruised faces also depicted on this video. These graphic images are being used to further the abusive acts of AMPP–victims of domestic violence are shamelessly being exploited by those who are supposed to advocate for them. Instead, AMPP advocates hate.

Another quote that says "Lawless America has given our stalker our new address." Another connection, Claudine claims that Windsor publicized her address. And then posts her "Safe at Home" (a program which keeps the street address of victims of stalking and domestic violence private) card online, which makes no sense at all if you entered the program to keep your personal information protected, and hidden from public view.

Hey Ladies – where is the proof of any of this? Where are the police reports for the victims whose address was revealed? The hospital or medical reports if they were injured? Why are all the so-called victims members or supporters of AMPP? Are we to believe you, or are you just throwing crap?


AMPP Aligned with Hate Group

The Powerpuff Girls is a face book page dripping with evil and hate. The Joe-PPers (Joeys + AMPP) bullies anyone that stands up to their abuse, in the most vulgar ways using sexual innuendos, profanity and attacks on family members (current & deceased). This page should be removed from Facebook for its abuse, slander and character defammation.

Exactly who is AMPP? There are many questions that we at ATW have about this hateful, hypocritical bullying organization that has clearly crossed the line from victim to abuser.

Here is the proof that the Powerpuff Girls are connected to AMPP.

AMPP Aligned with Hate Group

TEXT: Powerpuff Girls
One of those AMPP gals told me once that if I chose to align with fathers or family rights groups to get my child, or mothers rights for that matter, in a public forum it would be permanent. Anything on the internet can be used in court, that is common knowledge. One cannot side with fathers rights against general corruption and then change their tune when the fathers want custody because they are better able to provide. Thank you Allie for illustrating that point for us!
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Powerpuff Girls BUT NO THANK you for aligning me with a group that I was not aligned with! You made that choice for me! (Thank heaven it was AMPP and not Lawless!)
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Anything on the internet can be used in court, huh? The police would have their hands full with your hateful Facebook page, Powerpuff. This is why we refer to AMPP as Attack Mothers Punishing Protectivemoms.