Maria Bauer Melinn: Advise for Moms in court: Benadryl!


Maria Bauer Melinn reveals her strategy for abused women dealing with traumatic family court procedures: Benadryl! Is Maria qualified to give medical or legal advise? Nope!

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How Sick and Disabled is Maria Bauer Melinn??
Maria wants us to believe that she is so disabled, and debilitated with life-threatening heart problems that it is impossible for her to serve any time in jail–and this punishment for contempt may endanger her life. Maria has even posted pictures of herself online, showing that she is in a hospital with heart monitors taped to her chest, her face devoid of its usual flirtations. With the last of her failing strength, Maria lifts the cell phone and pushes a button.., snap! snap! A selfie reveals one last valiant stand against “injustice”.

And in a snap, everything can change– but look at this  screen shot, Maria is commenting to another mother who is pro se in a family court matter, offering help. Maria says that she is able to “call a DV shelter on Monday” before she goes to jail. Maria is acting as an advocate and willing to “talk about strategy”.

If Maria is strong enough and of sound mind so that she is able to advocate for other moms, and is able work with other domestic violence organizations in order to “help” another mom with a very difficult and time consuming family court situation… then her claims of being so sick to the point of death are highly suspect.

Michael’s Wish: “Maria Claims She Cannot Work a Job”

Maria Melinn Broke Back on Motorcyle

Maria’s Advice to Moms in Family Court: Take Benadryl!
This mom is pouring her heart out online, giving very sensitive and personal details about her family court situation, which are now made public due to her disclosures. Maria is encouraging this mom to keep talking, and to go public–with little regard for this mom’s safety or privacy, and the possible implications for revealing so much.

Maria’s advice to help this mom cope in family court: “Many Moms find Benadryl helps on court days..”

Possible side effects of Benadryl include: Drowsiness, Dizziness, Mood Swings, Blurred Vision, Confusion and Irregular or Fast Heartbeat. Allergic reactions to Benadryl can cause seizures, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face/tongue and severe dizziness.

What would happen if a mom actually took Maria’s advice and popped some Benadryl right before going into family court, especially a mom who is pro se or acting as her own attorney? Would it look good before the judge if the mom was falling asleep…if she had a sudden change in mood that affected her ability to represent herself…if her tongue swelled and she could not speak for herself in court or even breathe…..if she got dizzy or confused? Or what if the Mom had a drug interaction related to Benadryl and a medication she was already taking? How would the abuser to react to that? How would the Judge respond, the Guardian ad Litem or other court professionals?

ATW finds it alarming, and frankly irresponsible for Maria–who has NO MEDICAL TRAINING and is not a licensed medical provider– to suggest Benadryl to anyone, even worse a vulnerable mom desperate for help. Maria’s advice could potentially 1) endanger the health of a mom taking her advise and 2) have a severe and negative impact on her court case–and the relationship she has with her children if she appears to be impaired or drugged, or is unable to represent herself due to the effects of Benadryl.

Did Benadryl Contribute to Maria’s Heart Problems?
ATW can only speculate, until we have proof, but Maria’s suggestion to take Benadryl, makes you wonder if Maria is also taking Benadryl to cope with her clegal issues. One of the side effects of Benadryl is fast or irregular heartbeat, and once ingested Benadryl is almost impossible to trace.

From a report on Maria:”Domestic violence victim Maria Melinn, an ethnic Hebrew-American (genealogically verified), was subjected to these abuses, in violation of her ADA orders, right here in Allegan County, Michigan this month. She has been denied most of her heart and cholesterol medications by the Jail’s medical staff during the first 6 days of her 60-day unlawful detainment, as well as her physician-mandated mattress, wheelchair, heart monitor (via denial of the charging cord for the unit’s receiver), and physical therapy sessions for her back..As a direct result, Ms. Melinn has had 2 cardiac incidents after only 6 days under these conditions. She had a severe episode of chest pain, angina, and tachycardia on the 3rd day of her unlawful detainment, and another cardiac event on day 6. She was admitted into the progressive intensive care unit of the hospital that evening with severe chest pain and other cardiac symptoms. Her condition was able to be stabilized after nearly 24 hours of in-patient care.”

