Lies vs Fact Check: AMPP Takes Credit for PMA Logo



As we meander down this truth seeking path together, we will
periodically re- visit this segment of our blog. This is how it will

We will first quote the lie, with a link or screen shot to the proof of the lie .
This will be immediately be followed by a quote of the fact , with a
link or screenshot to the proof of the fact.

We here at A.T.W are dedicated to the truth. Our intention is to bring
this truth to light in the most clear and credible way.

So, let’s get started!



Below we see AMPP accusing Janice Levinson ( PMA’s Executive Director/Co-founder) of stealing a gold ribbon image which is part of the PMA logo.


#1 AMPP Lies About PMA Gold Ribbon

Lyin' Eyes AMPP:”You stole work and took credit of it as her own. Like that GOLD RIBBON.” “Was MADE by an Australia mom.”

#2 More AMPP Lies About PMA Gold Ribbon

FACT: C.M. from PMA International States: “The person who made the logos is myself. I have all the master files to prove it..”

Truth About PMA Gold Ribbon

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2 thoughts on “Lies vs Fact Check: AMPP Takes Credit for PMA Logo

  1. I will get my phone records scanned into the computer and block out all identifying info. Thn who will be lying. Post the entire conversation with cm. What a story that will tell. Oh and so you know, bw of la has nothing on me even though he claims he does. AMPP be on the lookout for the phone records that can prove I was on with Janice for days on end.


    • Jennifer-

      In the interest of truth, we are willing to hear your side of the story. However, ATW will not allow any comments to be posted that are gossip, abusive, unsubstantiated or involve criminal acts.

      What are you trying to show.. Lying about what? The phone records would show the amount of time spent on the phone but would not indicate the nature of the conversationIt would be illegal to record conversations without consent. You have already stated that you spend an incredible amount of time of the phone with Janice, I don’t think that is being disputed. It seems you did receive some support, and a listening ear from PMA.

      What we are questioning about your story is that
      1) American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) has launched vicious attacks against Janice Levinson, Lundy Bancroft, and Protective Mothers Alliance (PMA) as a whole. The attacks involved various internet postings, using fictious or anonymous names, and cyber bullying. The allegations are without merit–and clearly meant to cause harm (stay tuned, we will be posting evidence of this soon!)
      2) Jennifer D, you admit you are a member of AMPP and loyal to their cause. Outside of your story, you have posted defammatory remarks about PMA. Therefore your whole story is now suspect.
      3) Jennifer D, you have also threatened ATW that we better “back off AMPP” and threatened that if we did not post your letter, which included slanderous comments about Janice Levinson & PMA, that you would post all over the internet. And implied your remarks would damage Janice Levinson. That is a form of extortion, which is a crime.

      If you have legitimate information, substantiated by fact, we are willing to hear it. If you are working on behalf of AMPP to attack, lie and hurt another person or organization, we will not support your cause or help you in any way. Our mission at ATW is to expose abusive and abusive persons who work within victim advocacy groups, we support victims in their fight for justice, and condemn abusers.


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