Benadryl could pose a risk to Maria’s health.. so why would she advise it to someone else?

Maria Implicates Barry Goldstein
Maria goes on to offer her unprofessional and uneducated legal assistance to this mom. Keep in mind that Maria has no legal training, no law degree and a majority of her “advocacy” training was given by the disgraced American Mothers Political Party (AMPP), where Maria once was president. AMPP has been recently exposed for their criminal acts of stalking, harassment and defammation. Their leader, Claudine Dombrowski, is facing criminal charges and has a protective order filed against her (other evidence suggests that Claudine is a serial stalker with a long history of harassment towards others).

Maria implicates Barry Goldstein as being a partner in offering advocacy services for abused women in court, whether this is true or not cannot be validated–but that Maria would use his name so publicly, and so freely could only mean they share a close relationship–or that Maria wishes they had one.

Maria states, “I will talk with you about strategy etc. in the courtroom”
Maria then goes on to offer up the services of Barry Goldstein: “we will work on how to handle cross examination… I am sure Barry will also talk to you about strategy too.”
Barry Goldstein is a former attorney now working as a domestic violence advocate, speaker and author. He does not have a current law license and cannot legally give any legal advise.
Common sense says there is only two ways to look at Maria’s implication of Barry:
1) Maria is dropping Barry’s name to give herself credibility, and to bolster her image as an advocate. And Barry may not be involved or is not aware of her remarks.
2) Barry is actively working with Maria–and the organizations she represents.
Either way this kind of advice presents a real danger for any protective mom who may be fooled into believing that Maria is a qualified advocate, and especially a danger that this advice may be used in court and jeopardize a mom’s case, and her custody/visitation.


19 thoughts on “Maria Bauer Melinn: Advise for Moms in court: Benadryl!

  1. Maria Melinn is the Kim Kardashian of the movement: classless, tasteless, attention seeking *** with no talent in any area. Feel bad for her kids. Brace yourselves for the see through dresses and sex tapes!


  2. Its a shame that she can’t medicate herself with an anti psychotic medication, then maybe she could be controlled with her delusions. I feel so bad for blake and those kids, who i have to say has done an amazing job with. I truly hope that one day maria will stop her lies and sympathy seeking, but i don’t hold out much hope. Those poor children and Blake, so sad what she is doing. Medicate yourself maria.


  3. Any one looking for help in the court systems should not be looking at their sites. They neither have custody of their own children so what advice would you take from them? None I would hope.


  4. Hanny, I agree with you in part. But there are some true protective mothers who have lost custody bc of corruption in F.C. It is a real problem. These false “protective mothers” though, give the credible real protective mothers a bad name. This is just part of the tragic legacy they leave.


    • S.K. Your absolutely right one with that statement. The thing I caution about is someone taking bad advice and risking losing custody of the children. There are many out there and not all of them know what they are doing. Make sure you do your do diligence. Sadly there are the false accusers that will say or do anything to garner attention.


  5. Protective mothers are foolish to seek help from any of these groups. What could they possibly do to help? All they can do is put out their info all over the internet, have a few pettions signed, really?????? What exactly does that accomplish? Do you think a corrupt powerful judge is going to care about a little negative publicity? a petition? Worst case they just retire early with a huge pension and the case gets moved to another corrupt judge. It’s a revolving door. Worst case for the mother the reckless advocacy involved by putting out all the details of the mothers’ case gets the mother with LESS time with her children than she had bf or gets a pissed off powerful judge to order an exparte taking the children away from her altogether or worse. This has happened MANY times bf. Something these organizations ” forget” to tell you or warn you about. Why??? bc it’s not about helping the protective mother, but about their own agenda. They are as bad as the FC cottage industry. Just a different side of the same coin. Clueless protective mothers are following them like lambs to the slaughter . At least PMA strongly states they don’t get involved in personal cases. They are honest and do not mislead. They try to help in other ways. Some popular names need to be closely looked at. Don’t get me started on Barry Goldstein. Does anyone notice his obsessive self promotion on FB? Did anyone check what his former client ( who should know) has to say about him? Did anyone check as to why he really lost his law license? Hint; Its not what he would lead you to believe. Really ladies take the wool off from over your eyes and look at reality.


    • I agree with u Alice. B.G also never admits to the TRUE reason for this family court horror show for mothers. He insists it is lack of ed. on the part of judges. Bc HE wants to be the one to get paid to educate them. Judges are too smart to be dumb about DV. The real problem is corruption. Corruption doesn’t give B.G and others an income though. The mothers following him and these other groups he’s connected with need to wake up


  6. I agree Alice. Not a popular belief but the truth. I will add. Barry keeps referring to the abuse of Bill, PMA, Lundy and Janice by Claudine and AMPP as 2 orgainzations just not getting along. This is like when court says the problem between u and yr abusive ex is just a high conflict issue with both parties at fault. DV dynamics should be called out 4 what it is abuser and victim. Blaming the victim is something a DV expert should know better than to do, yet Barry repeadly did this in all his posts. Defending an abuser like Claudine , and failing to recognize and take a strong stand against the abuse and DV dynamics within the movement makes him a very questionable advocate for protective mothers, for those mothers who are paying attention and not afraid of the truth


  7. Sad how gullible these protective mothers are who follow Claudine, AMPP, Maria, Barry, MOLC ,CJE ,CPPA and Safe Child….Really??? Do some research.


    • I think there is a huge difference between gullible and desperate. Where does a parent go to advocate for their rights if they have been violated? I don’t want to be either desperate or naive. I want honest advice and a legal vehicle to represent me in court where I have a voice and can advocate for my rights. I’m disabled and ill. My attorney flat out lied to me 100%.

      What are these different website groups claiming to advocate and who is false and where do I go to educate myself on what I can do?
      Thank u for Ur time ❤


      • ATW is so sorry for your confusion, and what you are going through in court. You have our support. To try to answer your questions to the best of our ability…

        Where does a parent go to advocate for their rights if they have been violated? And where do I go to educate myself on what I can do?
        * Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer to legal advise–and most of the organizations in the Mother’s Movement also should not be offering legal advise. We recognize that this is a big problem that most protective mothers encount, finding good, affordable legal help from someone that understands domestic abuse and the family court dynamic. You might check community resources or possibly a local domestic violence organization or women’s resource center may have some suggestions.

        What are these different website groups claiming to advocate
        * These website groups are claiming to advocate for protective mothers in family court–each may have a different method of doing so.

        and who is false
        * ATW will continue to reveal the truth about these groups.

        In general, you do need to do some research on these groups before trusting them with your case because there is no regulation for these organizations in the Mother’s Movement. So the burden is on you, the consumer, to determine if these advocates are giving you proper advice, and are trustworthy.

        In general, some red flags include:
        -An advocate who is not an attorney trying to give you legal advice
        -An advocate who is not qualified to give the type of advice you are seeking (an advocate should not be giving medical advice if they are not a doctor)
        -You also want to observe their self promotion-such as an advocate promoting themselves (not focusing on the issues, or unable to see the needs of others) and seeking personal attention
        -An advocate not acting in a professional manner
        -Also be careful of advocates who are reckless on the internet/social media with your private information, as it may damage your case


  8. I know for a fact that these groups are very very small. It is very deceiving to see several named groups working together. But know there is a very small group of mothers ( and Barry) handling all groups. CjE, MOLC, CCPA, SCC. The same people are involved in all 4. About four mothers total in all four groups. Yes mothers need to be more aware and do their research rather than blindly believe .


  9. The groups mentioned above , including Barry , say one thing than do another behind the scenes. They are hypocrites. They say they r pro mothers yet are joining forces quietly with the FR’s. Check it out for yourselves. See what groups they are joining on Face book. They are not who they pretend to be. They r in bed with the FR’s or the government. I stay away from them and refuse to give them my info. I know many mothers hurt by trusting them. Don’t be fools mothers!!


  10. I believe Maria is a sociopath. The other groups mentioned are in this for their own agendas, not to help the children. Beware.


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